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Futuristic Another Day- A Sci-Fi Superhero RP Main Thread (ACCEPTING)

Detective Aaron Williams
Aaron had been dispatched to the site of the bank robbery not long after the event. The area was still blocked by police borders, body bags waiting for him along with the stable wounded, medics on standby so he could question them. Aaron stepped out of his antique hover car, an older model he had procured from a friend. Aaron Williams was an unremarkable man, the only odd features being a few scars from his years of service. Aaron slowly took the wounded accounts of the events before checking the records- sighing when he saw that Ernold had reported to the site, luckily before him. Aaron looked through the psychological bubble. The two detectives constantly clashed over his crazy theories, but Aaron decided to check the notes he had left. There wasn't much about the duplicator and whoever the sniper was, seeing as their belongings were stolen- at least what was recorded. Aaron stopped on the notes on the third perpetrator. The man wore a black jacket, likely with some bulletproof armor underneath with a gas mask. The mask itself appeared to be a modified prototype of the previous year's variant of The Agency's biohazard helmets. For one, it appeared bulkier, along with the red lenses. Ernold had linked other assessments based on the other two crimes on record. There were no visible additions, but Ernold had noticed that the material of the jacket appeared to be different, perhaps some kind of lining. Aaron added his own notes as he scanned the document until he saw one detail that stood out. The entire suit was black, except for the hands. Up to the suspect's forearm was a blood-red decal, mimicking blood on his hands. Many Enhanced had a flair for the dramatic, and the blood on his hands could mean two things, something he actually agreed with: Either the Enhanced had killed, or was responsible for a death he regrets, perhaps someone close. Aaron would check the database if anything was related to these observations, but for now, he had other things to do. After taking the reports, Aaron moved on to his report- he didn’t know what was stolen, too much red tape- but he could look into that.

Flytrap raised her hood a bit as she passed the patrolling security agents, appearing to be another common citizen. She hoped they didn't recognize the faint lump of a pistol in her waistband, tucked under the black sweatshirt. The museum would be closing soon so she would have to be quick. Mania stepped into the bathroom, selecting the far stall before climbing onto the seat. Flyrtrap, or Zee as her parents had named her had a lame ability- she was sticky. Sure, the academy observer had given some dumb name, adhesion manipulation- since her abilities weren't on record. Zee pressed her palms against the wall as she became Sticky- as she rathered to call it. She quickly scaled the wall until she reached the ceiling, pulling a knife from its sheath as she felt at the wall- using her free hand to hold on to the ceiling. eventually, she found it, a portion of the wall that had been partially cut open. Zee threw the hood aside, the more comfortable tank top allowing her to better maneuver as she squeezed through the tight space. She likely wouldn't have even fit as she reversed her adhesion, making her as slippery as an eel- turns there were some advantages to being half-starved. Zee slid through the air ducts, careful to feel the vibrations, abruptly making her stick to the wall when a guard passed until she reached her destination. Zee peaked through a hole in the ceiling, before smiling. The Scholar's Center, an adjourning building to the museum, in case the public wanted to see some dusty old people working on some new tech, or blowing themselves up as Zee preferred. Zee pulled out the scratched, older model phone as she ordered a pizza- a perfect distraction, surely free food would be enough to get the attention of some bored guards.
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Gears Gears
September Birdwin sat firmly upon her scooter, scrolling her phone. Another day of deliveries, another day she could ignore the ever looming threat of capture. Despite her vow to never use her powers and reveal her true nature, she had let herself slip very slightly by heating the pizzas as if they had been microwaved, aiming to grant herself a raise assuming anyone noticed. So far, no one had. This was mildly frustrating, but at least it meant that no one would realise her secret.
The day was almost done until- ding. Someone anonymous wanted a pizza delivered to the museum. September sighed and turned her scooter towards the hut where those things were being produced.

Theoretically, the city could use drones for delivery, but after a series of thefts and damaged property, the buisness owners figured any would-be thieves would be more reluctant to attack a living human being more than a hunk on flying metal. It wasn't the best paying job, but it was sufficient to live on, and that was all she asked for.

Less than a few minutes later, September was in traffic, her delivery in perfect condition in the insulated bag balanced on the back of her seat. At a stop in the traffic lights, she heard a murder mentioned from the radio of an adjacent car, and thanked her lucky stars that her route wouldn't intersect with the scene.

The feeling of visiting this museum at this hour was giving her a nasty, crawling sensation. She figured that she should have just left the pizza at the entrance and messaged back whoever had sent it, but the anonymous client had given instructions to deliver it to the guards within the place. The place was feeling desolate as many visitors had already left, and simply being alone in an area showcasing such scenes of violence such as the ai insurrections and weapons of war were picking at the painful memories she had taken great care to hide away in the recesses of her brain.

"Hey. Pizza delivery." she said as she approached the guards, waving the box.
The Guards had been leaning against the wall, only one of them holding on to their firearm. The new guy, a jittery cadet reached for a pistol before one of his two superiors put his hand to stop the kid. "Uh, no one ordered a pizza." She said as she turned to the others, the third agent walking to the command center to check with the guards watching cameras. her distraction stopping the two desk guards from noticing Flytrap as she dropped from the ceiling in the Scholars Center and began stalking through the hallways, sticking to the shadows and out of view of the last cameras- the single camera that watched the area blocked.

Zee quickly switched her abilities to slide across the floor, keeping her hand on her pistol's handle as she slid through the halls on her back, ready to pull the weapon from her waistband the second anything went wrong. She scanned the plaques on each keyboard before she heard the creaking of an ancient door opening. Zee stopped, before noticing a pair of scholars carrying papers begin heading her way. Zee quickly adhered to the wall, climbing up the wall with ease before sticking to the ceiling.

The Guards led September into the security and command center, past the wall of monitors, none noticing the girl clinging to the ceiling before running along the ceiling, as naturally as one would walk on solid ground. The Guards paid no notice, clearly believing there was no danger in this job- just a job to reassure scholars that their discoveries and old-world dioramas were safe.
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Dr. Eolan
The Doctor walked down the halls of The Enhanced Individual Rehabilitation Center, or BlackSpire as they called it. The Cavern the building was located in was the largest and deepest one underneath Genesis. The building was built to mimic the government's seat, The Spire. Where there were gardens, there were cells, containing the most dangerous individuals in the city. The majority of the building was on the second floor, covering half of the height of the building. Cells levitated in different intervals, depending on the abilities and designated threat level. Automated Defense Drones flew between the platforms, each containing a self-propelled cubical cell, with different furniture accompanying the prisoner depending on their behavior and their progress toward "Rehabilitation", along with any defenses set up to combat their abilities, with a single cable connecting each cell to the ground, the mess of cables connecting to a console, several Elite Guards transferred from INFERNO defending the control center, the operator able to call a cell down, or execute any unruly prisoners.

Eolan walked across the seventh Catwalk, of the twelve main sections of the Containment Center. There was no point in creating an entire intricate system of retractable catwalks to move between each Cell, not when the Thirteenth Layer had only two inhabitants left. Eolan could see the cell of Prisoner 898 above him, The Thirteenth Layer, or “Long Term” as most called it, even though everyone here had life sentences, unless they rehabilitated, but he wouldn’t make that mistake again.

Eolan gestured to one of the drones that followed him, looking to the cell that stood before him, the windows hastily cemented shut by an elemental. The drone took a second to scan the doctor, at least a visible and more effective scan- both the drones and the building itself scanned everyone in the prison every ten minutes. The Drone accepted his request after the five-second scan was completed and unlocked the door. The room had recently been cleaned and rearranged- the prisoner had reacted poorly to his test. Two maintenance droids repaired a wall that had begun to erode from immense pressure. The prisoner herself was still paralyzed on the ground from the defense protocal triggered by her outburst

Banshee had only killed three people- usually a crime that would have earned her place in one of the minor facilities, but for whatever reason, she had been put in here. The mask she wore covered the lower half of her face, but her eyes where as dull as always, but once she saw The Doctor’s face her face twisted into a mask of hatred, the dullness in her eyes replaced with wraith- she wanted to kill Eolan, and had tried before- but it wasn’t his fault he had let the Elemental escape- the plan was to keep him contained to observe his behavior after the manufactured break out- why didn’t she just hate him- he was just two levels away.

As always, Banshee never spoke- all she could do was glare at The Doctor, while he kicked her side, smirking as he got back up, pulling a syringe from his jacket as the drones lifted her, sticking the long needle into her neck before pushing the plunger down, allowing the modified adrenaline to spread through her body, allowing her to move. She struggled in the steel grip of the drones as the doctor accepted two pairs of headphones from the drones. A childish tune began to play, the low quality audio usually put him on edge as he heard the chimes and rhythm of a music box, cheaply made without much ability. Banshee tried to tear away from the mechanized wardens, not to kill Eolan, but to escape that song. Eolan turned on a device hooked to his arm, gritting his teeth as he inserted a needle into his skull, the metal spike finding the installed port in his brain as he began to hear the emotions of the subject- anger, and pure fear as he affixed teh headphones. The fear grew as Banshee thrashed about, trying to shake the headphones off, but the drone's hold was too firm. A smile grew on his lips as he saw tears well up in her eyes, after a minute he felt something delicious- Defeat. The drones released Banshee after Eolan gestured too them, leaving her as she shied away from her captor, ripping her headphones off and throwing them at the Doctor. The Doctor grinned as a drone fired a nearly deadly electric dart into her as she convulsed on the ground, taking off the headphones as he shut the door, before turning too the panel on the cell wall. Eolan couldn't help but grin as he administered the punishment program, firing harmful electrical shocks from every surface of the cell, before pulling the disk from the device connected to the headphones- an archaic device, but the only way one could play the recording with this effect on the subject. The Doctor wiped off the surface of the disk before interesting it into the cell’s PA system- before he heard the first noise he had ever heard Banshee speak during this visit, screams of pain and anguish- neither muffled by the wall around her mask, her abilities allowing her screams to reach him and the Second Floor, terrifying the prisoners and keeping them in line. The guards had trained to resist the mental effects of that scream, forced to listen to recordings for hours until they were immune, making this ritual valuable. Banshee’s cry kept the prisoners online, manipulating them while showing what resistance would lead to. Making the torture worth it in The Doctor’s eyes. The Doctor switched his headphones to Old World Lyrical music as he stepped on the lift, ready to relax and read a book in his office.
Gears Gears
"It was from an anonymous person who specified this location." September said as she lifted the pizza box from the insulator bag. "They usually do that when they want to surprise someone for their birthday or something."

Without realising it, she had completely stopped walking. For half a second, she felt slight bewilderment at how the guards were moving away from her despite having kept pace with them less than seconds before. She caught herself frozen, and continued to walk forward, but puzzled over where the sensation had come from, or why she felt so shaky and unnatural and... terrified, just by being there.

Then like a book fallen spontaneously open onto the floor, she was faced with a memory. She was 6 years old, rushing home, running across the road through torrents of rain, after she had seen the window to her room open from the outside, and realised her belongings were getting soaked. Halfway across the road, her foot had planted in the ground the same way it had this moment. Except, she had no time to wonder why she had frozen before the car appeared.

It came so close she felt the sting of raindrops shattering over its bonnet implode like bullets into her raincoat, and so fast it lasted in her field of vision shorter than a single, waved hand.

And she had never seen the car again, except in her nightmares. There was no indication that it had ever been, except a rapidly fading light in the distance and the crinkles on her raincoat where the water had hit. Many years of pondering later, September understanding of that night was still limited to what she had seen and felt, and even that was hazy. She certainly hadn't seen the car coming. And her ears, tucked away under her hood and dulled by the rain, could barely make out the shouts of her own siblings. All she knew, was that her spontaneous hesitation had saved her life. Another power? Perhaps. It sure as hell didn't come in useful when the Birdwin family was invaded. But she was sure it meant something.

Which made its sudden reappearence now all the more concerning.
September's initial reaction was to stop and possibly brace, as if at any minute a car could shatter the walls like a bullet. None did, of course, but her pounding heart and adrenaline seemed not to understand. She looked around for threats, but none were there. She pretended to parse her phone so the guards wouldn't notice her fear.

Shit. Shit. What had she gotten herself into? Had she possibly met one of the guards before? Maybe they were one of the ones who knew of the warrant on her head. No, that couldn't be it, otherwise she would have gotten the scare the moment she met them. She looked around. There was nothing they could possibly have on her! She was just sent here for a randomised pizza delivery and that's it.
Except... what if it wasn't about her? What if she had just had the foul luck of stumbling into a conspiracy she had no part in?

Around this time, they had reached the lunch break room, and the guards were getting out cutlery and pulling out chairs for their meal, as if all was fine with the world. September stood in the entrance, her hands beginning to burn from the hot pizza box. One of the guards turned to her.
"Hey, it's nearly the end of your shift, right? Do you want to join us?"

"No. Thank you. And I don't think your shift is over yet."

"Hardly anything happens here, a few minutes can't help too much."

"It's generous of you to offer, but I have food at home."

She wanted to snap at them for not doing their job, but a glance at the stovetop wall splattered with grease stains, and the empty cans lying on the floor, and she knew how seriously they were taking it. Besides, the last thing she wanted to do was agitate the guards and give them a reason for her face to be remembered. So instead, she sighed. It couldn't be helped.

"Well, I did my job here. Enjoy your pizza!" she called as she exited, in the artificially corporate-friendly voice she had rehearsed for so long.

What was she to do. Flee the scene? No. There were no remaining orders, and her shift hadn't ended yet. Doing so might be suspicious. Tell the guards she had seen something? She had no evidence aside from the fear she had felt as a hint something was amiss, and if news of this became big, she would definitely be investigated as part of it.
Taking a stand at the space where the guards were once positioned, she resumed her activity of scrolling her phone. If trouble were to come, she would be the one to deal with it, and she would be the one to ensure it didn't spread further.
Zee continued her upside down walk along the corridor, sticking to the sides where she was least likely to be seen, concentrating on the doors, searching the numbers and listening for exiting inhabitants, ready to run for a window the second one spotted her. Zee relaxed- there wouldn't be any more security camera's here, but she failed to notice the motion detector, programmed to find an unauthorized individual, and without an ID, she triggered the scanner.

The alarm may have been silent on the preparator's end, but it was loud as hell for the command center. One guard nearly fell out of his chair as he located the breach, half of the team quickly grabbing weapons while the rest gathered around the screen, before sending out a trio of guard's to make sure it wasn't Professor Hecates cat again.

Zee could feel something was wrong as she walked past a vent, pausing before dropping down, landing on her feet as she drew her pistol, before smiling- this was the place. Zee pulled a lockpick from her pocket before getting to work, listening carefully to the snores of whoever owned this place. After a second, the lock was beat- Zee pumped her fist, almost shooting the pistol in the process before she slinked inside. The doctor was asleep in the back office, her snores filling the room as Zee scanned the junk. Zee wasn't too bright, but she knew shiny stuff would be worth a lot. Zee quickly began filling her pack with objects, sliding across the room before she turned to the office. Her instructions where clear- steal some dusty old book (She herself didn't know how to read stupid letters, barely knowing the numbers from Twig, another street dweller such as herself) and leave a present for the doctor. Her client hadn't mentioned the doctor would be in the room as she scanned for the stupid journal- she was being paid plenty, and could take anything she wanted, the client mentioning that: "no one would notice what she stole when this was over." Zee smirked when she saw the book, reaching for it before she heard the door begin to slide open.
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Wallace Clyde walked through the crowd of investigators, past the cleaning crew that did it's best to gather the raw materials that had fallen from the overhead train, causing a major disruption in the system in the words of one of the foremen who had been sent to investigate along with a small team, with Wallace providing security and adding any forsight into the perpuator, that damn pest- Abyss. Wallace hadn't personnally encountered him, but becuase Phantom had been kidnapped and Ghoul was dealing with that mess, he had to deal with this. Brute took off the helmet as he grabbed a cigarrete from one of the pouches on his armor, scanning for signs of Abyss. The Damned bug had disapeered, but he had other reasons to be there. Bruute gestured to the hooded Agent, who nodded as a pinkish glow erputed from her cloaked form, a copy of Brute still scowling at the scene. Wallace slunk into the shadows as he affixed the cloak he wore for situations that required some secrecy.

Brute tapped on his wrist computer, a device given to all officers in the agency. He found the directions to his destination, quickly reading off his orders before heading down the network of alleyways, avoiding any popualted areas. Eventually, Brute arrived at the Doctor's hideout, knocking on the door as he saw his four covert agents emerge from the shadows, trianed to shadow him during his classified missions. Brute reached into the pouch where he found teh device he had been goven, along with a memory stick, something ancient but hard to hack or replicate.
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Gears Gears

At the sound of the alarm, September. Froze. Shit.
Shit shit shit shit shit SHIT!!
An alarm. And she would have been blamed for it. For a brief moment, she found herself bolting towards the exit, and froze after three paces. No, can't do that now. If she fled the scene, that would mark her as suspicious. Then her false name and location would be found. And everyone would know her face.

At the very least, she could track down whoever the fuck had caused this much trouble and beat them up herself before her pursuers annihilated her. At most... she could claim that she was doing something heroic as a bystander or something, and hopefully they'd shut the fuck about this incident.

September turned and ran in the direction she was assumed the thief would be. Without a stealthy slide through the vents like Zee, her movement triggered even more alarms till her head pounded with the noise. She didn't care. In her rage, she had found herself beginning to burn with radiation again, and quickly suppressed her smouldering fists by shoving them into the oven mitts she carried for safety. I carry them for self defence, that was the excuse she practised, since speaking of their true use was essentially a death sentence. You won't believe how good boxing gloves they are against thieves!

The library was probably it. There were plenty of hackers out to grab whatever digital data was hot, and ai meant that they could be successful through brute force if needs be. Besides, digital data could be deleted in an instance with infrastructure destruction following heated battles between superpowered criminals. This wasn't unheard of at all. That was why, even in this day and age, handwritten books were so valuable.

September threw open the door upon arrival. Some doctor's office, scattered with expensive junk she didn't care for, lay in front of her, in relative peace.

And she found herself facing... a girl. September knew she was the thief even before she saw the bag of valuables by the girl's side, and the book clutched in her hands.

"YOU!!" September shouted, before she knew what she was doing she strode across the room and grabbed the girl's wrist. Before either of them had said another word, there was a patter of footsteps as a pair of guards entered the room, having either followed September or had the same idea of where the thief would strike. September thought quickly.

"Maisy, I TOLD you that breaking in is unacceptable!" she improvised. "Look at the mess you've caused! You could have just asked the nice people at the front desk to let you in! They would have helped you look for it!" She gave the girl's arm a shake.

"What's going on?" said the closest guard.

"I'm sooooo sorry, this is my younger cousin Maisy." September said as she turned, drawling out her words the way how her mother would persuade the teachers to forgive her youngest son for his destructive antics. "She's really interested in-" (she quickly glanced around the room) "science, she can't get enough of it. She just happened to lose her ring here earlier, and she can't bear to go without it. Always worried someone's going to steal it, you see? That's why she doesn't tell anyone when she loses it. She's very paranoid and high strung, please forgive her. I promise you I'll keep a tighter eye on her next time."
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Zee stared at the present she had been given, the client had left some sort of note- she couldn't read it, but it took all her willpower not to open it in case it was some valuable. Wouldn't be the first time she had stolen from a client, even if it hurt her reputation. Zee almost dropped the book as she heard the sudden noise, quickly retorting with a simple: "You!" Maybe it was a disgruntled client or some random she had pick-pocketed, but it was hard to keep track- hadn't she stolen pizza's from that company before, she thought as her mind raced, recognizing the simple logo on the strangers shirt.

As the guards wandered in, Zee reached for the pistol before the stranger began talking. She was about to call her a psycho when it crossed her mind that she may be helping her, before her eyes narrowed- she knew no one would willingly help her, unless they wanted something, she would have to lose whoever this was quick.

Zee was insulted by the stupid name- Maisy? Way too long, and it didn't even have a meaning. Zee couldn't help but grin as she responded, using a cool voice she had adopted from con-work. "That's right, my cuz..." Zee paused, she was bad at naming things, combining words into a meaningful name took long. "Macy, has my back." Combining maniac and nosy, two words she had learned from old man Gral. Zee quickly reached behind her back a she stuck the book under the desk and out of the guards sight. The Doctor's snores continued, somehow she hadn't been woken up by the talking- whoever her client had sent her after was pretty dumb, being a heavy sleeper got you robbed while you curled under your scratchy blanket in a dingy warehouse- or worse. had happened to her twice before she learned to either take shifts with a friend or stay awake.

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