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Defend Don Cielo's
Interactions: Curtis @Aster
Status: In progress

Her steel grey eyes flickered to the men behind Curtis, they seemed to be watched even heavier than before but Kaye shook it off. Instead acting normal, like she had thought before. While jumping out of her seat and starting a fight might have been a tactic her sister would have done, just to enjoy the thrill of the battle, Kaye wasn’t that kind of battler. She liked to gather information. Partly why it had been so annoying that the manager had given such little information had her wondering if she was behind the attacks herself.

That could be a possibility. Better to keep an eye on that redhead. Her seductive smile seemed to be shot Kaye’s way when she looked in that direction.

Curtis followed grunt of annoyance followed by the call of the waiter Kaye nodded her her head slightly. “Tea would be good, though i would prefer a black coffee. Keeps my sense open. Blacker the better please.” Kaye said sweetly nodding to the waiter. Taking note of his shifty eyes, not one of someone who had a plan up his sleeve more like he was worried for what was going to happen next.

“O-Okay. Two coffees. I will be right back.” The man scribbled on his white notepad before hurrying towards the doors that lead to the cooks.

“So.” Kaye reached into her bag taking her sketchbook out to flip through it. It was hardly something that would be weird looking at pictures. But this would be the best time to focus on what animal beast she was going to summon when the battle came.

“I’m thinking something that flies. There are a lot of people here.” Kaye said in a low voice but being sure that it looked like the two of them were talking like friends or sweethearts. Not battle strategies. Normal. She flipped through before landing on a bird of prey she had doodled a few days ago. It was detailed, and painted in a new style she had been perfecting. This would suffice.

Just in time too it seemed like the battle was about to begin.

“You ordered the coffee’s?” a new voice broke the conversation, a voice that did not belong to the timid waiter that been here moments before. A taller man with squinted eyes, a look that was ready to pounce. He set the coffee on the table and just as he reached into his pocket to grab something--that happened to be a gun Kaye acted lunging to the man and grabbing the weapon before it could go off.



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Mentions: Ajax @Polaris.
Quest: Defend Don Cielo's
Status: In Progress
Location: Requiem City

Curtis Laucron
Both brows raised in modest surprise at Kaye's response. "Black coffee, huh? You didn't strike me as the type," he muses impressed with a hint of teasing in his voice.

"You heard the lady," he comments dismissively to the waiter who's throwing nervous puppy eyes at Kaye as though begging her to save him from the tensed atmosphere which was building behind him. It annoyed to him because 1. No one makes eyes at Kaye when he's around (unless you're Ajax because Curtis sure as hell isn't going to risk the blonde finding out one of his weaknesses) and 2. A real man cowers behind no one.

"That works but something on the defense would be good," His eyes flicker to the other people dining in the area, "Just in case there's civilians that need protecting." He highly doubted anyone sane would come to the establishment knowing that the place was going to be attacked.

When the man came to their table, Curtis was on high alert but Kaye moved faster, grabbing the gun as it went off in a bang. Luckily, the bullet hit no one, ripping a hole into one of the diner's chairs instead, but that alone was enough to trigger the Syndicate male into a protective rage.

With a roar, he transformed into his chimeran form and pounced on the male, slashing an angry gash at the base of his throat. He staggered before falling backward. The sudden gush of blood sent the people around them screaming and the attackers off into the offense.

In no time at all there were gunners and fighters around them, and Curtis wasted no time moving to take them all down. He moved in a zig-zag motion to avoid the frantic gunshots. Surprise and fear had taken over them as they clearly hadn't expected Don Cielo to have hired Magisters as back-up. Unlike the first man, Curtis made no move to fatally damage their attackers, choosing instead to completely crush and break their firearms to cease the gunfire.

That unfortunately, didn't help with the other weapons brought. Two men wielded long daggers and the other a mace. A few stray bullets had successfully skidded against Curtis' limbs, making him wince in pain, but that served only to piss him off further.

"Looks like you all signed up for a date with death."


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Quest: Jack-O-Turn
Status: On going
Location: Baile Cornfields
Mood: Goddess, why is he here?

Jasmine Bermout
Jasmine wasn't going to question why Uriah was all the way in Baile for pendants when Requiem City, the capital of Imperia had multiple shops which sold pendants identical to the ones he was holding. Nor was she going to ask what he was doing, sitting in an alleyway and making friendship bracelets there instead of some place less inconspicuous.

Remembering he had made her and Ajax a similar friendship bracelet, Jasmine decided maybe she was a bit hard on him. She should try to make an effort to be nicer, even though his ideals didn't align with her own.

"I won't, but I need that cat," Jasmine said, picking up the cat to her arms. It meowed, sad to be apart from the smiling blonde.

She was just about to leave too now that her mini quest was completed until two individuals ran up to them, out of breath and pleading.

"How did they find out?" she wondered, only to remember her many magma mimicries she left over the town. They must've followed one of them to her before she undid her magik.

Still, the request was strange and Jasmine rose a brow at Uriah accusingly.

"Is this a prank you set up cause it's not funny," Jasmine says plainly to the blonde, but he looked as confused as she was. Either that or he was a really good actor.

"It's not a prank, miss. Please believe me. I'm Eleanor. The daughter of the village head," the boy spoke femininely.

"And I'm Joshua. We were wandering through the corn fields where this pumpkin on legs suddenly shot us with a beam of light. Before we know it, we had swapped bodies," the female explained, speaking with a very heavy country accent.

"You gotta help us. Please. My father will reward your greatly. We'll even supply you with free corn for the year! Anything, please."

The promise of a reward perked Jasmine's interest and she recalled reading that Baile's corn products were the best in Imperia.

"I'm listening. What do you want us to do?"

"Find the pumpkin beast! Maybe if it shoots us with another beam, it'll change us back. We saw it run towards the woods but we were too shock to chase after it," the girl said.

Jasmine sighed, looking down at the kitty. Looks like recreation time will have to be hold off until they find this 'pumpkin beast'.

"Fine. But I want the rewards stated on paper and double of the amount of corn promised," Jasmine said, voice leaving no argument.


Stretching her fingers and passing the cat to Eleanor-- uh, "Joshua", Jasmine smiled after instructing the duo to return the cat to the owner.

"Let's go. We have a pumpkin to find."
Uriah Kershaw

Interaction: Jasmine Bermout @Aster
Quest: Jack-O-Turn
Status: In progress
Location: Baile Cornfields

Uriah never minded getting roped into quests, especially when his friends were around but he was rather sad that he would have to part ways with Mr. Purr Machine. He looked at the cat as the cat reciprocated his glance. The blond reached his hand forward before patting it one more time on the head. "I will miss you, Mr. Purr Machine." He said aloud and the cat gave a meow in response.

Reluctantly, the blond followed along the other president as they made their way to the corn fields. After awhile, it seemed as though the male had forgotten about his brief interaction with the cat from earlier as he cheered, "Yes! I finally finished them." He then open his palm out as he showed Jasmine the finish product of the friendship bracelets that he have made.

"What do you think, Jas? I think Kaia and Rob will love it." He grinned widely before placing them back into his bag. He then pulled out the keys to his dorms before dangling it in front of her as he made quick steps to stand in front of her, "Look, I still have the one I made you and Ajax. Where's yours?" He then stuffed them back into his pocket before awaiting her response.

At that, they found themselves walking in the midst of the cornfields. There were a lot of crops but weirdly enough, dried corn husks too. He pushed the thought away as he noted a few crops that were...devoured just ahead of them. The cobs were still intact but half of the corn was eaten by something. There were remnants on the ground too.

"Why would a pumpkin monster eat corn out of all things?" He asked aloud before turning to Jasmine with a smile, "Because it's corny."

Kaia's jokes were getting to him but he already knew he would be rewarded by the annoyed look that was about to surface on Jasmine's face.

Just as he was about to say something, there was a sound of rustling in the crops behind them. He turned around but he was met with silence.

"We've got company." He said before the sound of rustling was again heard but this time, behind them. Just as they turned around, something round and orange leaped towards them as a cackle sounded from it.



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Quest: Jack-O-Turn
Status: On going
Location: Baile Cornfields
Mood: Goddess, why is he here?

Jasmine Bermout
Jasmine was a no tomfoolery kind of person when she was on a mission. After accepting the request, she once again, summoned a number of mimicries to help with the search. The task drained her energy but luckily she was used to working herself to the bone. Her steel will kept her standing tall and searching through the cornfields as Uriah followed behind her, finishing his friendship bracelet.

"Instead of looking for the beast," she notes bitterly.

"They'd love anything you make them," Jasmine answers honestly, going silent when he poses his second question. Does she tell him the truth and expose the fact that she does hold silly items with sentimental value or should she just lie to save her the pride?

"Not sure. Probably somewhere in Genesis." She settles for a half-truth. The friendship bracelet given was tucked away in one of the locked compartments in her desk office. No one but Jasmine has the key to it. Not even Zander.

Another ten minutes of walking and Uriah busts out a corny joke which Jasmine could only stand and stare with a dead ass poker face. Her only reaction was the slight narrowing of her eyes and a sigh. "Uriah are you even loo--"

"We've got company."

Before the two could even react, Jasmine saw something which looked like a pumpkin on legs jump out towards them. It's eyes and mouth flashed them with a blinding light making the two of them fall back. And then it was gone, bounding away towards the north (but Jasmine doesn't see it happening. She hears it.)

The flash was blinding and even when the redhead opens her eyes again, it takes a while for her vision to return back. Everything is black, then colored spots until the picture of jeans and sneakers enter her peripheral.


Jeans and sneakers? Jasmine was wasn't wearing such a thing... and since when did she wear tweed bracelets on her hands. Getting up on her feet, she rubbed her eyes, feeling that her body was lighter than usual.

"Uriah, did you see that just now? I think that's..."

Her voice has changed too and she gets the haunting feeling of revelation which is confirmed the moment she lays eyes on: herself.

Jasmine holds back the urge to scream. She thought the two were joking but this was clearly no joke. Her hands patted her face and her body, physically confirming for herself that she had indeed swapped with Uriah. Still, that suspicion was there.

"Haha, very funny," Jasmine says dryly, putting her hands akimbo in her usual President stance. "You can call your illusionists out now, Uriah. You got me. I've been pranked so switch us back now."
Uriah Kershaw

Interaction: Jasmine Bermout @Aster
Quest: Jack-O-Turn
Status: In progress
Location: Baile Cornfields

It all happened in a blink of an eye, literally. By the time the pumpkin beast had successfully thrown them backwards after pouncing on them, it made its retreat before a blinding light was flashed in both Uriah and Jasmine's faces.

The light itself lasted for a second or two but the aftermath of having gotten their eyes used to it before it faded back into the familiar yellow of the corn crops met them. Uriah dug his elbow into the ground as he pushed himself up. Somehow, he felt his elbows, or rather, his arms were smaller than usual. He usually begrudgingly admitted that he wasn't one of the tallest, average height either, males in the academy or males of his age exactly. However, he had arms that were more firm than these.

The first thing that hit him was the fact that his rib cage was almost crushed by some pressuring item that snaked itself around him. It reminded him of the time he almost choked Rob to unconsciousness when he decided it was a great idea to hug him while he was still a Basilisk. Not only that, strands of red--- what are these---strings surrounded his face. Almost like hair.

"That's so-" He stopped mid-sentence as a voice higher than his sounded instead of his. It sounded feminine and almost familiar.

Looking around, he finally stopped mid-glance to find himself directly in front of him. However, 'he' didn't look too happy.

"Who are you? Why are you me-" Uriah Kershaw asked and yet again, that feminine voice sounded. It almost sounded like...


Just then, 'he' decided to panic and insinuate that Uriah was playing a prank on 'him'.

"What are you even talking about? I wish I could do that. Imagine the amount of pranks Rob, Kaia and I could-" He once again became quiet as he stood up.

It was...very breezy below his waist. His eyes widened as he was met by the sight of a armor-dress thing-

Wait. Did he turn into Jasmine?

Uriah fidgeted as he instinctively reached for his pocket before realising that he was wearing Jasmine's usual attire. He reached upward before realising that the red strings were her hair and somehow, he was Jasmine now and Jasmine was him now.

Oh no.

He didn't know what to do. All he could remember was the pumpkin- That's right. It was that damn pumpkin beast. Just like what happened to Eleanor and Joshua.

"Okay, don't panic, me- I mean, Jas. There's gotta be a way to get out of this." He said, unsure himself as he made attempts to flip her hair back, considering how many times it has already gotten into his- her mouth.

After taking in a breath of fresh air, he finally relaxed but Jasmine on the other hand, was obviously not enjoying this situation in the slightest.

"It's not that bad, Jas. You didn't even tell me you've got back pain. I can't even stand straight without having those bra things cut into my skin. Well, your skin." He said as he used his- her fist to lightly pound his back. Him rambling off was one way for him to keep his cool in this mess.

"Okay, all we need to do is find that pumpkin beast. That's our only safe bet to get out of this now." He said as he awkwardly patted her on her- his?? shoulder.

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May the Dread Wolf take you.


Defend Don Cielo's
Interactions: Curtis @Aster
Status: In progress

Something defensive. Curtis was right, if she wanted to be useful to her full potential she would need one of both. These thoughts went through Kaye’s mind as the battle started, her move was the first to start it, the gun shot signalling for the bloodshed to start. Protecting the civilians and ridding of the bad men was their top priorities.

A splash of the large man's blood dripped onto Kaye’s face. Curtis quick slash to his throat ending the man's life in that moment. It should have bothered Kaye, and in the beginning of her training, beginning of her schooling it would have. But this was part of her job. She hardened her heart, not allowing herself to freeze. Kaye was a Perfect. She was not about to lose her cool over one man.

Upturning a table for defense, Kaye used it to protect her from the stray bullets that started to go off. Screams of women and men as they ran for the door as the battle broke out. Kaye quickly tore one page from her sketchbook her mind concentrating on the details and physical form appeared beside her. Her first thought had been a bird, the ability to fly over the obstacles in the small room but having another on the floor to aid Curtis would be more practical. She had the page open in case it changed though. Curtis moved with quick movements, like the fighter he truly was.

Jumping back out within moments of her hiding she sent her beast companion, the wolf was one of her favorites to use, into battle. Its sleek black body pitch black with smokey trails of fur that wafted from its body disappearing into the air around it. Like a shadow it was fast and its moves were precise. The few men who seemed to be targeting the few people getting out safely Kaye sent her beast that way herding them like sheep towards the exit. Sharp teeth dug into legs, and aimed for jugulars.

Glancing across the room to see Curtis, seeing he was getting gained up on. Ripping another sketch from her book she threw it into the air sending bird of prey, resembling a peregrine falcon but slightly bigger after the man with the mace. I was a quick strike, little blood but the mace went from the brutes grasp into Kaye’s manifestations claws thrown to the ground much farther away then the man could dive for. Giving Curtis an opening.



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Dark. It was empty for moments upon end. Aspen stood there in the dark, nothing but a light casting itself down onto her skin, only lighting but a fragment of the vast area. She frantically turned, some of her black locks sightly whipping her in the process as a noise raised from the depths. She gasped when her eye caught something.

Then she woke up.

Aspen bolted uptright, relieved to see she was still in her room; lots of light pinks and white linen covering almost everywhere, with the black locks of her hair tangled upon her pillowcase, as the large window of a wall sprayed yellow rays of sunlight throughout the room. A large window framed on end of the wall, the skies were blued with crisp, puffy clouds; a few birds chirped by to whistle their small song before taking off to their destination. There was a pastel wardrobe or armoury, sitting next to a simple white and silver dresser. There was a chair to the right of the bed, just by the window, with a small table holding pink roses and white lilies.

On top of it laid some scattered personal things, one particularly of a photo with her dorm-mate Kitty and her, and she smiled softly in the comfort of her dorm. She tried to leave the bed, but winced at the small dizziness gained. She was covered in a baby blue nightgown, frills at both the ends and sleeves of the dress.

Easing herself off the bed, she pushed against my knuckles and hopped off, gingerly trying to land on the balls of my feet. It was barely 10:15 AM, and she quickly jumped up to attend to her daily activities, which consisted of her trying to wake up Kitty. After she failed the first few times, and recieved a few groans and mumbles, she always resorted to option number two--F O O D.

"Kitty, if you don't wake up, I'll eat your breakfast for you." She grinned, proceeding to the armoury to pick out her appareal for the day.

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Robert Daze
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Interactions: Kaia@Polaris. Uriah @Makomin
Quest: The Treasure
Status: In progress

Rob wasn't dumb enough to think there would be no retaliation for the stunt he pulled back at the Academy, the three of them firmly believed in karma (regardless of who actually started it - the beginning of their friendship going way too far back to know for sure. Not that any one of them would agree on the culprit even if it was just yesterday) and birthday or not, there was going to be payback. He tried to keep his guard up as they walked to whatever surprise they were taking him on, but when Kaia started talking about the treasure he forgot all about it in his excitement. In hindsight it was so cliche. He should have known better than to stand too close to any body of water. Oh, it was on.

He pulled himself up onto the docks, accepting the towel Uriah offered him and started toweling off his amazing hair - good thing seawater didn't completely ruin it- throwing the towel so that smacked Uriah straight in the face when he was done. His soaking clothes he wasn't too bothered about. With their track record on quests, he'd end up losing them in a few moments. Rob was still plotting his revenge when he heard the words 'treasure' and 'gold' again, perking right back up. Revenge taking the back seat for now (he'd take his chance when it came) , he eagerly led the way over the rocks to the supposed haunted ship.

Stopping a few feet away from the entrance, he stared up at the huge ship with wide eyes. "Say," he glanced over his shoulder at the other two. "What's stopping us from just taking the treasure for ourselves? It's bound to be more than whatever reward he's offering us." Then the smell hit him and he crinkled his nose. Eurgh. "I'm used to it from hanging around you two all the time," he joked playfully, right before an idea comes to his mind. His eyes lit up and a devious smirk curled up his lips.

"Treasure hunt starts now!" He yelled, already running through the dubious entrance. "Finders keepers!"

The inside of the ship is dark, the old wood creaking underneath his feet and threatening to splinter under his weight. The smell is even stronger and Rob had to take a moment to try and quell the instinctive urge to gag before he ducked out of sight behind a doorway, making sure his friends didn't see him. It was a little early to be losing his clothes - he almost didn't want to in a place as gross as this, but war demanded sacrifice. It was almost pitch black in the ship, the only source of light coming from the moon leaking through the cracks in the ships hull. Shifting as quietly as possible into a small nightjar, he peered around the corner as his friends entered the building, setting his sights on Kaia. He tailed her silently through the first couple of turns, taking advantage of the darkness and the creaking of old wood to mask his sneakiness until...with great skill and precision his teachers likely wished he channeled into more useful things he flew up as high as he could above her and shifted into a kakapo, dropping perfectly onto her shoulder and screeching as loudly as he could into her ear just as he did so.

It was an impressive feat. He had only successfully shifted between birds once, and never with this much precision. Maybe it was him growing older and all. More mature and the like.


— love me dead ♡


Everything was vibrant with color. The sky was a baby blue and each blade of grass was the shade of olive green with flowers of a range of colours . In the middle of the of the field sat a young girl, no older than ten, wearing a dress made of pure silk; her long brown hair tied in two pigtails with light pink ribbons that matched her rosy cheeks. Her dainty fingers intertwining stems of colourful flowers into a circle, big enough for her head to wear. A cheerful smile played at her lips played at her lips

"Kitty, come get me!" A voice called out, it's voice echoed through her ears. The young girl looked up from her crown and noticed a young boy with a toothy grin running through the sea of green with a laugh leaving his lips. Without hesitation, she leapt from her spot and raced behind the boy, her arm waving in front of her as she tried to tag the boy's back, her finger being too short by only a few millimetres. She watched as the young boy glanced behind him for a moment before gaining momentum with her trailing behind him.

The young girl's pace slowly decreased as she felt her lung become heavy and her legs weak. Her eyes widened with curiosity as she noticed the boy standing on the edge of a cliff, how did she not notice it before? She straightened her posture and took a step forward, the boy didn't even flinched. Her eyebrow rose at the sight and took another step closer- Snap.

The boy twitched, spinning around on his heels to face the young girl; his once olive skin looking almost ghostly like as terror was etched into his face, as if he saw a ghost. The young girl didn't dare to move from her spot, the world's vibrancy fading into nothing but shades of grey. The sound of the wind softly blowing had disappeared and replaced with an unbearable silence that caused the young girl's ears to ring.

"Save me," he spoke, then fell.

Kitty woke up with a jolt as she realised where she was, her chocolate brown eyes adjusting to the morning light that flooded into the room. She noticed her roommate, Aspen, sitting next to her with taunts of eating her breakfast. Kitty plastered a childish smile on her lips, "Not if I eat your breakfast first," She replied with a cheeky tone in her voice. Kitty climbed out of her bed and dressed herself into a yellow knitted sweater and a pair of mom jeans. Once Kitty had brushed her messy bed hair, she strolled over to Aspen with a smile.

"So are you just going to steal my breakfast or are we going to do something today?" A giggle escaped Kitty's lips as she awaited her friend's reply.

outfit: kitty
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quest: animal farm.
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Starapple Orchards ❀ Refreshed ❀ Tref Forest ❀ Solo

Lily was glad to back in Tref. Between the familiar trees and fresh air, it reminds her of home. Though this particular forest is very far from her actual village, and that bus ride is a long one to take. Something which she had to restrain herself from doing.

No, it won't take long. Just a quick peek back home. To see Grandma Aoife!

And Aunt Freya, and Uncle Oisin, and cousin Fletcher. Oh, and not to forget Xena and Tigger. All of them must've missed her in all those months.

Yet she stopped herself knowing full well how long she'll really stay when they offer her custard pie and tea, until she winds up returning to Requiem after nightfall. She shook her head to disperse those thoughts, well intentioned but prohibited.

Lily was looking for the orchard in the quest, she glanced at the scroll in her hands that had a map of the area. After deciding that she still couldn't read a map, she takes to the local market for some directions and was instantly hit with the scent of Tref's food. That smell-- grilled veggies.

She glided over to the stall, eyes darting to her options immediately met with chunks of chicken in the middle of onions and mushrooms. "How can I help you sweetheart?" a plump woman smiled at her.

"Do you have one without meat?"

The owner, fanning the smoke, gave her a look up and down. She goes underneath the table and brings out a box of a sparse collection. Lily would like to think that it was so high in demand the lady had to hide her best from the public. The Elite picked one with zucchinis, peppers and generous cuts of maize. Watching it as it cooked and charred was mouthwatering, three gold well spent. Bonus, she knows where the orchard is now!

She headed straight for it while munching aggressively on her snack. By the time she reached the door, the wooden stick in her hands decomposed away. Lily knocked on the door.

"Another magister?"

"Yup, that's me!"

It opened to an old man. Upon meeting her he have a scrutinising gaze and pointed to the side of his lip. She mirrored him and felt a crumb-- twirl, remove, turn back. Everything's normal! He nodded approvingly and waved her away.

"Wait, wait, wait!" she yelled arms flailing at the gap of the door. "I have a question!"

"What is it?" he said gruffly.

"How many do you want done?"

"Just a bushel."

"Really? You've got a big orchard though, and you're really old."

"Don't patronise me!" Lily smiles apologetically and hands put up as an attacking deterrent. "Do what you want, I won't be paying you any more than I already am."

"Sir, yes sir!" and a slap to the forehead. She picked up this quest only because of how easy it would be and quite the anima practice as well.

Lily took off her shoes before she faced the vastness of trees and took on her wielding stance. Her foot drags on the ground and felt the roots underneath the land. She stomped down and her armed circled then pulling down with force. Apples on seven trees fell all at once in a chrous of thuds. Her anima pulls a few basket to her feet, albeit slowly as it rolls towards her.

Her arms lengthen, muscle tensed. In a swift motion, she stomped again and the floating apples were pulled in a line funneling into the bushel stacked more or less evenly.

Almost ready to leave she took another look at the picked fruit, ripe and vivid red. Then at the bare trees that beared them, she decided to give one last favour. Within seconds and another large gesture, the apples regrew.

Lily skipped back to the man's little shack of a humble abode and collected her reward, grinning in satisfaction.

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Location: Baile Cornfields
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Jasmine Bermout
For someone as level-headed as Jasmine to lose her composure would be a miracle and Uriah might just be one "lucky" enough to experience that. You can tell she was trying to keep from panicking as the woman walked in strides, taking deep breaths and mumbling to herself to keep herself distracted from all the things that could possibly go wrong.

But Uriah was right. (Wow, for once? Maybe the reasoning in Jasmine's body was rubbing off him) Panicking would do them no good. Their only hope is to find the pumpkin beast and force it to change them back. That was their original mission anyways.

"You're right. We should look after it, but I think I heard it head into the woods there," Jasmine said, knitting her--his?? brows. "It'll probably be easier if we sp--" she cut herself off, not quite trusting what Uriah would do in her body if she left him unsupervised. For all she knew, he might strip naked like he always does.

"Never mind. I'll call in some reinforcements to help us out. In the meantime, summon my-- uh, your magma mimicries to help," Jasmine instructed, before explaining to Uriah how.

"Try to create something that's more earthen than magma. We don't want the forest catching on fire and killing the pumpkin beast. Picture the creature you want to create in your mind and give it a motive: Find the Pumpkin Beast. Activate your anima and bring that creature to life."

"With your level of anima control, you should be able to do it," Jasmine thinks, knowing full well that Uriah wasn't the Pandora President in just name.

While Uriah tried his best in summoning his first mimicry, Jasmine fished out her phone from her body.

"SOS. I need your help. Come to Baile Cornfields when you have time," she texted, attaching her location details. If she had to rely on anyone, it would be them.
Persephone Vandegraft

♭Lance Baytas @Sasil

Usually on a Saturday morning, some might not see a certain redhead around campus because she was always either in her own dorm room (yes, she was sharing with anyone, thank goodness) or she would be at home. Today however, a guard that patrolled the Academy was caught off guard (pun intended) when he found Persephone making her way to Lance's shared dorm. She wanted to wait for him outside but knew that they might end up being late.

After getting ready, the two headed out on a vehicle that was headed towards Baile. "There's been a pumpkin beast that switches people's bodies apparently." She said to Lance after awhile of listening to him talk about some drama that was going on in the Academy.

Persephone had decided to take on the quest enlisted because she didn't really have anything to do. She hated to admit it but she felt better Lance was here with her. Him talking constantly made her feel more comfortable than anxious.

After about half an hour, they found themselves in front of the head of village's house. There, a female and a male looking distressed approached them.

"I guess you've heard about our problem."

Persephone nodded and before she could ask anything, the female, who's actually Joshua said, "For some reason, the pumpkin beast only comes out at night, especially Halloween. It eats all our corn too."

"Yeah! Joshua and I were wandering around the cornfields when it just....attacked us from behind with a blinding light and we've been stuck like this for a few days." This time, Eleanour spoke out.

The redhead then turned to Lance before asking, "Do you wanna scout this beast now or later at night?" She had a feeling that looking for it would be best done at night. But they needed to familiarise themselves with the cornfields.



May the Dread Wolf take you.


Jack-O Turn
Interactions: Persephone @Makomin
Status: In progress

Lance did not want to get out of bed. What he wanted to do was stay, sleeping off whatever he had drank the night before, thumb through his new stash while relaxing in his bed. Sure he shared a room, but that wasn't too bad. He enjoyed being able to bother them and he hardly cared for people. He slept on the streets for years. Having a bed was all he could ask.

The alarm went off once again and he sighed silencing the machine with a murderous slam. Sitting up quickly he took to getting ready. He was running late, Persephone probably was waiting for him. Taking that thought he hurried to get a clean pair of pants and shirt while throwing on a jacket. After taking a quick look into the mirror tossing his hair ever so slightly, one smack against his cheek to wake himself up just that bit more before he opened the door the knock he could hear from the other side.

“Aren’t we up early, bushy-tailed and on time.” Lance murmured stretching his non mechanical hand above his head grumbling. “Trying to make me look bad Persephone?” Lance grinned slightly as they walked towards the car that was to take them to the quest. “Why do they always make these things so early. I was up making some easy money.” Lance explained talking like he always did. Persephone didn’t talk much, but he did. Lance talked; filled the silence. He had had enough of silence growing up. Persephone seemed to not mind either, she hardly yelled at him to shut up anyways.

“Pumpkin beast that switches body. Fuck that’s kind of cool. You know that would be the perfect prank to pull at the Academy. Picture it. Some of those annoying students switching bodies! Hell I would pay to see that.” Lance grinned the image in his mind was priceless.

So much potential. Of course, that would also cause probably a bit to much destruction. Thus they had to destroy it.

With car stopping they made there way towards the fields seeing two people hurrying to greet them. He looked between them before laughing a little hearing them speak. “Wait, so you got your bodies switched? That’s gotta be weird. At least you have boobs now and well...you know.” Lance covered his mouth. Trying to stop his chuckling. “Well, things could be worse right? Sorry, I will be serious I promise.” He admitted looking to Persephone before clearing his throat. Right, he had to be professional.

“Well…” shoving his hands into his pockets he took a look around briefly. “If it comes out at night we should scout it out know that way we have an advantage for later at night. Know the way of the land.” Lance spoke looking to Persephone.

“Show us the exact spot you got your bodies switched. Maybe you stood on something that it wanted or something along those lines.” Lance asked looking to Eleanor who was in Joshua’s body.

“Right, come this way.” Elenore spoke starting to lead the way towards the spot. It wasn’t the longest walk, about five or ten minutes. Corn surrounded them, high stalks filled with the sweet smell of corn. Well, perhaps the Spirit didn’t like corn? Perhaps this had used to be a pumpkin field. But that seemed unlikely, wrong even.

“What do you think Persephone?” Lance asked turning his full attention to the red-head, his head tilted ever slightly to the side
- Axel -​

jack-o-turn ✦ progress ✦ baile
tags: tavvy @Makomin aj @Polaris.

To be fair, Axel never classified himself strictly a morning person nor one of afternoon. Sometimes he just did not want to be bothered. Call him a thrill seeker, an anti-stagnant resident and one always up for a new adventure that pique his interests; yet someone must have been a true form of human abomination to wake another at 3 am. He did not even know why he agreed- perhaps only the slightest of promise that things were to end unexpectedly. Of course, when had his beliefs betrayed him?

And so, after what may feel like hours of nodding to sleep in the train ride, they landed upon a vast area, extending wildly before his visions. Surging of valleys framed the night in its subtle outlines, the sun yet to escape when they arrived. The gentle whistling of wind did no effort to eliminate his drowsiness. The air was significantly different here and all the way back in Requiem, a tinge of mint floating by the leaves.

At first the blonde could only nod. It was one he heard of before, anyway, or what he thought he had heard when Octavius had told him all his plans while he was still half awake. “I’m not mad at you- why would I be mad at you?” he asked somewhat rhetorically, yet despite its content there was a mild bitterness in his voice. Their walk had not taken long as soon a village emerged, just beyond the hectars of what seems to be corn fields. While they seemed to be presented in an uncanny uniformity, a single house seemed to stand out. A single male sat himself by the staircase, looking rather depressed of himself or his life decisions. When their eyes met, however, a light sparked in his gaze.

I’ve been waiting for you two for quite some time now!’ the male said, strangely feminine in his speech. Axel rose a single eyebrow, but said nothing. It was a widely accepting world, after all. Yet it was his next unexpected confession that caught the Elite male offguarded. Axel blinked, sharing a brief small look with his partner, and a smirk immediately went over his lips. Like an interesting premise of a book, that was enough to get his head running for any sort of possibilities, one ranging from the other but all the same: interesting.

The pair said nothing as Elanour proceeded to explain himself- herself- to them. By the end of it, it was as though every hint of tiredness and hesitation the blonde had felt earlier entirely evaporated. Axel grinned, taking Elanour by her hand-Joshua’s hand actually- and bringing it up to his lips, kissing it lightly. “Not a worry, darling. We’ll get it covered as soon as possible, and in no time, you would regain that beauty of yours,” he winked and straightened up, acknowledging the flustering (wo)man before him.

Axel glanced back at Octavius, grinning. “Shall we?” he asked, nodding towards the chief’s daughter in regard before he turned in his heels and began to head off. He hated to admit that this might be a massive amount of work- stepping out of the train station onto Baile proved just that. The land was massive. An hour would have caused a giant difference to the monster’s whereabouts, not to mention the possibility of getting switched themselves with the proximity of their encounters. . . There would eventually be a method of reverse, Axel was sure of it, but the thought of being stuck in Tavvy’s body for a whole week amused him.

Now, if he were a floating pumpkin, where would he hide. . . ? The thought brought a sudden familiarity to him from ages ago, one involving a baby sheep and a person he’d prefer not to name. Axel shook the thought aside. “Don’t you think that they could have been more specific to how this pumpkin looks like?” he asked, kicking aside a single pumpkin resting against a wall, it toppling over and revealing nothing but a smooth, passive surface. He frowned at the normal-ness of the pumpkin as though scorning it.

Perhaps the best choice was to check round the village. If the pumpkin tenebris was to seek vessels to switch, perhaps it would be roaming within places where many were present. Though Axel supposed they would have noticed a giant pumpkin flying around. . . The blonde began to peek through windows and curtains, wondering if he could just barge in. “This would take forever, you know.



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m: @witchery @macrombie | s: active | q: the treasure | o: xox
Aspen pulled out a light blue sweater with a blue floral print to match, after sorting through the countless different outfits choices she could have made. She went to the small bathrrom they had and changed quietly behind its door, tucking in the sweater and making sure her skirt wasn't creased anywhere, then proceeded to step out with folded pajamas and laid them neatly on the sheets of her bed. She then turned to the large circular mirror at the dresser they both shared, brushing her black locks back into a ponytail.

Once she was satisfied, she smiled and held out and unlinked arm to Kitty. "Are we ready, Freddie?" she grinned, and then proceeded to walk out with her, making sure they both had their weapons as today was their first mission since arriving here. They walked down to the cafeteria portion within the dorms, and Aspen managed to squeeze the both of them in the line before it grew too large. She looked at the menu, and simply decided that her cravings wanted an oatmel with fruit. "Could I please have the oatmeal with fruit, walnuts too?" She waited for Kitty to collect her order, and they both sat down as quickly as possible ince they collected it not long after (thank goodness for that)--mainly because the room was starting to flood with other students and they were on a timed schedule. Aspen quickly ate, not even able to savour the thing but she could care less. She looked at Kitty and smiled, as she waited for her to finish her portion; the girl could eat a horse if she really wanted. Once the two of them were done, Aspen stood up and took their trash to throw away, then dusted her skirt and too for any crumbles or food.

"I know I may be rushing us, but we have to travel to Miasto Bay." She said as they walked out to the main hall, walking towards the main exit. As they stood outside the dorm, Aspen quickly wanted to go over the plan before something spasmodic happens and they wouldn't be able to do much about it. "Okay.. So supposedly we are meeting with this soldier at a shipwreck and--" She was cut off by some stranger--or rather classmate.

Quest: The Treasure Location: Miasto Bay Feeling: Lazy Team: Virgil (@macrombie) Status: In Progress
"Why did I have to do this again? Oh, right, because you don't have any friends." he said bitterly.

Or that's what he would've said if he hadn't been so snappy to his senior, who had shut him up for the past five minutes. His utter lack of inhibition to openly complain was a rare sight, and only this particular person had seen most of his real attitude. He won't ask to be unsilenced, he's feeling petty today.

Kagami had better things to do for the weekend. Like cleaning up their dorm room. Or gaming. Or transposing that piece which his roommate promised to help him with in return for the quest. Oh he better.

"Hey slowpoke, keep up!"

He sulked, shoulders slouched as he followed Virgil down the beach. Even the sun retreated, with clouds darkening the sky and a fog on the horizon. His companion paused in his tracks, allowing him to catch up.

"Aw, what's wrong?" he asked jokingly. "Scared you'll expose yourself again?"

The Genesis boy wanted to take the bo staff sheathed at his back to Virgil's skull. Figuratively. Instead he gave a small nudge, to which Virgil laughed and continued walking headed with the bearings they were given.

All this effort for a probably drunk man spending time in Miasto's merchant tavern. What was Virgil doing in a tavern? Who knows, who cares? Not him certainly. They're getting ripped off. Though knowing the Pandoran, he must have some other plans for all that extra gold.

They arrived at the cave the locals told them about, now far behind them. And sure enough they found what the were looking for.

Lodged at its mouth is the grand ship-- fallen masts, ripped sails and broken boards. If left unattended the waves would slowly deteriorate its remains down into the bottom of the crevice.

The murky waters don't look beckoning, the air is heavy like the normal presence of Tenebrae.

Kagami is wary.

He took out the small torch in his pocket and let Virgil take the lead.


Virgil Crow

,,,,quest: the treasure; tags: kagami (@Chamomile);
In all honesty, Virgil liked Kagami. And not just in the absolutely sloppy romantic way, no, it wasn't like that.
He really did appreciate the shorter male for being around, seeing as over all Virgil was quite a lonely soul and having this sort of almost passive roommate helped balance him out; and they actually had things in common, like a mutural love for music, and it is really little things like this that can bond people together.
Now all that being said, the fact that Virgil simply likes Kagami, is never quite enough to make the bleach white haired boy to stop teasing his roommate. He has an innate love for pranks, and laughing comes easily to him, so he really doesn't see why he would have to stop.
Except that, well, the water was dark and sort of nearly thick looking, and the feel in the air was the unsettling shiver that was the presence of Tenebrae. Virgil narrowed his eyes, moving slowly into the cave and dispelling the trick on Kagami, instead opting for using his power as a method of echolocation, feeling out the vibrations in the darkness in order to gain a really warped form of sight.
Forgetting that unlike him, his friend doesn't have alternative methods for sight, Virgil winced slightly, as the younger male pulled out a torchlight. Of course he had to see, but Virgil couldn't help but be more on alert after that.
On second thought maybe going on this trip all the way to Miasto wasn't the greatest of ideas, but the need of gold often overrode the need to live in Virgil's system sometimes. Looking at the rotten shipwreck, he let out a whistle.
"This ship must've been a beast when it was still like, you know, alive..." He said with a slight disregard to proper language rules.
"Anyhow, they all said it was somewhere here, so I suppose we'll go inside the ship..." Virgil hesitated slightly, "D'you think there's something here?'
Quest: The Treasure Location: Miasto Bay Feeling: Alert Team: Virgil (@macrombie) Status: In Progress

"This ship must've been a beast when it was still like, you know, alive..."

Kagami nodded and took another look at the exterior of the ship. Reports implied that it washed up recently, but maybe it earned so much damage from the monsters that found it before they did. Upon closer inspection, he could tell the Andromeda was a brig that mimicked a design of the French Navy in 1800s. Though much smaller, the guns were still sitting out of their barrels.

"Anyhow, they all said it was somewhere here, so I suppose we'll go inside the ship..." Virgil hesitated slightly, "D'you think there's something here?"

He spied a hole and shone the light. He could've sworn he saw something and hummed. "Yes," Kagami responded, and paused while he searched for a ladder. "We should get on deck first."

He turned deeper into the cave and steeled his nerves, approaching the rope net. The wood creaked when he set foot aboard, the deck is empty and deserted. The torchlight followed his gaze until it rests on a door to the captain's quarters. Opposite is an opening that would lead them below.

"We'll check this one first."

Kagami looped the electric device on his wrist and equipped his spear. With the torch accentuating the darkness, he takes a tentative peek beyond the floorboards. Just to have a tendril of thick rope fastened at his arm-- a Construct Tenebrae.

He could only give one fleeting glimpse at Virgil, now facing with other inanimate objects coming to life before being pulled harshly underneath.

What dramatic timing.

Persephone Vandegraft

♭Lance Baytas @Sasil

Persephone honestly felt bad for the two individuals. If she were to be stuck in Lance's body, she would probably freak out, faint and freak out once again. "Don't worry, we'll look into the matter-" She was about to complete her sentence and set a sense of assurance towards the two when Lance opened his mouth and spewed about Eleanour's...chest. The redhead immediately slapped her hand over the other's male mouth before saying, "Are you crazy?"

She turned to the other two before apologising on Lance's behalf. She then lifted her hand off his mouth before hitting his non-metallic arm. After moving away from the two, the redhead turned to face Lance before placing her arms on her hips, trying to feign anger. "Do you want us to leave without nothing? Sheesh." She sighed before narrowing her eyes at him. Most of the time, she didn't mind him but there were times where she's wish he would accidentally swallow his stash instead of roling them up.

After having been shown the area where they changed bodies, the redhead noticed the empty corn husks that were on the ground. "It probably loves eating this. That's why he's here." She said as she walked around the cornfields, trying to find clues as to what was going on. "Maybe we can look around the area for a bit, like you've said. If we don't find anything for awhile, we can try going looking at the other fields but I don't think it's promising." She said.

Joshua in Eleanour's body nodded before saying, "Do remember that we need the beast alive. It might be the only way we can transform back." Persephone Vandegraft nodded before making her way back to Lance.

Soon enough, after scouting the area for awhile and having the two others head back, Persephone noted that there was a trail of corn husks near her.


Just then, she heard the rustle of some bushes.

"Is that you, Lance?" She asked.


Virgil Crow

,,,,quest: the treasure; tags: kagami (@Chamomile);
Virgil's eyes widened as Kagami was taken to wherever below was. This was not a good situation, and it didn't take Virgil long to figure out that there was probably a swarm of tenebrae in the stupid ship. Using his seismokinesis he felt out Kagami's heartbeat, before wincing and feeling whizzing coming forwards to him.
More construct tenebrae of course, he let out a slight grunt while ducking out of the way of the inconvinient floating cannonball. His ability was making his head hurt, and everything around him felt like it was shaking and vibrating so he just turned it off. "For fuck's sake..." He uttured out and winced as something else was coming for his head, more cannonballs.
He ran forward and away from them again, trying to figure out how to stop them rushing for him. His ability was almost useless, his choice of weapons even more so. Knifes cant really destroy chunks of metal, so maybe he can use vibrations to heat it up a lot? But that seems like it was almost impossible, Virgil was good in using his abilities in smart small ways, not being a complete powerhouse.
The dank and dusty scent of the ship hit his nose and he fell, tripping over a piece of rope that was idly sitting around. Realizing that the rope might also be a construct he stood as quickly (shrugging off whatever dirt he could off his rather pompous leather jacket) as possible and ran towards where the devil's snare stole Kagami.
Deciding that while jumping was probaby a stupid idea, it was still the fastest way to do it, and using his ability to take a quick glance, Virgil took a leap of faith.
Landing rather harshly, but not bad enough to lack an ability to stand, he called out for his roommate. "Kagami!"

Monster Raid





x TEAM x

Zander & Kaia

x TAGS x


Quest #4:Monster Raid
Damnit, Kaia. They were running. Were they holding hands? It didn't matter. Zander hardly had time to process it all before the room they'd just left exploded. The shockwave rippled outwards as the heat from the blast tickled the nape of Zan's neck. Without thinking he went to shield Kaia from the shrapnel. When the danger appeared to have passed, Zander relaxed a little, and took a half step back. After the initial shock wore off, he realized that the force from the explosion had even managed to juice him up a little. And to top it all off, there she was, smirking wryly and cracking jokes. He almost smirked, but beat down the urge when he remembered where they were. It was time to finish this.

"Crassus is here somewhere," or at least he better be, "and we aren't leaving til we find him. Let's go." He nodded to a staircase up ahead that led them to what, to Zan, looked to be a master bed chamber of sorts. It was quiet and, from the looks of things, miraculously undisturbed. Looking at this place, one would hardly know the various levels of Hell they'd slogged through to get here. Zander heard a soft, metallic tink, and turned in time to see a metal candelabra swinging for his face, and behind it, the wielder, an elderly looking chap in a cap and nightgown.

"Mr. Crassus, we're--" Thud. "Fuck," Zander paused and snatched the weapon away before the frazzled old coot could strike again. Continuing, as he felt a bruise forming over his eye, he said after a long, deep breath,"We're here to rescue you." From the tone of his voice, though, Zander was clearly rethinking that strategy right about now as he dabbed at his head with his free hand, checking for blood.

"Come with us. Right now." Before the puttering Crassus could respond, Zander grabbed him perhaps a bit too roughly by the arm and ushered him to safety.

Later, Zan visits the infirmary for his head injury and finds himself smiling for no particular reason.

Quest: The Treasure Location: Miasto BayFeeling: Determined Team: Virgil (@macrombie) Status: In Progress
The ropes constricted his skin and more slithered up to the rest of his limbs. Kagami buried his hands by his neck, in case any of these mindless things decide to choke him and held an unwavering grip on the dagger end of his spear.

It detached, he tossed the staff aside and cut the cords. One by one, they lay limp like wilted and the Genesis boy scrambled up before anything could restrain him.

Fighting but he can't see, patterns dancing on his eyelids, he felt dazed from all to the commotion. Unsteady legs led to a support beam. The flashlight swung and he pointed it around him to be met with more constructs rearing their split fibres. Behind them, he spotted a shine of metal.


He glanced at the direction of the familiar voice. In a bit. For now, Kagami repositioned his drunk head and firmly faced forward. Brows furrowed and a deathly glare to the tenebrae around. His fingers snatched each one and severed them, shorter and shorter until they stained the floor.

Catching his breath, he called back, "I'm here!"

"I'm okay." he murmured once Virgil appeared next to him. Patting his partner's wrist, he pointed to the sliver of metal he saw earlier. "I think I found it."

With what little stamina he had left, Kagami led the way and sheathed his fallen bo staff. All the while formulating an exit plan that would minimise his pain. Sure enough, there are two chests waiting for them and from the weight of gently kicking them, it'll be hard to carry out of the beach.

You can never be too careful, Kagami phased through one of the locks and opened to a golden treasure. He flipped on of the coins. "Do you want to keep this?"

Uriah Kershaw

Interaction: Jasmine Bermout @Aster
Quest: Jack-O-Turn
Status: In progress
Location: Baile Cornfields

It was quite an experience to get stuck in someone else's body, especially Jasmine's. Her upper body was not heavy but it was definitely not as light as hers considering her....woman parts. Her lower body, however, was a literal breeze as she was wearing her armour skirt she usually wore to missions. He felt like he could stay like this forever.

While Jasmine gave him instructions before moving on to using her- or his phone. He didn't know. Uriah made work of swishing her skirt from side to side, feeling the air that was circulating around him move even more. Wow, he wish he could wear skirts.

Wait, why couldn't he?

He snickered a bit and felt Jasmine narrow her eyes at what he was doing while she was on the phone. "It was PANT-ically asking me to do." He mouthed to her before turning around to practice her anima. He knew all he was going to get in response was an eye roll or her gritting her teeth at not killing him. Especially since she was the one freaking out about this situation more than he was.

Now, the part he was excited and at the same time, scared for. Using her anima. More earthen than magma? Did she mean like mud or sludge? It can't be, can it? Pushing the thought away, he focused his mind on a match of weed that was growing out of the earth. It was the only form of life on the path they walked on. They were surrounded by cornfields but nothing grew on their way, other than the patch of weed.

A mimicry? He envisioned a small ball at first, a magma one (to his mistake) before it appeared right in front of him, setting fire to the weed. He was lucky it was a small one or else, they'd probably have to pay for damages beyond their reach. Or rather, Jasmine since she was rich and this was technically her body and anima.

He used his- her feet to trample out the fire before looking at it again. Fine, a sludge thing then. He begin to envision plushy-sized people or rather, items similar to a voodoo doll before one actually appeared. It didn't look as good as the one Jasmine usually made but it looked presentable. Without realising it, he noted that they mimicry figures had Rob as its face. Weird.

After awhile, he made about fifteen mimicry figures before instructing them, "Find the pumpkin beast, little ones." They seemed confused at first but eventually made their way into the forest and cornfields.

Uriah then turned to Jasmine before saying, "Okay, my turn to teach you how to turn into a beast. All you need to do is imagine yourself going from naked to the animal."



travelling satelite
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Interactions: Kaye @Sasil
Mentions: Quinn @Elenion Aura
Quest: Defend Don Cielo's
Status: In Progress
Location: Requiem City

Curtis Laucron
If it weren't for Kaye, Curtis wouldn't have gotten out of the fight without a few cuts and bruises. They worked fluidly, having a connection only experienced Syndicate prefects could have. For a split second, Curtis is reminded of Quinn and how they were also compatible when they fought. Maybe it had something to do with him being (ex) Vice-President, or maybe he just worked well with the two. Whatever it was, he was grateful and while Kaye fought to defend his blind spots, Curtis worked viciously in tearing apart the enemy.

Within no time, the trigger-happy party was dismantled and left unconscious (or otherwise) on the floor. It felt like the worst was over now.

Tables were overthrown, seats were torn, chairs broken, blood everywhere. It was a mess but Curtis was only assigned to protect Don Cielo's, not clean it. Seeing how that was done, he turned around to Kaye with the barest hint of a smile on his face.

"Hey," he caught his breath, "You okay?"

Then he heard it.

The click of a gun aimed at his head. He didn't have to turn around to know it; he could feel the metal of it pressed against the back of his head.

"Don't move or I'll shoot," the gunman-- or gunwoman said. It was the redhead woman, the 'owner' of the store.

"Put your hands in the air," she hissed at Kaye, "And don't try to do anything funny. If your animals move I'll shoot him." She shoved the gun further into Curtis' scalp.

While Curtis had quicker regenerative powers in his Chimeran form, he doubt his body could fix a hole in his brain, should the pyschobitch choose to put one in him.

"It's okay, Kaye," Curtis said quickly, slowly raising his hands and dropping his pocket knife. "Just listen to her."

He wasn't really in a position to negotiate.

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