Anime & Manga Jujutsu Kaisen's Next Few Chapters/Ending?


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First thing's first, spoiler warning? Obviously, but yk just in case. This won't be vague at all.

I've been brainstorming a kind of "10 years later" type of RP for, but I wanna have some discussion about what's most likely to happen to help inform where I want the future to lie.

So, JJK is kinda obviously nearing it's ending, and besides the loose threads that we don't really know anything about(like who's the game master of the Culling Game?), how do we think the fight with Sukuna is going to end/impact the world? Is Yuji gonna be able to separate and save Megumi? Will Yuta survive the 5 minute timer, if he even survives against Sukuna despite having Gojo's body? How much of the Jujutsu world will become public knowledge?

Personally, I think most of the story will end in a type of worst case scenario, With the exception of Megumi. They separate the fingers from Megumi, but he'll likely never be a sorcerer again, if not for a long time. Yuta probably doesn't live, but not because of the timer. Probably due to Sukuna killing Rika(in Yuta's body? that last panel of last chapter was concerning). Jujutsu almost certainly becomes worldwide knowledge. Not sure what to think about how Yuji beats Sukuna. Obviously through separation of the souls, but he can't just do it.
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