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Finished (Isekai Hell)-A week at the Docks (PT1)


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Kuro Nekomata
(Time: Dawn, Locale: Azuran, Season: Spring)

It was early in the morning when Kuro had decided to trek back to her home in Azuran. A small square shop with two sliding windows, a screen door, and a sign nailed hurriedly to the top of the frame that said "Nekomata Shipping" in messy painted scrawl decorated the front of the home. It was entirely constructed out of various different wood, and sat squished between two other larger buildings on the docks. On the left was a well known fish monger who was known to be up at the crack of dawn hauling in a fresh catch, and to the left was a woodcarver who was nice enough to help supply them with scraps when things in their shabby little shack needed fixing up. Kuro went to the open the door, and stifled a yawn, prepared to plop down into her bed after journeying all the way from Valeriana Manor to the docks; she was exhausted and it had been a long party.

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Before she opened the door, she noticed a piece of paper had been tacked to it. She curiously hummed before taking it down to read. Nekomata Shipping now hiring! (for 1 week only) In desperate need of new help! Please Contact Saldana Nekomata for more information. I didn't know we needed help? Huh, then again I have been busy these past few days...Without her around, her Uncle Saldana wouldn't be able to keep the shop running as long as he has. She inwardly groaned and walked through the door, hoping he was still asleep so that she wouldn't have to suffer a lecture. Unfortunately, Saldana was sat at the small dining table in the middle of the room, drinking a fresh cup of coffee.

"Oh great, look who finally showed back up. Where have you been this past week and a half, huh?" He asked as he took a sip from his drink.

"Partying with nobles." Kuro responded smugly. "I see you're hiring. I know I've been gone, but you can't be thinking of replacing me so soon, uncle!" She joined him at the table before hanging her coat up. She stretched her arms into the air and yawned widely. "I'm beat...hopefully you find new help, I'm taking the day off to rest."

"Quite the opposite, actually. Our Lord here is going to be helping the new hired hands today. I got a few who were interested, and they should be here pretty quickly. So go wash up and be ready for work! This week will be nothing but hours at the dock!" he drank the rest of his coffee and got up to check the various crates in the back of the shop. Kuro groaned and dropped her head on the table with a thump. I knew I shouldn't have stayed out so long at that party...

Hi, just wanted to explain that this is a slice of life rp where your characters help Kuro and her uncle down by the docks in Azuran for a whole week. How this will work is that throughout each round you will be allowed to just post whenever you want. The goal is to just make it through the week by helping her and her uncle, nothing bad will happen if your characters decide to do other things like hang out at a cafe or go see a play etc. Rounds will be weekly on saturday and if not saturday then sunday. Because this rp is a lot more casual, there is no posting order or limitations on how many times you can post during a single round, but posts do have to be at least a paragraph or more (no one lines please T_T)

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Weeks passed after Tartufo arrived at a fairy settlement. He was isekai'd to this place after being struck by an arrow in the chest back in Portofino, and now he is a walking Mushroom. Not much of a talker though.

Anyhow, he heard while there that some mykonid, other Mushroom fairies, were seen living in the city of Azuran. He also learned that fairies could understand him even though he had no mouth. Also, he was able to understand a little more about his new physiology:
  • Firstly, he ate by absorbing material he touched. All he had to do was hold something in his hand, or have it in direct contact with his body, to slowly break down the material into nutrients that were absorbed by his skin. Water seemed to be the easiest one, while other solid materials were much harder and took longer.
  • Secondly, even though he referred to himself as a "he," he was not actually male. Like most of his species, Tartufo was a hermaphrodite, something that also did not make him happy.
  • Thirdly, he was extremely fragile. Any sudden change in temperature and humidity in the environment around him was enough to make his skin dry and crack. This occurred when he decided to sunbathe and almost died. He had to crawl back to the settlement and be drenched in water by the fairies.
  • Lastly, his skin produced an ever-so-thin spore that had the natural ability to paralyze foes affected by it. This was his only known method of defending himself for now.
With this newfound knowledge, he took the road towards the city of Azuran, hoping to do what he knew best in his life: work as a merchant.


After about a whole day of walking and hitchhiking on wagons that were not afraid of a mushroom fellow like him, Tartufo arrived at the bustling merchant city of Azuran. Just the sound of merchants screaming their offers around the main road of the city brought our little mushroom friend to tears, if he actually had eyes to cry. He walked around and used his best mimicry and hand movements to describe his words to folks around him, but sadly, he was met with disdain and anger. He couldn't blame them; he would probably do the same if it were the other way around.

But to give up is to accept defeat, and someone like him, the finest of Portofino, would never surrender without a fight.

After a few more hours of digging around town, finally, some opportunity arose! A paper stuck to a wall written
"Nekomata Shipping now hiring! (for 1 week only) In desperate need of new help! Please Contact Saldana Nekomata for more information." was all that he was looking for! Desperate people would take even a monster like him if money was on the line. So with a cheery attitude and a promise of a job in his hands, he strode straight to the Nekomata Shipping shop.

By early afternoon, a scaly hand, shedding some green flakes, opened the door of the shop. With cracking skin and half-dead from a heat stroke, it was him, Tartufo!

Hello! This is my first ever attempt at a rpg forum. I'm not sure exactly about the structure of the posts, but I will correct any mistakes that are pointed. Just let me know so I can make the needed corrections. Thank you so much, hope you have fun ^^
Zuì Dàmāo
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Māo had been trudging through towns for weeks, barely remembering anything as the days dragged on. She would entertain people for her drinks, gulping down anything that was freely provided in an attempt to keep some gold in her pocket. Her coin purse was so light at this point that she was starting to get worried. She needed something else to fuel her addiction, and quickly.

So she took the first thing she saw and decided it was all or nothing. So the day before she had planned to get some rest, lounging under a canopy by the docks and sleeping on the hardwood. As soon as the sun came up, she rose, popping her stiff back before checking her map.

“Fuck…I really should’ve paid attention in geography…” Māo mumbled to herself, having a hard time navigating the more tightly packed town until she got in the general area of Nekomata Shipping. Silently congratulating herself for even making it this far, she searches around a bit more until she finds the unique looking building squished between the two larger ones.


Before she walks in, she gazes to her left as the smell of fresh fish hits her nose. Her stomach growls at the aroma. Oh, how delicious breakfast would be right now. She rolls her head, sighing as she picks up her light coin purse and jingles it. Two, maybe three pieces of something are in there. Probably lint clicking around too. She shakes her head, upset at the prospect, but accepting her fate and telling herself that there’s always tomorrow.

Māo attempts to walk in confidently before she bumps into a little mushroom creature who had come in before her. She almost knocks him over, catching the poor thing before he falls. “Oh, dear, sorry sweetie. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She pats his head lightly in an attempt to physically apologize.

She takes a moment to look at the mushroom fellow before smiling. “Oh, you’re so cute! Like a little figurine! What’s your name, cutie?” She asks, bending over as she talks to the fae.
The duty of a maid was not just that of fancy uniforms, the smell of cleaning implements and the unrelenting servitude of the finest people in Ryke. Right from the get go, Annabelle knew that right from the start, and with her duties as a Maid-for-Hire under the Servant's Guild, the apprentice servant found herself brought down to a grounded reality after a bit of excitement was sprinkled into her life. A journey to protect a caravan under threat, and even a short contract to aid a newly assigned noble were not what somebody of her own abilities would have expected so early on within her duties, but it almost felt like the opportune time that under her continued training back in the Servant's Guild, she would find herself being granted another contract courtesy of her superiors.

The Servant's Guild was more than just an association made to train the best and brightest in maids, servants, cooks, cleaners, and anything that could possibly fit in between. Working in line with the Adventurer's Guild that often would hire those with a wide range of abilities for work, it was programs such as the 'Maid-for-Hire' system that Annabelle was a part of that would send designated servants to assist with various contracts that may not require the heroism or courage of Ryke's future adventurers, but still need a big helping hand nonetheless.

That was the motivation for the neatly dressed young woman to appear in Azuran for the week, courtesy of a request offered by a certain 'Saldana Nekomata'. Fully clothed in her official maid uniform, Annabelle quietly traversed through the wooden deck that made up its Port District, taking in the environment. The gentle winds blowing through her apron, the various splashes of water below her deck, and a distinct smell of fish in the air... it was almost intoxicating, not being a place Annabelle found herself frequenting, to be sure.

"Oh yes! That's right, I'm here to go to Nekomata Shipping... Curses, Annabelle, remember what Genevieve said! Presentation and duty. Presentation and duty. Presentation and duty... I can't break their trust." She exclaimed out aloud, trying to psyche herself up before she distanced herself away from her distractions.

It wasn't before long that Annabelle would find herself wandering into the shipping company, with a written contract containing the information required in her hand and a small bag of her own supplies in the other. She gave a bit of a curious look around, even noting the presence of a strange fungal fellow that had entered the shipping company's realm before she did. In her heart, she hoped that she did get the correct shop name, let alone the address. Maybe it was just the rushed handiwork of the sign that had confused her, but even in spite of her confusion, underneath the glasses she wore showed a face eager to work. She just wanted to make sure she didn't just run into some random business.

"Excuse me, but I am here on account of the Servant's Guild. I am looking for a certain 'Saldana Nekomata' on account of a contract that was given to me?"
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The sun is suddenly eclipsed by a smile as poor little Tartufo catches himself gawking at the voluptuous beauty of the lady's body after getting struck by her, like lightning tearing open a single tree in an open field. Incapable of coherent communication, only a few hand signs should suffice, he thinks.

"👌🫴💋" Tartufo bows before the woman, holding his palm up to court her with a hand kiss.

*The name's Tartufo, young lady. The sun's light now dims in your presence.* He thinks.

He then shows the paper, pointing out the word
"hiring" on the sheet and then pointing to himself. The fear of being misunderstood doesn't even cross his mind, as every single thought is clouded by voluptuousness. But some clues are easy to pick for an outside viewer perspective like his contracted body, the sudden increase of moisture being released, and his eagerness to approach ever closer for body contact. Tartufo is truly a lady's man, whether in his previous life or in this one.

Kuro yawned again, one of her ears quirked in the direction of slight chatter that came from the doorway. That must be the hired help, I guess I'll go and greet them. She pushed her chair back and walked to the door, "Good morning, thank you for your interest in Nekomata Shippin-" She paused in her usual bright and cheery greeting just to survey the hired help that her Uncle had managed to find. A mushroom...a scantily clad Catkin, and a maid? Oh this is gonna take forever! She had at least hoped that maybe some strong muscle bound adventurer's had decided to answer the call, but knowing her Uncle's reputation, it's no wonder this was all he could afford. "We've got our work cut out for us, but I have no doubt we'll be able to get the job done in no time!" She exclaimed to the rest of them. "I believe introductions are in order. Ahem- My esteemed guests, I implore you to pay close attention. Today you will be graced with the honor of meeting a Lord unlike any other in the city of Azuran! My prestige proceeds me far and wide, and I am beside myself with glee to let you have this oppurtunity. For it doesn't come often! You stand in the prescence of the one, the only-"

Designer (4).png"Kuro quit goofing off with the new hires! You're gonna freak them out, kid." Her uncle laid a rough hand on her head, and rudely interrupted her speech. "Sorry about her, she's uh...an eccentric one. I'm Saldana, the guy who actually owns the shop. And this here is my niece, Kuro. Who was supposed to be helping me last week with deliveries but decided to go off to some party instead." He gave Kuro a pointed look, and she merely stuck her tongue out at him as she fixed her hair. "I assume this is everyone then? If so, I'll take you all out back where the crates are, and you can pick and choose which ones to send off today."

Kuro huffed quietly, she didn't even get a chance to finish her cool introduction (one of seven that she had workshopped in her bedroom for just such an occassion.) But she knew better to press her Uncle's buttons, and decided to let it go.

Annabelle couldn't help but to smile, trying her best to hold back a possible laugh at Kuro's strange yet grandeur act. It was clear that in her eyes, Kuro didn't actually look like the high-class sort that she grew accustomed to tangling with. Something about her just looked as if there was more than met the eye... but she didn't know what exactly. Maybe this weekend was to be more exciting than Annabelle had first thought!

"Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am Annabelle Thistlehart, Maid-for-Hire of the Servant's Guild. It's a pleasure to meet you two, Saldana and Lord - ah, excuse me - Kuro." She would say, correcting the title the younger lady called herself before Annabelle crossed one leg over another, positioning herself to do the classic maid curtsey towards the two. Sure, these two perhaps weren't too comfortable with the fancier cultures that Annabelle had to study, but it was both a sign of respect, and to show that she was in fact, the real deal. They hired a maid and they surely were going to get one.

Eventually, she laid her hands back onto her neat apron, the heels of her strap-on shoes together and back kept straight. A friendly face, yet disciplined.
"I am afraid to say, I've never quite heard of a Beastkin Lord such as yourself. I have worked with a Beastkin woman who is now a Lady of a House, but in my time as a maid the name 'Lord Nekomata' has never crossed my path. Perhaps you can tell me of your time spent as one in the future, but for now, I must make further introductions. After all, it seems we're not alone."

Finally, Annabelle turned over to Māo and Tartufo, repeating the same curtesy yet again. The idea of a handshake crossed her mind for just a second as she knew she was going to work with them, but she changed her mind. If she was met with disapproval of it from the maids she worked with when she first entered the Guild, it was likely to be the same for these two individuals, or so Annabelle thought.
"And a pleasure to met you two as well. My name is Annabelle Thistlehart, but feel free to address me how you like, if that is comfortable with you. It seems that we're all here to do some delivery work, are we not?"
Zuì Dàmāo
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Māo gushed at the gestures the mushroom made, giggling. She extended her hand, allowing him to kiss it. Although, she was a little confused as it didn’t seem to have a mouth. It was quickly brushed away as she gave him another little pat on his cute little head. “Oh my god, you are the cutest fucking thing ever!” She threw her head back as she laughed, the bell around her neck chiming softly as he moved. Turning her head, her excitement peaked once more when she saw a real life maid walk in. This day was just getting better and better.

Māo stayed silent as the cute woman introduced herself, nudging the mushroom suggestively. “Oh, dear, stop it…You’re too cute. I’m going to explode.” Her tone was a bit more sultry than how she addressed the mushroom. Māo wasn’t subtle with how her eyes lingered on the woman’s uniform, looking her up and down. “You’re going to start reminding me of my hayday with that pretty figure.”

It was true, the adorable little maid was reminding her of when she used to film in a maid dress herself. Of course hers was a bit shorter…Well…A lot shorter. But the long skirt and the striped stockings were cute too. Ugh, too cute. Māo wanted to just eat her up.

Turning her attention to the other beastkin. A lord, apparently. Māo smirked. She was a cutie pie too, but didn’t catch her eye as much as the maid. Now, her uncle. Māo started subtly fanning herself with her hand as her uncle spoke, giggling at every few words he said. Even with her obvious excitement, she waited for the maid to politely introduce herself to the man before walking over to him.

Māo put a hand on his shoulder, her tail flicking behind her as she spoke directly to Saldana. “I’m Māo, but you can call me whatever you want.” She was eager to follow wherever the sexy catman would lead her.
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Reality comes crashing down when Tartufo attempts to kiss Māo's hand, only to realize that he has no mouth. If he had a face, you could clearly see a sad grimace on it, but for now, he's just a shriveling mushroom.

No matter, because he quickly recovers after listening to Kuro's and Mr. Saldana's banter. Maybe it's because all of it is nostalgic, a flashback to simpler times, but alas, that's all he needed to go back into
"I gotta work" mode. This is also the first time the mushroom realizes the presence of Annabelle in the room, a proper-looking maid also looking for work.

By nature, Tartufo makes a reverence to the people in the room: right knee bent, arm resting on the left one, mushroom cap down, silence. The creature stays like that for a solid 5 seconds, enough time to feel uncomfortable. Afterwards, he stands and points in the direction of the word
"hiring" on the paper, which is now so crumpled due to the fungi's many movements, that it's hard to read.

With his quick wits, Tartufo shows his arms to the crowd and points at it
"💪👈", hoping they realize he's attempting to show physical strength, and then mimics the action of holding a crate "📦🤲💪". Being misunderstood is not an option. Finally, he just has to introduce himself, *Ciao fine folk, the name's Gio, but you can call me Tartufo*. That is what he thinks, but sadly, nothing comes out. Only silence. He panics, looking around for a quill he could use to write his name. Life is pain for someone who can no longer communicate in the usual way.

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As Māo was rubbing her body against the older beastkin, purring as she spoke to him, she noticed the little mushrooms panic and excused herself. “Give me a minute, handsome. Momma has to do something.” She politely removed herself from Saldana’s personal space, looking around for a moment.

She couldn’t find any paper ready, so she shrugs, digging in her cleavage before pulling out a small notebook. Raising an eyebrow, she digs her hand back into them, rooting around, pulling out a small empty bottle. “Nope…” She tosses it aside. Next, she pulls out a nail file. “Nope…Sorry baby, hold on. I almost got it…” A few more seconds of rooting around before she finally pulls out a pen.

Māo hands the mushroom the items with a smile. “They’re a little warm, I hope you don’t mind, sweetie. Do you wanna write down your name for me?” She bends over to be at his height. “I’d love to meet such an adorable sweetheart. Err…What are you exactly? Gender wise. I don’t want to offend you or anything, especially since you’re so cute.”
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Designer (2).pngSaldana at least has the dignity to look a little bashful as Mao sidles up to him, but Kuro likes teasing her Uncle when she can. With a sly grin she immediately pats him on the back rather roughly. "Oh no no no, remember what you said to me earlier Uncle? This week will be nothing but hours at the dock! That's right, no partying or going to the guild or entertaining pretty women for anyone here! Let's get to work, shall we?" She roughly pushed him into the house ignoring the obvious pout on his face as he sulked to the back of the shop, no doubt scolding himself repeatedly.

Kuro turned to the rest of them, "It's good to see my Uncle isn't so inept, he managed to get some help it seems. And for the record, the Nekomata name is an ancient one so I doubt you'd hear about us now. But I'm going to change that, once I become a proper Lord!" She explained to Annabelle. "Do you have experience handling large packages, because there's a lot of heavy crates and some parcels we have to deliver." Kuro asked Mao. She pointed to Tartufo, not understanding his way of speech entirely but getting the gist of it. "This lil guy can hopefully help with some of the heavier items. Today, let's focus on just delivering to the people nearby! We'll worry about the folks down the river later." And if they were able to finish fast enough, hopefully she could run off and do something more entertaining. She liked to window shop in the upper parts of Azuran in her usual coat and vest, not the peasant wear that she casually wore all the time. "You already know my name, but I suppose we could introduce ourselves properly, aside from Miss Annabelle here, I don't quite know your names."

*Life's good when you're completely overshadowed by beauty* is what Tartufo thinks as he takes the pen given to him by Mao. Still warm to the touch, the object has been in heavenly places the little mushroom can only dream of. *Done* Tartufo writes in a very fancy calligraphy long paragraphs about who he is (as Tartufo, a fae Mykonid) and even his gender as being Hermaphrodite (currently), but the whole text is in old Italian, very distinct from any other language around. He shows the paper to the group, clearly pointing out his name, gender, and other details like not being bothered to be called he, she or it at the present time.

Tartufo also writes that his current form isn't too strong, but where he lacks in physical prowess, he more than makes up with effort... and tons of water; he could die if dehydrated. Still eager to finally have a way to communicate, the ever so cheery fae wobbles in the direction of Mr. Saldana, but quickly halts in his tracks. Kuro is the one basically calling all the shots and telling the group what they'll have to do. In his mind, that's his boss, so he instead gives the paper to her " 🫴 📜:)"

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In the aftermath of the expedition against the hive alongside respected adventurers and the scum of the Empire Tyrmar find himself on the path of life with no immediate priorities to take up his time.

The adventurers guild could wait for as long as needed, he’d heard tales of the lands he made his start in so he knew his friend's grave to be guarded and well in hand. Thus he decided that some simple labor in a quiet out of the way town would be a good way to spend his time, maybe he’d even have some luck and find some smokable herbs for the long road back into Ryke proper.

‘Saldana’s, Saldana’s, Saldana’s….Ah there it is!’ Nekomata Shipping gave off a quaint first impression, squashed between two other businesses as it was but it didn’t look defunct or badly taken care of it seemed. If his luck pulled through he’d have a nice week of interactions and work followed by some well needed funds in his pockets.

“Excuse me for the tardiness, it’s been quite a few months since I’ve had to navigate through a town and I was turned around” making his way in he was met with a party no more peculiar then what he’d had in the past. “Nekomata Shipping looking for some labor work am I correct?” A twin tailed catkin with an entrancing figure, a bipedal Mushroom obviously of Sylvan nature and a golden haired maid who looked as professional as the ones under Lights service.

A good party and hopefully a friendly one.

Now he just had to hope his employer wasn’t too particular on his timing.

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Māo squints at the paper, taking a minute for her to comprehend the calligraphy. “Tart uh fo…” She butchers his name at first, mumbling it under her breath a few more times before landing on “Tartufo.” Smiling, she gives the mykonid another firm pat on the head as a gesture of affection. “Sounds like we’ll be having a lot of drinking breaks together. I look forward to it.” Her eyes wander to the calligraphy again, and her facial expression softens into something that can only be described as melancholy as she stands up, facing in Kuro’s direction.

Māo gives a little wave goodbye to Saldana as Kuro pushes him, focusing back on the cat lady who was supposedly their boss for the time being. “Do you have experience handling large packages, because there's a lot of heavy crates and some parcels we have to deliver?”

Māo breaks out laughing at the wording of it. “Oh, baby, I’ve had a lot of experience handling large packages but I doubt you’d want me to do that in broad daylight.” She wiggles her eyebrows for a second before admitting, “But–I’m not the strongest babe around. I’ll probably need some help.” She puts a shoulder on Tartufo, leaning over and putting her weight on him. “You’ll help me, won’t you darling?”

Māo rubs the head of the mykonid, making kissing noises as she does. “Such a sweet little mushroom.” Shifting her stance to where she is resting her upper body against the mykonid, she smiles at Kuro. “I think I already said. It’s Zuì Dàmāo, but you can call me Māo, baby girl. Maybe you got distracted? I did get this tattooed on my tits for a reason.” She points to her paw print tattoo emblazoned on her chest, winking at the other cat girl.

Before she can flirt with her boss any further, another worker walks in. Māo wolf whistles at him. “Big boy coming through! See, boss? Ask and you will receive.”
Keeping your cap cool is hard when there's so much stimuli around you, touching you and rubbing on you. Every single word spoken by Māo is enticing and alluring for the little fungi, almost as if he is now a victim of a hallucinogen his own race could produce. Nonetheless, it is known that the best way to get rid of a distraction is an even bigger one, and oh boy, how big he was. Coming through the door like a hot summer breeze, a beautiful specimen of a creature arrived, clad in umber-kissed skin, with a moon-radiant smile and golden-piercing eyes, he could be considered a god amongst mortals, at least in the beauty department.

Tartufo's cap starts to wobble side to side, the whole room spins as he approaches the man with paper tightly gripped in hand. He tries to court the new guest as best as he can, but the prolonged effects of heat strokes, from all the sources both literal and abstract, are too much for the mykonid. Before Tartufo is even able to show his classic calligraphy, he falls to the ground, some of his skin cracks with the sudden impact revealing the intense need of moisture from the creature.
*Mio dio, all I need... is to cool off.* This is the worst situation possible. The event could not only put his new work prospect in jeopardy, but is also pretty demoralizing to act so unsightly in front of such magnificence. Tartufo struggles to get up, looking for the nearest water source as he crawls. If he could just absorb some moisture, that would be enough to relieve him of a few side effects.

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Once everyone had arrived, Kuro decided to lead them all through the small shop out to the back where they were met with a large shipping yard. You could plainly see a lot of transport ships and boats that had docked that morning, as well as their captain and crew milling about with various crates of things going from one place to the other. This dock was situated on a wide river, and was the main way for many in Azuran to receive and send packages to farther places. It was also a much faster way to receive your packages within the city if you didn't feel like using a mail carrier service, which was the business that Nekomata Shipping indulged in.

Saldana had been busy with stacking a few of the boxes nearby for them, and he let out a tired breath as he patted the last box. "Today, you can focus on delivering these to a few of the shopkeeps on the dock. Their businesses aren't far, so you won't have to lug these around for hours." He explained. Tags had been clipped onto the edges of the boxes with their addresses and locations. Saldana ripped the tag off of the first box in the large pile, "This one's for next door, the fishmonger. And this one below I believe is headed for the Blacksmith which is a bit down the street. Kuro can show you the way."

"Ugh the Blacksmith...I hate that guy." She groaned, "He's always grouchy no matter how early or late I deliver the package! And he doesn't tip."

Saldana snorted, "Does anyone, these days? We live in the docks, remember? Not many here who like handing out more gold then they have to." He slipped past them, "I'm gonna step out for a bit. I uh...have to meet with my boss." His eyes shifted as he spoke, and Kuro knew then that he was lying plainly to her face.

"Lies. You're gonna go slink off with Harvey and waste the day away with that drunkard!" She crossed her arms at him, but Saldana shrugged.

"And my boss. Harvey's not the only one who will be there, Miss Highwater will show up and she's gotta a job for me. Someone has to keep the lights on in this place, and deliveries won't cut it." Saldana ruffled her hair and Kuro fixed it with a scowl. "I'll check back in with you before the sun sets, it's not gonna take long. See you around, kid. Hey, and be gentle with that stuff! You break any of it, and it'll be my ass, got it? I don't want anymore complaints about broken items..." After that he left.

Kuro turned to the others, "Let's start with the deliveries then...though they're really quite boring. And I don't feel like going all the way to the blacksmith today!" She thought long and hard about how to get out of it as best she could. Or for new inventive ways to deliver these packages that didn't recquire a trip all the way down there.
As much as Annabelle felt the need to work and get things done for Saldana, things were clear between her and Kuro - the maid's opinion on her was fading a little. Maybe it was how she complained about her job, maybe it was how she saw herself in such a high light to a point that she considered herself a Lord, or perhaps even it was how she was trying to avoid the fact that she had to work much like the rest of the group. Yet it was far from a hatred... perhaps she just needed a bit of support and encouragement.

After Saldana had spouted his various array of orders and left, she would turn over to Kuro, nodding gently in response to the question that was thrown her way.
"When it comes to my skillset, I've handled a few jobs that do require delivery of goods, but a good deal of them were merely for equipment or groceries, and typically if I were to handle a heavier package or a crate - I would prefer the use of specialized equipment to do so. Judging from what we are required to deliver and the sound of things, it doesn't seem like we truly have what is required for that, however. In other words... pure muscle-work and tenacity needs to be on our side if that's the case, unless one were to be so creative to figure out an alternative."

The clacking sound of her shoes quietly echoed through as Annabelle then moved over towards the fishmonger's crate with a smile. Even in spite of the hard labor that was likely before her, she remained relatively unfazed by the prospect of getting her hands dirty with the sweat of a laborious job well done. It was what she was asked to do, and she saw no need to oppose those orders. Besides, Annabelle knew that she dealt with more pressing issues. A few heavy crates were nowhere near as terrible as one may think.

"Now, I'll be so kind as to say that I wouldn't oppose anybody else's idea of moving these, but if we truly do need to lift these, then so be it. The sooner the better, right? And once we complete this, I'm sure it means that we may help you with your other troubles, correct, Kuro? The sooner we all buckle down and solve this issue, the sooner we can move onto other business."

Finally, with a gentle clap of her hands, Annabelle grabbed a pair of sturdy gloves left nearby, before quickly putting them on. Splinters were definitely not a nice thing to deal with, especially when handling crates. "I sincerely hope that Saldana doesn't mind if I use these for now, but I'm afraid it's too late for me to simply go out and ask him... if he doesn't, so be it. I will suffer under the consequences and responsibilities." With that, her final matter at hand before she would get to work was towards a certain latecomer to the labor force - Tyrmar.

"Ah, yes, welcome! I'm glad to say that you're right on time. My name is Annabelle Thistlehart, maid-for-hire at the Servant's Guild. If you're here to help us with the labor, then I'm more than happy to see an extra pair of hands. After all, it'll get the job done more quickly, will it not?"
Zuì Dàmāo
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“Oh, dear!” Māo rushed over to the mushroom, helping the mykonid stay upright. “You need water, right? Uhm. Hm.” She takes a moment, looking around, then looking at her flask attached to her waist. Probably not the best idea to introduce the little thing to alcohol. She wasn’t the best thinker, so she did the first and only thing that came to her mind. She spit on his cap, getting a few globs on there before rubbing it in the forming cracks.

“Sorry, baby. This is all I could think of. Let’s get you some water.” She helps the creature to the shipping yard, supporting it as they make their way over to the river. After it is completely hydrated and Māo is sure it’s safe, she chuckles. “You know, some people used to pay me for that. You’re lucky. Now if I can just convince that Saldana guy to let me do the same…” She trails off, tapping her chin. Shrugging, she unattached the flask that hangs on her hip, chugging whatever is left in it before filling it up with some of the river water. Seems she was keeping an emergency storage for Tartufo. She doesn't say anything on the matter though as she walks back over to the group to listen to Kuro's complaints.

“I’ll go to the blacksmith, if you’re so opposed to it, miss fussy britches.” Māo says as she sways her hips. “Just give me some directions. It can’t be that hard. Tartufo, you wanna help momma lug some big ol’ boxes?” She asks him, her tail swishing as she smiles down at the mykonid.
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“Well met Lady Thistlehart, while I doubt my assistance will match the standards of someone of your standing I’ll be sure to do my best, even if it’s just hauling!” Following the proprietor out towards the shipping yard broke way to the sounds of crashing waves and constant movement of boxes and crates onto or off of ships.

Chuckling to himself at Kuro’s customer complaints Tyrmar couldn’t help but feel his mind slow down for a moment as he watched the desiccated form of Tartufo be cared for by Dàmāo, not at his form of rejuvenation but at how the spit rubbed into its skin seemed to bring it more relief than the river water.

“Well while I’m not exactly an engineer of any sort I can see a simple solution to our current circumstances.” Walking ahead towards an empty container cart Tyrmar began loading all the necessary items before tying them down to the cart for stability. With the leftover rope he tied a knot to the front of the cart before wrapping it around carefully placing it around his torso and shoulder.

He pulled the rope taut a few times and even took a light jog to ensure he was fine before turning to the rest of the company.

“Lady Kuro, Lady Thistlehart no need for any hard labor just yet, leave the transportation to me, although if you could act as my guides and watchers to make sure this shipment makes it to its destination intact I’d be much obliged.” Giving a shining grin he pulled at the ropes making sure they didn’t rub awkwardly against his muscles.

“Tartufo was it? I could use someone to watch from atop the cart while I’m pulling it, would you and Lady Dàmāo assist me as we unload at the blacksmiths?”


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Kuro smiled, "That's not a bad idea, actually. And it's great that you all have at least some...uh, experience with handling large crates." She said to Annabelle and Mao. "You and Tyrmar can deliver to the Blacksmith, while me and maid here do the lighter packages that are in the city! There's this shop I always like to hang around in the back. You know, to try the clothes on that they throw out since the owner's not exactly the biggest fan of Catkin." She rolled her eyes annoyed. "Who knows, maybe with Annabelle here he'll even let me in when he's open for once! You're human, right?" In this day and age, you couldn't judge a book by it's cover.

As Tyrmar and Annabelle helped put the carts away in the single carriage they had, Kuro whistled, impressed. "Wow, work like that would've taken me forever! Hard work tires me out easily, great thing you're all here. Now as for the directions, the Blacksmith is a fussy old man who lives just five houses down from here. You'll know you've found him when you hear a loud aggravating voice and hammering." She explained to them, though she didn't have a map at the time to show them exactly where to go. This would have to suffice, plus the Docks weren't that big. "The Woodcutter and Fishmonger also know him, and they're also elders. The Fishmonger's nice, he gives newcomers free tinned fish when he sees them! And the Woodcutter likes making stuff for people as favors. If you get lost, you could ask them as well. Though I doubt anyone could really get lost just going five houses down." She chuckled, but then remembered when she was also a small child at the Docks for the first time when her Uncle adopted her. And how she had indeed gotten lost just going five houses down. She glanced at Tartufo warily. "Try to stick with the group, yeah? Someone out here could mistake you for a tasty lunch or something. And around lunch, this place becomes crowded! We should deliver our packages for the day fast enough to avoid the lunch day rush." She really didn't want to have to fight a bunch of sailors for the first line at the Docks only tavern this far out from the city, and she was sure the others didn't want that either. "Sorry Mao, but if you were hoping to try and woe my uncle anymore today, he probably won't be back until tomorrow night. He's got two jobs, but he won't tell me what the other is at all! And it always keeps him busy until dusk. You know, sometimes I think he goes off to live a second life and that's why it takes the energy out of him all the time..." She turned to Annabelle and clapped a friendly hand on her shoulder, "Let's get moving, Miss Maid! Help me with some of the lighter packages over here and we can go out soon. You two, head for the Blacksmith. We'll try to meet back here before the lunch rush." She went over to a few smaller crates which were far less heavier, and picked one up, before heading out to the main street.
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After unparalleled care from his new coworkers, Tartufo finally feels relieved and refreshed to start his work. The small mykonid bows before the crew as a gesture of appreciation for all the help, especially towards Mao who did her best to keep him hydrated.

Now with work mode on, Tartufo tries his best to cooperate to fulfill the tasks at hand. Tyrmar asked if the mushroom could sit atop of the cart to watch it. That's actually a perfectly easy and doable task, so there's no reason to say no. After climbing and sitting at the top of the cart and settling down to work, Tartufo's only fear is being attacked and used as food topping in the future now that Kuro planted that seed on his cap. With that in mind, maybe out of survival, he attempts to hide his body from the crowd by ever so slightly hiding behind some of the crates. He also thinks about shedding scales around the crates to paralyze any villains trying to steal the cargo, but that would also affect Tyrmar and the crew when they attempt to load them off, so it wouldn't be the wisest idea.

Hopefully, right here around his new mates, he'd be safe. All he has to do is to stick around, do deliveries, rinse and repeat. Nothing can go wrong.

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It was with the question thrown her way courtesy of Kuro that Annabelle didn't even bat an eye. It was more than clear that Ryke still had their disagreements and even discomforts between other species, but as Kuro asked if Annabelle really was a human and was not privately hiding any other features, a mere shake of her head was more than enough to answer her question. Frankly she had no conceivable reason to judge one by their species, and her job wouldn't let her even if she dared to perform the dangerous act of even trying.

Returning to loading the crates onto the carriage alongside the self-proclaimed Lord, Annabelle spoke yet again to break the silence of hard work. "I will not be so certain about the idea of that store letting us in considering that I am a mere stranger to them as well, nor will I appreciate the idea of using my 'status' as a way to get access to it unless it's for the sake of the task at hand. Not to be rude, but I am still here on behalf of Saldana, and if he were to discover that I was making use of his trust by trying on clothing then it would be a blow not just to my own reputation, but to his trust in the Servant's Guild."

She'd place yet another crate onto the carriage with a satisfied look on her face, hands on her hips with a dutiful confidence, before she yet again turned to the group before her. "Well, as Kuro has additionally asked, I will confirm that yes - I am a human. I'm afraid what you see if what you'll get, if you expected anything other than a maid." For just a brief moment, she was prepared to remove the white cap that rested atop her head as to prove a point, only to change her mind. Representation was key and even if her hair was a strand out of place it wouldn't have been pretty. Her focus shifted back to Kuro as she approached her, standing side by side.

"And please. You don't need to be so formal - Annabelle is more than fine of a name to call me, hehehe..."

A cute wink directed towards Kuro was more than enough to break the sudden tension as Annabelle return to the crates at hand, grabbing a crate and holding it forward, assuming the proper technique by using her legs to lift rather than breaking her back over. She very well still bore the appearance of a kind-hearted maid, but it was clear that she was a little stronger than she first appeared to be. Whatever her past was, Annabelle did look like she was used to carrying heavier objects around, but it definitely wasn't an easy let alone effortless job.

"As for the rest of you, I have faith that we'll be able to get through this in time. Don't be afraid to take a few minutes just to catch your breath lest you need it, but the best thing we can do is not to push ourselves too hard with this job. We still have the rest of the day ahead of us, after all! Now then."

Without any more questions asked, Annabelle immediately got the hauling her crate through the street with Kuro in tow, taking things slowly but steadily. Safety was paramount over speed.
Zuì Dàmāo
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Māo crossed her arms, her face going deadpan as Kuro didn’t laugh at her very obviously funny joke. She simply rolled her eyes before smiling again, checking that the mushroom was securely on top of the crates and wouldn’t fall over. Nodding at the comment about Kuro’s uncle being suspicious, she kept that in the back of her mind. It didn’t surprise her at all. Someone having a second life, a second ‘job’ but still having trouble with finances? Oh yeah, she’s used that excuse more than a few times in her previous life and this one.

“Tartufo was it? I could use someone to watch from atop the cart while I’m pulling it, would you and Lady Dàmāo assist me as we unload at the blacksmiths?”

Māo threw her head back, laughing. “Oh my god, lady Dàmāo? Baby, you’re making me blush. Of course I’ll help you.” She gave Tyrmar a flirty wink, still giggling under her breath. Lady. God, when was the last time she was called lady in a positive light?


A splattering of red bloomed on Tyrmar’s dark cheeks as he swiftly turned himself away from the salacious beast women, though his body was tempered like steel he was embarrassingly weak to acts of affection so he was interested in moving past this before he was caught sputtering all throughout the docks.

“My mother raised me to realize that every woman is simply a Lady in waiting, please don’t mind it.” Coughing into his fist Tyrmar tightened the reins around himself once more before turning to their young employer, addressing her before they split.

“Looks like I’ll be entrusting you with our employer Lady Thistlehart, I’ll be trusting in your dutiful skills so happy hauling! We’ll meet with you post haste after making the deliveries, and we’ll even pick up tinned fish on the way back!” Quickly ensuring Tartufo and Zuì were secured Tyrmar set off at a reasonable pace for himself, taking in the sights of the moving workers and the serene sounds of flowing water as he made his way towards the Blacksmiths.

Relevant Abilities:

Vitality - C (21)

[Resilient] - F (Fatigue: From Lack of Foods, Water, Sleep, etc.)

[Energize] - E

[Fast] - E - 24mph(max)/120ft per round

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ImageTyrmar, Tartufo, and Mao all journeyed together into the small port town to deliver their packages to the Blacksmith. As they walked, the docks became more lively and full of people with the morning in full swing now. True to Kuro's directions, the Blacksmith's home wasn't too far. Though the trio would be able to hear the Blacksmith before they even saw him. A loud booming voice of an old man came from the small cobble stone home. "Didn't I tell you to make sure we had coal!? You dunce, we'll be behind on orders because of you!!" Soon after that outburst, the door was knocked clean open and a boy was thrown out on to the steps.

He got up and dusted himself off with a scowl, "Fine then, you old grouch! I'll go back and get more..." The boy looked at Tyrmar, Tartufo, and Mao for a moment. "Can I help you? The shop's not open right now...Since I forgot to get more ore from the mines today."

Meanwhile, Kuro and Annabelle made their way into the opposite side of Azuran, a bit further away from the docks. The streets were bustling by the time they reached their destination, and nobles of all kind were out and about doing their daily errands. Kuro often wished that she would one day be just like them, without a care in the world and no packages to deliver.

"There's the shop! Huh, but what's going on today...?" The shop that she normally hung around was now crowded with a bunch of people, waving some sort of pamphlet in their hand as they were surrounding the entrance. As they walked closer, a sign on the side of the shop's boutique window had been taped to the inside, which read "Tilesworth Boutique Lottery! Enter for a chance to win 1 custom design!" Kuro's eyes grew wide at such an oppurtunity, though the packages they held were light and still needed delivering. It was just their luck that they were to come to this shop today. "A lottery for a chance to win a commission from a famous designer?! That's a golden oppurtunity! I wonder how we can enter?"

A noble lady scoffed, "I doubt anyone could enter now. The designer hasn't shown his face all morning, and we've been waiting for ages just to enter our lots! I wonder what's keeping him inside for so long?" She said with an annoyed face.

"Well that doesn't sound like him. His Boutique doors are always open for people to come in and look uh...if you're not a Beastkin like me, anyways." Kuro said. She pondered for a moment before turning to Annabelle and whispering low so the other Nobles wouldn't hear. "It looks like we'll have to be more discreet about this delivery, we might have to go around the back just to drop the packages off." Unless of course they brazenly bowled over all these people just to get to the front door. But that would cause a large rackous no doubt. And it'd look bad for Nekomata Shipping, which would lead to a long winded rant from her uncle.


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