BnB Nightmares

Kharam slips inside the effective range of the goblin king's ridiculously oversized weapon. With a low slide, he slashes across his backside, shadowing the very spot Tybalt had hammered before.

Now he expected retaliation. The occular sigils surrounding him vibrate excitedly, turning their gaze to the king, the tormentor, every minute motion causing a flare in the eye that witnesses it. Kharam's sword hovers delicately in his grip as one foot slides behind the other, prepared to slide out of harm's way at a moment's notice.
Rangel quickly gets a litte something from her belt: a small, broken crown, handed on her left hand, she shows it to the so called "king" before moving it from one side to another one and then stab him, making him stumble just a moment
Aramis quickly attempts an attack against bugbear A, which he misses, before running over to the goblin king and smacking him, partially missing but still managing to grace him (5 slashing damage)
Feeling the battle, hearing the weapons clash against flesh and Armor. The screams of their foes, the spirit of her allies, Camilla smiles from ear to ear.
"Ah. True music can only be born from this atmosphere!"
Noticing an opening she moves behind the Goblin King. Flanking him together with Tybalt, her Halberd hits the ground making a weird harmony with the sounds of the battlefield. A symphony of strength and Valor.
She gives a smile to Rangel and takes advantage of her attack to jump to the air. Her weapon cladded in a golden fire as she Twirled in the air, only to come down with a devastating blow.
"GROAR!" She screams as the blade of her halberd takes out a chunk of flesh of the Goblin King!
(51 Damage!!! A devastating blow)
The Bugbear tormentor attempts a double feint. Deagan is off guard and it deals 4 sneak attack damage. The bugbear deals 10 damage to deagan. It misses twice more.
Nearly collapsing, blood streaming from his wounds and screaming in pain, Deagan throws a cloud of ice shards at the bugbear (9 cold damage) and starts running.
Something is evidently wrong.

With sudden, queasy unease, Kharam's eyes go wall-eyed and his features sag. His once fierce and focused demeanor is replaces by a vapid look of stupefaction. Mimicking this, his aura has changed to look like a mist both too thin to pose difficulty yet so viscous as to melt and sink to the floor like drool. He appears ill.

And yet, for all that, his motions do not suffer. The mind may be addled, but the body remembers, and in a single motion he has moved up to the final remaining foe and run his sword across its chest. He holds in his other had the scabbard for his weapon, made to serve as a parrying rod.

At last, he speaks, and the words drivel out of him like an unclogged sewer, inelegant and inane. "i NeEd To FiNd ThE bEaRd GnOmE sIr HaVe YoU sEeN iT?"
The golden eyed woman gets an odd looking device, akin to a lantern, then moves to the last enemy while he is distracted by her companion, but the gibbering of Kharam manages to get a snort from the woman, missing her strike. Never, she vows, to never do thst again, no matter how much shed like to
Aramis gives the last remaining bugbear a menacing grin, which it is unphased by, before going up to it and smacking it in the face (4 slash damage)
"It is a shame that such a good fight must come to an end!" Camilla smiles while looking at the last bugbear who is being surrounded by her companions.
"Let us have a worthy finale for such a good piece" She takes a leap behind Rangel with her halberd pointing straight, fire accumulates in its pointy end as it approaches the damaged Bugbear.
Her charge stops behind Rangel but the weapon keeps going forward with its unparalleled momentum, piercing through the head of their foe, extinguishing it's life and igniting the remains.
"Hit like the raising Sun!"
Once the fight has concluded, Kharam, whose brain remained addled feom excessive psychic strain, wrinkles his nose and covers his mouth. "It SmElLs LiKe DoO-dOo FrOm A sEmI-cOlOn In HeRe IdOn'tLiKeIt."
Looking around you you realize you are in a living room, albeit a trashed one. There is a fireplace that seems intact although the fire has long since burned itself out. There is a big pot like the goblins were preparing to cook. Paths lead east and west.
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"Fooooooddd." Camilla grabs a few herbs from her pouch and puts them in Kharam's nose, to the guide him with her hand. "Here smell this, mint I got from a nearby forest. I want to eat something! food food hungryyyy" Her other hand begins to drag the goblin tormentor to the pod.
"Chop Chop Mercury. Give you mommy a hand" A blue flying fire manifests from her back, following her to wherever she goes.
Deagan slowly sneaks back into the room, seeing the goblins dead he cleans his and Camilla wounds.
"If you're that hungry, let me cook you something, I guarantee it will taste better then a Bugbear"
"Thank you Deagan" She sits down besides the unlit fireplace. Throwing the death bugbear to the side.
"Anything that has meat will work, I'm tired of my rations. Good work in the fight, loved the fire-Ice-works!"
Her breath is rapid and her eyes can barely be kept open, it is clear that she is quite tired after the two fights.

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