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Found 232 results

  1. traditional

    SO. I've just discovered watercolor pencils, and am in love. So I have embarked on a journey! I'd like to draw twenty-five different oni/demon with this medium! Why Oni? Because they are my favorite thing to draw, of course! I will begin posting them as I finish them, if I can find out how to work the scanner. IF NOT, I will just take low quality images because it's all I got! ^^ I'M NEW to watercolor in general, so if anyone has any tips or critiques, lay'm on me!
  2. traditional

    I.. am glad we can share art on here as well. uwu Most recent: This is my O.C, Elroy Claiborne. o^o
  3. i haven't drawn traditionally in forever, but due to technical difficulties, right now it's all i can do... which is why i made this, to show off my edgy mediocrity in all its glory. i'm not looking for criticism, i just figured i might as well share some of my stuff in case anyone was interested. so here's my first piece... it's not finished yet and there are still a few things i need to fix, but i think it turned out okay, all things considered. presenting Nicholas, my angsty emo vampire oc with a blood phobia, from one of my current roleplays! anyway, i hope you liked this, and i'm sure i'll be back with more art soon ^^
  4. traditional

    Hello, this is where I am going to store all of my art. Sadly they are all on Imgur and my phone doesn't like RPN so... you'll live with links. I am also always up to suggestions for drawings and criticism. I am pretty meh, so I am used to the hate. My best drawings: My okay drawings: My Bad Drawings: My first ever drawing:
  5. Out of boredom I've just drawn up a couple sketches in one of my sketchbooks, simple stuff. I guess I'll put them here ^^ I might post more later.
  6. Out of boredom I've just drawn up a couple sketches in one of my sketchbooks, simple stuff. I guess I'll put them here ^^ I might post more later.
  7. Ello! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) The name's VOLCHAN (you can call me Vol if you like....or chan....or whatever 8P). I am a college graduate with a degree in Illustration (it's one of like...two things I have any skill at =3=). I've been drawing basically since I could hold a pencil...or crayon...or whatever it is babies draw with, and I have a strong passion for it. Anyway, I'll be posting my work, both digital and traditional, here for you wonderful peeps to take a look at. If you're interested in seeing more of my work, or commissioning me, please hit me up on my Deviantart account here: Colored Illustrations (Digital): Hero: Pure Energy: The Mystic's Scarf: Unchained: Peach Boy: I Am Here: The Last Human: Palette Challenges: Sketches and Line Work (Digital): Nike Sketch: My Name: Who Am I?: Volsung Line: A Friendly Competition: Verse Character Sketches: Quick Sketch 8: Enid Line: Fighter: Commission WIP: Sketches and Line Work (Traditional): Sketch Dump 1: Goblin Girl Sketches: The Crow Sketches: Volsung Sketch: Tulpa Sketch: Nike Sketch: Mage Girl Sketch: To see more of my work, please check out my Deviantart page. ٩(。•ㅅ•。)و Thanks for looking! ٩(。•ㅅ•。)و
  8. Well, these are just some drawings I've done over these past few months. My style is somewhat realistic, not too much detail though, I'm not very good at it. They're pretty much all drawn from pictures people have asked me to draw of them or just people I felt like drawing, I'm not very good at just off the brain drawing. Anyway, here you are. Fault In Out Stars movie poster. This is actually some model guy...his name has escaped me. Random picture off Google. Picture my cousin asked me to draw of him. Last but not least, a picture of my school's football boys who'll be next year's Seniors. Sorry for the side ways pictures. These were taken on my phone for my Instagram and my phones back camera didn't work at the time.
  9. other

    Malhy's Doodles All a bit scruffy here!! So hi, Malhy here!! I used to have a computer, but it kinda died, so I am currently writing on my phone, and doodling in an art pad. I figured as I enjoy drawing for others, I'd put up this little thread just to share some doodles, and allow people to request from me c; They'll just be little pencil doodles, but you're welcome to ask if I mind, though I can't guarantee any time frame for them to happen! I'll need a decent description, and any little expression notes you'd like to make c; My first piece that I'll share here was of my own character, The Bone Collector.
  10. traditional

    I've been thinking, I'd like to share some of my art pieces, so here is one that I'm really proud of. I'll see if I can't find more later. This first one is Adam Young, also known as Owl City. It's a basic no. 2 pencil drawing.
  11. traditional

    Hi there, have some art that I made. Just as an introduction, I usually do mecha musume or other arts that have to do with World War 2, because cute girls in one of the bloodiest conflicts the world has ever seen just go so well together! -AWAITING EDIT- -In the meantime, you can check them out here:
  12. soilder in war and explodsions this is a very sad story abiout a man in a war. wiyh lots of explodisons and boom and blood!!! do not read if you are like 6 years old!!!!!!!!! rate 5 stars!!!!!! --------------------- CAPTAIN AWESOME WAHT ARE YOU DOEING???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" scream a sargeant who was more importent then captain Awesoem. "NOETING SIR I WAS FIRING MY GUN!!!!!!!" captain awesome scream back as he fire 10 bullets from his rifele. he was in a war. The russians were attack usa becaise they had no more money and put in was angry. he was like "obama stole our money!!!!! ATTACL THE USA!!!!!!" and then he launched 100 nucleur missles at usa. usa became anry and said "RUSSAI ATTCAK US!!! WE ATTACK BACK!!!!" and so world war 3 started and there were explosions and fire. captain AWesome was in a hole with all the other usa soilders and they were firing at the russians. the Russaians were all wearing refd and shooting with the ak47s. "iNCOMINENG!!!!!!!!!" the sargeant suddenly scream and then he exploded because a russia grenade went into his face!!! "NO SARGE I SHALL AVEGEN YOU!!!!!!!" Captain awesome scream and fire a missle luncher. it exploded and killed 1000 russians in the face. "YAYYYYYYY" captain awesome scream and continuied firing his guhn. "oh no they is coming!!!! capyain awesoem sya as the russians still came with 100000000000 tanks and they were all shooting and destroy and kill some usa forces. he pick up missles launcher and firecd 10000000 missiles at the tank and they all exploded but some were still coming and firing there guns. one tank bullet exploded next to captain awesone and he screamed because his arm was came off!!!! "ahhhhhhh my arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he scream as (dont read if ur a pussy this is for cool people to read only!1!!!!)1 million gallons of bloud came out!!!!! "nooooo captain awesome!!!!" a usa soildier say and ran up to him. the usa soldeir had a red cross on his helmet. "dont worry im a docter!!!" he said and reattatched captain awesomes arm to his bodie. "ThaNks doctor!!!!!" captain awesome say and gave the doctor a hug. "thanks you captain aweome" he say back and ran off. suddenly the ground rumble and 10000000 usa tanks appeared and destroy all the russian tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "YAYYYYYYY!!!!! USA" CAPtian waesome cheer for usa. after the usa tanks destroy the rissia tanks captain awesome run to the helicopyer and held on to the mini gun. the chopper tock off and then there were more explosions behind him because the russian migs were of chasing them!!!! "NOOOO DIE COMMEIS!!!!!!" CAPTain awesome shoutted and fire the gun. THe barrels spin up and shoot 1000000000 bullts per secodn and destroy the migs. "YAYYYYYY ALL THE RUSSAINS ARE DED!!!!!" captain awesome say as more usa helicopters appeared and dropped 100000000000000000000 troops and kill the russians!!!!!!!! sudenly the helicoper explodd adn captain awesome fell out!!!! "AAAAAAAAAA" he scream and hit the ground and his neck became brokened. "AGHHHGHGHHH OMG MY NECK IS BROKE" said capain aweosme. he standed up again and put bandage on the wound and then said"i feel fine now!!! DIE COMMUNIESTS!!!!!" He shot and fire grenade witch explode in the rissan face!!!! now most of the russians were dead but then captain awesome hear a strange sound. He looked up and saw 10000 russian bombers comung stowards him!!!!!!!!!! they all dropped nucler bombs and they all exploded alnd killed the usa soldiers!!!! "NOOOOOOOO" captain awesome said as he fired his gun at the explosions killing them!!!! "TIME TO DIE BOMBEARS!!!!" captain awesome said and lept into sky and grabbed an bomber!!! he threw it at the others and they all expldoded!!!!!! "YAYYAYAYAYYAYA" captain awesome cheer "THE RISSAJNS ARE IS COMEING!!!!!!" Captaon awsome say as 1 billion rissian people cam e over thaa huill!!!!!! he fire his gun and then 100000 of of them DIE!!!!!! USA IS WIN!!!!1!! But them Puttin sudenly apper and them shoot his ak47 on his horse!!! And all the soldier arund capTian awesome die!!! "OH NO PEOPLE ARE DEDA" he say and fire m16 at potin but the presedent obama came and punched putin in the afce!!!!!!! it was epick fihtg!!! "NO PUTTIN YOU HAVE FIGHr LON GENOGH!!!!!!!" OMAMA Shout and thjem kick [puttin!!!!!!! omg reususins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and tgen putin fall to grouudn and DEAD!!! AMERIC AIS GERAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! captain aweSome celebate that all the russians diex!!!!! but thne 1000000000000 north kporeans suddelely coem if 1000000000 battle ships!!!! they fire and then destroy all the usa ships!!!! captain awesome became very angry his whole face become red!!!!!! "STUIPOD NOTRTH KORIANS YPU WILL DIE!!!!!111!!!1111!!!1' and then he pick up boama and threw him at north korians!!! oBama exploded into 100 nuclear bombs ad destroy some ships but there were morew!!!!!! "HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU WILLL NOT STOP ME!!!!!!!!!" king jung uun said and then landed infront of captain awesome !!"OJ NO YOU WILL DIE!!!!" capatain awesome shot and fired 10000000 bullets byt they bounce off king jong uhms fat!!!!!!! "hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah i will crush ypou using DIABETETES!!!!!!!!!" king jing um said and then jumped on captain aersome!!!!"NOOOPOOOOOOOOSOOAO!" captain awesome csream and then got crushed!!!! "HHAHAHAHAHH" lauh koreans!!!!! but then kin gjuing un usddenly shake and then he exploded!!! and capain AWeosme was alieve!!!!!!!! "YES AMERIAC!!!!!" he shout as more usa forces destroy korians!!!!!!! (autours noet: dont worry guys i will rwight more storys soon!!!! i am great american and russian will fell!!!!!!!!!!)
  13. traditional

    Maximum Ride RP, but with original characters. This is before the Erasers because obsolete and before the world ended. I'll be the flock leader and will post the character outline soon. This is an open RP for anyone to join. Name: Age: Gender: Role in Flock: Image/Description: Likes (optional): Dislikes (optional): Extras (optional):
  14. I started writing a new story on Wattpad & figured I'd post it here to get some people reading with feedback/comments/or just to read! Up to this point, I've never tried to write a novel so I figured I'd start working on something that interests me: abuse & drug issues {it's a teen romance/drama with a bunch of angst so if that's not your thing, avoid!} Lie to Me
  15. Figured I'd just throw some of this old stuff out here. No idea when I'll do any more, but it is what it is.
  16. commission

    I will be taking requests from people. I really only draw anime characters, so please keep that in mind. I really only do busts, but I can try to do some bodies. Can't promise they will be good, but I can try. So, give me your request and I will try to draw them. If you have a reference as well, please give me that. Thanks
  17. traditional

    Hello! So basically I really want to make a place for drawings and technically I already did but like the update sorta ruined it so here. I'm going to be posting daily so let's hope they don't suck (Although I think I've gotten WAYYYYYY better then last time...) FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!!!
  18. traditional

    Here are some of my drawings/paintings that I've done. I've been drawing for several years now, but I only started painting with watercolors this past summer. I'll try to add some more maybe in the future Hopefully they don't hurt your eyes. Sorry if they do Enjoy!
  19. traditional

    Hey Everyone, TPBx here. Since winter break is coming up and thanks to inspiration by @Lambda-11 , I'll be dumping some old work here. If you want to see more some more stuff, I'll post the link to the various other online sources I put my crap on, ie Facebook, Instagram, and god forbid my old DeviantArt page. In addition to that, I'll probably adding to this collection as well over the break, at least try to. (no promises though).
  20. traditional

    I'm gonna dump my art here So I am really really busy and I don't have much time to art, but whenever I get the chance, I try to draw something. I very recently started to use watercolors. I enjoy them and will continue to use them probably. Anyways, here's all the recent stuff. Just a drawing of my friend Liam
  21. traditional

    Yo, Galahad here. This will be the place I share my drawings. From fanarts to original stuff. For the drawings here, I used Sakura and Faber Castell markers on a A3 sized drawing block. So here 'ye go! Soo, thoughts?
  22. traditional

    HAI~! My name is Shmivian, Vivian, Viv, whatever the hell you wanna call me I'm (usually) fine with it! So I've never taken drawing lessons (simply don't have the time :,3) and I really really REALLY want to improve! SOOOOO I'm pretty begging anyone who draws to friggin TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW. Okay don't get me wrong I'm not like stick-figure bad, I'm just kinda... not good? Anyhow here judge these drawings and give me some tips pls ^.^ this last one is super duper lazy lol
  23. traditional

    These are my most recent group of art that I have worked on. Some have been made as late as 2011, while others are late 2015 pieces. I hope you enjoy, and I guess if you want you can add some of your things too! 2012: Drawn with only ink ^^ 2012: Drawn for an old friend- First gun attempt 2014: Sketch 2014: Another sketch- A bit off as you can see >...< 2015: The beginning of my new styles 2014: ^^ 2014 2015 2015: Most recent 2015:
  24. traditional

    Hi so I wanted to make a thread for OC drawings! They can be amateur or professional, and they don't have to be your own as long as you credit the creator. I'm just really curious as to what other peoples' OCs are, and how diverse character creation can get *^* That's Arisa Amane, my bestestestest friend @dylzoe's creation. She's a ninja pirate who loves tacos~ She has a dark past but that doesn't stop her from being a cheerful ball of sunshine! SHARE YOUR OCS, OR OCS THAT YOU LOVE AND ADORE!!
  25. Unless I'm specifically working on a commission, show or installation, mixed media photo collage is what I tend to keep coming back to. I draw, paint, take photographs, hand make textures, then combine all of these into images. I've been at this for an awful long time, so let's see if I can get a good cross section for you lovely people ~ Lino self portrait Acrylic ink self-portrait Collage self-portrait Four images from the Conspiracy collection Pen and ink drawing Photo transfers of vintage family photos with acrylic ink Photo-transfers of drawings