1. Xenagg

    Futuristic Love and Lies

    Waking up in an all white, brightly lit room with no context is never an ideal situation, is it? But you can't remember anything, there are no memories beyond your eyelids fluttering open moments ago. Where am I? Whats going on? Who am I? Those are all questions you will find out soon enough…...
  2. Pumpkid

    Fantasy Of Demons and Exorcists [5 Slots Open]

    For eons the Mortal Realm was a deadly and inhospitable battleground, where Demon Lords sent forth their minions through cracks in reality to reap the souls of humans. Different Demonic Realms clashed and fought over this precious commodity, and humanity could do little more than suffer beneath...
  3. Griminal

    Multiple Settings Fandoms And Originals! Something for everyone <3

    Hello! I am Griminal, you can call me Grim. I look forward to RPing with you! This is not a thread to replace anyone I am already rping with, if I failed to respond please poke me because I have crappy memory and likely forgot. A lot of my rps are stagnant (waiting on my partners) so I want to...
  4. LetsFly

    Multiple Settings 🖤 Lettie's Plots & Pairings 🖤

    Howdy folks! I'm Lettie, a 27 year-old lady located in the Midwest US. I always have a plethora of 1x1 plot-bunnies running through my head, so I figured I would get them out into the universe and see if anyone else finds them intruguing! A quick about me: I'm down for MxF or FxF pairings, and...