Story Philophobia. || Hazbin Hotel {Part 2}


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There was no response.

Max didn’t answer.

He’s not there.

Max was in a pool of his own blood, eyes open wide and no ability to move. There was no sign of a soul residing in the body of Max.

Screaming. The next thing heard was Mimosa’s screaming.

As the cops and ambulance came, Mimosa was crying in the corner of her room. Marcos and her parents were down there, crying over Max.

A day passed.

A week passed.

A month passed.

The whole family was torn apart, they all cried, ate and slept. Life felt like a term of suffering to them. But Mimosa and Marcos, specifically, had insomnia residing in them. Their mental diagnosis showed that they both had insomnia. Mimosa’s reason was guilt, meanwhile Marcos’ was anger.

Speaking of which, it was their last year of school. Mimosa studied hard for her final exam, just because she wanted to forget the destruction she accidentally did. Marcos forgot all about school, which resulted in him getting banned for unattending in a strike of 30 days without any reasonable excuse.

At the very last day of school, Mimosa was in her graduation party. She was a very intelligent student, in which means she was honored with a scholarship to study collage in Korea with a ready-to-go seat in all of her classes and a dorm named Valor.

Mimosa had a smile. At the very end, she finally graduated. It was time to finally go to the collage of her.. and.. Max’s.. dreams..

“See you in vacations, darling..! Anjeonhan bihaeng-eul!” Mimosa’s mom and dad waved goodbye, time flew by way too quickly that Mimosa couldn’t realize her twin, Marcos, rejected and strong-willingly refused to go with her and live in the same dorm or nearby apartment.

Mimosa was alone.


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