Advice/Help How should i go about organizing this group Roleplay i have to keep people interested and things organized


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Starter plot:While casually browsing through your phone, a random email catches your attention with the interesting subject line "Luxurious Island Vacation." Intrigued, you delve deeper into the details and realize that it has been quite a while since you last took a vacation.

Motivated by this realization, you rearrange your schedule and diligently begin planning for the much-needed getaway. Over the following weeks, you eagerly anticipate the day of departure, counting down the days to your well-deserved relaxation.The day finally came,the only means of reaching the island is by boat, you get on after loading all your belongings,And before you know it you've arrived.

Upon arrival, you are warmly greeted by the hosts. However, something feels amiss, and a sense of unease washes over you. As you uncover the unsettling truth, you realize that there is no turning back.

Full plot the characters won't know is that the hosts are insane billionaires who kept the people who came trapped here(don't know an exact motive yet) but they let the people who stay in pretty good conditions in a fancy resort.

Thing is they have no communication to the outside world (phones,technology)
And the hosts have very strict rules
And every 2 days the people have to complete challenges or else they "dissappear"

Any advice on this would be helpful tbh or even about the plot
So I would treat this like a horror movie.

step one : figure out why the billionaires targeted the players. I think the easiest motivation is something tied to class/race.

The players are minorities who the billionaires see as “disposable” in some manner. They are being forced to compete for the amusement of their captors.

Or maybe even as proxies with each person being “sponsored” by a specific billionaire. So the billionaires have some reason to try to stack things in favor of their specific “representative”.

The idea being perhaps the winner at the end of it all gets to become a billionaire or whatever?

step two : the challenges have random generated outcomes.

So the players don’t know who will win because ultimately the outcome is out of their hands. (Reflecting the in universe feeling of helplessness).

step three : the disappearances
I like the idea of players who lose don’t necessarily leave the roleplay. They just get moved to a new plotline.

I actually like the idea of them being the ones who are sabatoging the remaining players (being forced to work with the billionaires in order to stay alive.)

I like it because you can stay in the roleplay even after you lose.

It also allows for people to be written off if they happen to leave the roleplay.

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