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Help Coder needed. Possibly collaborator


The Omnitopped Nachos.
Hi everyone. Im working on a project right now but am stuck on mobile indefinitely and am just about the worst coder on the face of this here sight.

Im hoping i can find someone to help me out with building this RP up to look appealing so as to attract players as im hoping to turn this into a rather large semi-sandbox.

The synopsis is currently in my private workshop but i will invite whoever wants to take a look as a collaborator so you can see if its something you’d like to put in on.

All credits will be given and special roles can be reserved for any who are interested in popping in to help.

Title- Piercing the Veil
A brief summary- Powerful monsters from numerous mythologies usurped the gods and split the world into two dimensions ages ago and they continue to exist in a duplicate world separated from the human world by a veil. In this modern age human magic users from an organization called “Belacor” are finding a way through this veil and essentially hunting magical creatures. The five kingdoms sovereign monarchs have yet to act. But those under their reign are gearing up for a potential showdown.

The plot- Players will be filling the roles of the magical creatures dwelling in the realm beyond the veil, with the antagonistic force being the Human Mages of Belacor who bring a mixture of ancient magic of the gods and modern technology to bear. The prince of one of the Five kingdoms takes this threat very seriously and is trying to form a defensive alliance to fend off this threat.

Thats about all I’ve got currently, if any volunteer coder has plot suggestions and ideas im all ears for that as well.

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