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Digital Dirk's Doodle Dump [D&D, OCs, & more!]


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Today's post! D&D characters!
All of these were drawn between October 19th and November 21st of this year! I'm gonna add some lil character descriptions as well :-)!

Jobi Ortina Weylore Zook Carpine - 30 - She/Her - Rougish Trap-maker
This bad bitch is Carpine, a ex-bandit leader and skilled trap maker. Let's just say there may have been a bounty on her head along with some other more troublesome things before blinding herself and cutting her hair. Eldritch creatures really just make you feel like that sometimes.
She's currently kicking it with her significant other,Riz, and having a good time. As good a time as she can while she's adjusting to her newfound loss of depth perception, that is.

Lova Kez - 30 - she/her - Human - Rougish Assassin
Dubbed the Pixie Killer by those who have been at the business end of her knife, Lova enjoys using poisons above all else. She will often fixate on those she is targeting, going as far as befriending them to get close enough to carry out her hit. Though it's not often that she does this, if she deems someone unworthy of "The Pixie's Kiss", she will spare them all together. When she's not carrying out assassin work, she's hanging out with her lovely wife, Bellista, and running their guild; Storm of Lamb.

Bellista Kez-Dayus - 35 - Tiefling - Bard
As air-headed as she looks, Bellista is a happy-go-lucky tiefling bard who enjoys the company of friends and the warm embrace of a lit hearth. She is none the wiser to her wife's less-than-savory profession and takes it upon herself to run Storm of Lamb while Lova is out of town on business.

Jack Greylordian - 23 - He/Him - Paladin in training
Roaming the forest with his surly dwarf companion, Baldrick, Jack is looking to become a great paladin. He actively worships the god of home and community and speaks highly of other great adventurers he's either met or looked up to in the past. If you get him started on adventurers, he'll probably talk your ear off.

Amon Hyden - 25 - He/Him - Tiefling - Bard
Light elven music drifts from Amon's lyre as he indulges in his art, unaware of those who want him dead. Due to a rough past and crossing the wrong person, Amon- or rather, his alternate identity, Hope Ashmoon- is wanted dead or alive by a dwarven architect named Oskar. Luckily enough for him, Oskar is no fool and has hired some professional mercs to take care of this sneaky little music man.

Malloy Barton - 42 - He/They - Half-Devil - Cleric (Death Domain)
To put it lightly, Malloy wants to tear down the establishment. Being banished to an overworld where he fit in arguably less than he did back in Hell forced him to become jaded fairly quick. Eventually, he found himself joining The Children of Orcus, a cult bent on bringing the world into a new age; the age of undead. As the group moved on with their plan, they eventually got themselves captured, leaving a few followers to their own devices. Without his other devout brothers by his side, Malloy seeks to bring the world into The Age of Undead regardless of what it takes.

Gilbert "Gibby" Goblin - Age Unknown - He/him - Rogue!
Meet Gibby, a goblin raised from a young age by...a rather unsavory group of bandits. He enjoys being a feral little beast almost as much as he enjoys being a super sleuth and sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. He may or may not have been executed for crimes against the state in his first campaign.

I have more characters, but these guys are the only ones who have proper refs I'd like to share at this time so expect more 5e related stuff in the future!


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Oh god... I haven't posted here in awhile. Time to give a little update holy hell. Some pieces I did this year that I'm still loving! For my own sanity, im making these smaller. Damn past dirk for making it so hard to look at this thread on a browser.

Let's start with some art for others! Character credits in the alt text!

birthday gift for my friend connor

commission for sushibutt

commission for dogcide


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I love you art! It's so expressive and fun! ;v; Don't mind me as I spam your thread with all of the likes...


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Wanted to share a few more things I've drawn as of late! All personal this time around, though I mayyyy not be finishing these sketches any time soon

Character's name is Seth & he's an NPC for an ongoing dnd campaign of mine!


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