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entertainer at the house of asmodeous
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

Enroll at Muse University


application reqs.

sexual/romantic orientation.
visuals (including faceclaim name).
personality. (at least 4 vices, 4 virtues, some likes and dislikes, and fears!)
a little background/history. (can be bullet points or paragraphs!)




Being one of the oldest departments at Muse means being one of the harder programs to get accepted into. Artists in this program utilize all sorts of mediums, even if they prefer painting to sculpting. The Visuals department is for those who consider themselves to be traditional artists.



While the Theatre department is also one of the oldest departments at Muse, it is a much more welcoming program than others. The Theatre community is a welcoming one, believing if you have a passion for theatre, there is a place for you.



The most popular and the hardest program to get accepted into, the Musical Arts department is a home base for performers, producers and directors alike.



The Literature Arts department might be the most diverse and most broad program at Muse University. Any student who wants to do anything involved with writing will find themselves right at home in the Literature department.



A fun, exciting and new alternative to traditional arts is the Digital Arts department. This program offers multitudinous opportunities to explore how art has been integrated into the digital age.



The Fashion Arts department is an exhilarating and insightful program for anyone interested in fashion. From learning to make your own thread and fabric, to learning how to model the very clothes themselves, the Fashion department has it all.

extra information.

When working on your character sheet (cs) I will say that there's no mandatory code that everyone has to use, you don't even have to use a code if you are unfamiliar with codes! As long as you have all the required information, you're good to go! Also, remember, this is going to be an advanced rp & I'm not really a fan of having rp samples; I believe people's writing levels will show in their cses. One last thing, realistic faceclaims are mandatory!

remember that these are applications; posting a cs does not mean you are guaranteed acceptance!

there's no due date for apps at this moment! (will be updated later)

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Apollo Gray

#noah finnce

#fashion department

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Apollo Jasper Gray
21 years old, born January 3rd, born in St Asaph, Wales (a small city with a tiny population of a little over 3,000)
Trans-masc, using he/him pronouns
sexual/romantic orientation.
faceclaim: Noah Finnce
Apollo, starting from the top, boasts dark brown hair. Sometimes expertly dyed and bleached a pale blonde, it keeps it's curly shape and rests to a fair length of right above his shoulders. Travelling down his face, Apollo has clear, water blue eyes, somehow both lighter than the sky and darker than the Irish sea; depending on how the light hits them. Apollo has a wide but soft nose and pale skin with the slightest tinge of redness. His mouth is also wide and sports a simple black ring on the right (or his left) bottom lip. From there, Apollo is a lanky but sturdy 5'8". He's lean, save for some well placed muscle that peaks through the natural softness he inherits from his mother. He's attractive in a soft and boyish way that was wasted on his small town, girls and boys alike preferring the sturdy, hardworking men and women of the docks just a bit further North.
Kind: Apollo has never been anything if not kind. He's the sort of guy who helps little old ladies cross the street and grab kites from trees for neighborhood kids. He's kind because his mother raised him to be, but also because it's just so much more rewarding to take the time out of his day to lend a helping hand.
Funny: He doesn't seem it at first. Funny, that is. He seems too laid back and quiet to be capable of cracking jokes. But he's witty and though it's still rare, he does like making others laugh with a well-timed wisecrack.
Hardworking: Apollo rarely complains. It's not that he finds it distasteful, it's only that he has no desire to. When asked to complete tasks or be helpful, Apollo is always ready to acquiesce. He completes requests well and diligently, with very little room for error. No matter the job, Apollo always tries his best, even if sometimes his best isn't very good compared to others.
Sincere: Apollo rarely says things he doesn't mean, always being honest, delivering remarks in the gentlest and most well-received manner. He's very supportive this way and strives to hardly lie so that people know they're getting the kindest but truest of reminders.
Quiet: For all his likeables, Apollo is gruesomely quiet. One would think that the boy who packed up from a whole life in Wales and moved across the Atlantic would be outspoken and loud, but Apollo is quite the opposite. To his own detriment and others. It makes making friends hard but for those who worm their way past his odd exterior into his inner sanctum, they find that he's much more than the quiet background noise others make him out to be.
Picky: Apollo is picky. He's picky about his food, his dress, his close friends. He's never really gotten over his childish preferences and although he's overall very kind, he won't allow people he doesn't like past his defenses. He also has an odd habit of judging people by their shoes.
Judgmental: Again, despite Apollo and his ability to be nice and kind, he really is dreadfully judgmental. Especially concerning fashion decisions and people he doesn't care for. He'll never say his judgments out loud or without prompting and if so, they're delivered with the utmost care, but Apollo is opinionated.
Spacy: For all is down-to-earthness, Apollo is just as spacy and imaginative and distracted by fancifulness as all his other peers drowned in their own imaginations.
likes: sewing while the rain hits the window panes, cats who cuddle in the middle of the night, orange flavored sorbet that melts in the summertime, indie singer/songwriter music that croons softly out of phone speakers at three am, deep green colors that remind one of forests and fog, painting nails black in the early morning when everyone is asleep, silver jewelry the gleams in the summer sun, soft sweaters that comfort, black Docs embroidered by hand, the laughs of friends, basking on a sunny day, drawing inspired sketches
dislikes: creepy crawlies (not moths), coffee, trap music, small dogs, mint, the color red on principle (unless for artistic purposes), transphobes
Fears: transphobes, confrontation
a little background/history.
> was born in Wales
> lived a sleepy life in a tiny town
> meets a nice old neighbor lady who teaches him how to sew
> is into historical inspired fashion
> is extravagant at school
> the other kids aren't a fan so he learns to be alone and quiet, is still true to himself though
> moves to the US to study at Muse University​
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Roxie Heart


Roxie Heart
Luanna Perez

reading ፧ cooking ፧ old movies ፧ art ፧ theatre ፧ manga/graphic novels ፧ anime ፧ singing ፧ video games
her family (not including her grandmother) ፧ snobs ፧ perverts ፧ being nagged ፧ political correctness ፧ showing weakness
thunder/lighting ፧ intimacy ፧ claustrophobic

the virtues.


Despite her ruff exterior Roxie can be very kind. It shown through her actions mostly then through her words, which can be harsh. She the type to do something for someone without expecting a thank you or anything in return. She's also the kind to help someone without them even knowing its her. She doesn't really care if someone knows she's doing something good if she feels the need to help/be kind to someone she will.


Roxie is very particular about who she allows herself to get close to and just how much she'll allow a person in. But once she does consider you a close friend she's very loyal to them. Though her being loyal doesn't mean she won't call them out on their bullshit. But once that trust she's given a person is broken it is very hard to get back.


Roxie loves art, storytelling and music. She's very a creative person and is usually at her happiest whenever she is working on a art piece. She also likes singing and writing music. But music isn't her passion it's just something she enjoys.

Not a Pushover

In the past she was very mush a doormat people walked all over. Now she refuses to ever be treated like that again and she is not afraid to stand up for herself or other people.

the vices


Roxie is a very blunt person which can be a good and bad thing but a lot of times it does just comes off rude though if you know her somewhat well enough her bluntness might not bother you.


Because of Roxie's past she is a bit insecure and tends to have a low opinion of herself sometimes. It's not as bad as it use to be when she was younger but it's something she still deals with.


It takes a little bit to break through Roxie's walls. Even people who are her friends she tends to keep a wall up to. But that doesn't mean she's just some grumpy loner in fact she can be a lot fun to hang around. She likes to tease, joke and hang out with people. She likes to have fun and party and drink, though she does tend to drink to much. It's just that she doesn't let people to get past a certain point cause she's afraid of getting hurt. Especially when it comes to anything having to do with the heart. She's quick to reject anything like that in a second.....though she may or may not have a soft spot for romantic movies and novels but she'd never admit that.

Threating and violent

Roxie has no problem with threating people or using violence if she feels she needs to. Her anger can go through the roof depending how many times or what buttons you push. She is trying to get a hold on it but in her words, "There are times when you gotta knock a bitch out."


The Hearts are a very high-class millionaire family coming from a long line of old money, at least on her father's side, Nickolas Heart. Deanne Heart, her mother, comes from a normal middle class family. Her father is big business man and her mother in fashion. Being born into a family with such wealth and achievements it can be tough especially when you're the youngest.

Roxie is the youngest of the family and has always had a tough time especially since her parents have a habit of comparing Roxie to her older sibling Isabella. Isabella was always and still is the favorite. She could do no wrong in their parents' eyes. Isabella was beautiful, smart, athletic, outgoing, fashionable, charismatic, and a leader. Everything Roxie pretty much wasn't. Roxie was a very sweet, kind, shy, quiet and socially awkward girl. She was also kind of a fearful girl, didn't have much courage but Roxie was smart. She was always the top of her class and got straight A's. She has a great memory and picks up on things very quickly. That was the only thing her parents complimented her on though even then that wasn't enough to get their approval. They were always comparing Roxie to her sister and even when it came down to looks. While her sister always made sure to look nice with her hair and makeup done up Roxie would have her hair in a braid down her back and wear her big glasses. Roxie wasn't good enough in her parents' eyes and still isn't.

School wasn't much better either when she wasn't at home getting told she wasn't good enough by her parents she was getting bullied pretty badly at school and by her sister of all people. Roxie had very few friends everyone else either didn't talk to her or bullied her, but as long as she had her head phones, sketch pad and pencil she was ok. The only relief she got from her life when she was reading or with her grandmother. Her grandma, Ruth, ran a diner called Joey's Place, it was named after her grandfather. Roxie loved going there and helping out. Whenever Roxie was feeling down her grandma would always cheer her up with giving Roxie her favorite thing from the menu. The place had an old fashion feel to it and the food is old recipes passed down the family. It had been in the family for a long time but no one wanted anything to do with it.

Things continued on like that but she had hope things would get better once she reached high school, it didn't in fact thing only got worse. The bullying started to get more physical and the few friends she had at school all abandoned her. Roxie had already developed anxiety during middle school but it gotten even worse once she got to high school she even fell into depression. Everyday she tried to blend in to the background just so no one would notice her.

Roxie continued to roll on but something happen that almost completely broke Roxie. This event in her life isn't something she has never shared with anyone, except her grandmother. For a month she never left her room her. She'd breakdown crying saying how much she hated everything and everyone. Then finally one day something snapped in her. She had finally had enough. She was tired of being treated like dirt and wasn't going to deal with it anymore.

Her junior year of high school everyone was shocked at the sudden change Roxie had. She had appeared more bold, confident and threating. No more could anyone push around like before in fact she had become the one people were afraid to piss off. She started getting into fights at school and her grades started to drop though they never went under C. She didn't have it in her to completely not care how she did in school. Even though she was only 16 she started drinking going and going to parties. Drinking had become a bad habit for. But she did it because it got rid of the dark thoughts. during the last half of her senior year though her grandmother had gotten very sick and was taken to the hospital and that kind of broke her out of this rebel faze. Her hardness softened a little and she was less angry. The reason was because she had realized that ever since she had changed she had spent less and less time with her to the point she barely talked to her and Roxie almost losing her brought back to reality. Roxie now suddenly was thinking about her future and what she wanted to do with her life. After thinking about it she decided to study art. So she applied to Muse University and got in! Her parents cut her off though they did pay for school tuition so luckily she didn't have to worry about that. She's actually excited about this new chapter in her life and she hopes that could be a fresh new start for her.

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Š weldherwings.

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  • "Lucille Blanchet"



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      Hair c.

      Bottle blonde

      eye c.



      Held up by a cage of bone and bruised canvas of pallor skin, a height of 5’11” is a commanding presence that magentises attention, or at the very least, some respect. Carving a room lanky yet lean, her posture and airy mannerisms mirror ballet origin.


      Veneered and stripped clean of natural chestnut, the arctic coat of porous peroxide is a bi-weekly event. Often styled in a smooth blow-out, Lucille is dedicated to encapsulating the features of a blonde bombshell.


      There lies unrest to the virago gaze, basins of vapid lapis framed by heavy lids and mascara-laden lashes. Sapphired with ice, yet far more incendiary than tundra. Naturally deep-set, concealer and pressed powders can only achieve so much in masking their natural hollow weight.


      If there has been a day out of meticulously-worn perfection, Lucille doesn’t recall it. No matter the circumstance, grocery shopping, hangover or sickness, she prioritises tidy glamour and soigné. Preparing oneself every morning takes an excruciating amount of time, and wrangling her from her room once out of makeup is near impossible.


      There is natural austerity to Luci, an icy hard-edged aspect that doesn’t radiate hospitality. She features a torrid stare that weighs, eyes hooded and eyebrows arched in perpetual repudiation. With sallow hair and matching skin, the formal slopes of her unbarred features testify tension running through her jaw. Tongue held in teeth, half-moon arcs of discomfort fought to retain voicing her grievances.

      Paired with the height, wealth, and manner of confidence, it makes her less-than-approachable to the outside eye.



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fashion arts




nari choi


nana, ri, nini




fashion arts


nari’s hair is pin straight, very sleek and glossy, the color of it comparable to that of the midnight sky, a true black. with bangs that stay flat against her forehead and stop just above her eyebrows. the length of her hair reaches her hips, usually left alone in terms of style as she mainly focuses on her outfits over her hair, a quick brush through usually is enough for the day


her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, wide with innocence, framed by long black and luscious eyelashes that nari insists on curling everyday


5’8” | 173cm


jang wonyoung (of IVE)


103lbs | 47kg


looking for new fashion trends around the world, lace, the color pink, bows, sparkles, matcha tea, milk bread, learning new things


feeling uninspired, conflict, drama, negative people, criticism, cold weather, snow, wet socks, running shoes


creative block, heights, embarrassing herself, bugs, disappointing her parents



  • creative: nari has a natural talent for thinking outside the box, she tries to never reuse an idea she’s thought of already, always wanting to create something new and innovative, especially when it comes to her clothing designs, in hopes of catching others attention with her clothes
  • sociable: nari radiates a warm and comforting presence, she’s known to be someone who is easily approachable and once you start talking to her, and become her friend she won’t stop talking to you about what she’s passionate about, ask you questions about yourself, or would want to spend time with you all the time no matter the day or time
  • studious: in all of her classes nari tries her damn hardest to get good grades even if it isn’t something of her interests. she spends a lot of time studying in libraries or coffee shops, and will not stop until she understands the topic perfectly
  • patient: nari takes her time, being meticulous for the things she does, especially if it’s something she’s passionate about, she prefers to not rush anything as it may lead to making mistakes, and nari hates that more than anything

  • indecisive: when making decisions nari is for certain that she wants what she’s picking, but then backtracks, and always second guesses herself. what if i want this one? or this one is also really cool, it’s a vicious cycle that she struggles to get out of
  • envious: she definitely feels envy for those who seem to effortlessly achieve success or achieves something that nari has been trying to do for ages, she compares herself to them a lot, but never actually says it directly out loud to anyone, keeping it bottled up
  • self-doubt: nari loves what she does and is passionate about her interests, but she can’t help but notice others that seem to be way out of her league, thinking that they’re miles above her in terms of talent. sometimes she can’t help but compare herself especially when it comes to her place within the fashion industry
  • perfectionist: with her impossibly high standard for herself, nari finds herself being a perfectionist, not stopping until her work meets her criteria, and even then she tries to look for a flaw to try and fix it



nari choi was born in seoul, south korea to eunhye kim and jihan choi. her mother, eunhye kim, was born into a prestigious family, well known for both of her parents being in the film industry, the two being actors. eunhye hadn’t followed her parents to become an actress, instead she had gone to become a renowned fashion model, her face found on every magazine and fame followed her everywhere she went, and she was always invited to be on all the runways back in the 90s. jihan choi, nari’s father, had gone to university to become a lawyer, studying his ass off, spending a lot of time overseas in the united states to study to get his degree.

safe to say, nari was born in a well off family. nari was spoiled rotten as a child getting what she asks for in the blink of an eye, luckily none of that ever translated into adulthood, though the strict upbringing from her parent’s expectations, especially since both of her parents were successful in their own right, caused nari to become hard on herself and insecure about her abilities and grades in school, shutting everyone around her in exchange for focusing only on her studies. as she grew into her teenage years, her family had decided to relocate from seoul to the united states looking for more job opportunities, and so nari would be able to experience more than just seoul, and to learn more about the world. she struggled for a while learning an entirely new language causing her to alienate herself from others even further. though this was all changed when eunhye had taken her daughter to her first fashion runway show. nari hadn’t ever been to one, and was even unsure she was even allowed to go because her mother hadn’t wanted her daughter to even think about wanting to be in the industry. but alas, no one was able to care for nari on such short notice, so she took nari with her.

this was where nari found the love for fashion, looking at all of the gorgeous models walking down the runway, nari had thought to herself, “i wish i could have custom clothes like that.” lightbulb moment for her, she decided she would make her own. her parents though initially disheartened at their daughter’s choice of hobby (and future job) as they never wanted her in that industry ever and wanted her to work a regular stable job, went on to support nari seeing how passionate she was with her work, and when eunhye’s coworker had mentioned muse university to her when nari was a sophmore in high school. eunhye was absolutely thrilled at the prospects of her daughter going to a prestigious school. nari was excited as well, having applied as soon as she was able to for the fashion arts department. the day nari had received the acceptance letter was probably the first time she’s ever seen her parents being proud of her.



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* agatha scarlett

  • req.


    Agatha Scarlett Taylor
    * d.o.b.
    28 August
    * p.o.b.
    san diego, ca
    * n.name(s)
    Scarlett, Aggie (to close friends)
    * question




    lit student

    * height
    * weight
    * build
    lean and strong
    * hair colour
    dark brown
    * eye colour