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Found 378 results

  1. digital

    With the release of Skyrim SE and me owning an Xbox one (along with ample amounts of peer pressure) I purchased the game and installed quite few (that's an understatement >.>) mods then realizing how beautiful the game looked. So below are a couple screenshots I've took for some of you none gamers to see what you're missing! (And to show off these bloody amazing images.) Yes I took them all In game and yes, I'm aware this ain't the video game section. Just thought it would work here best. If you like them, feel free to use them but credit is always lovely. ^^
  2. digital

    I have another thread for my traditional artwork. This will be my digital.
  3. First of all, ignore the prefix because I draw traditionally too!! Second of all, the title is entirely correct. Third of all, please don't leave mean comments about my art. I know all about constructive criticism and things like that and I don't want to be one of those "oMg DON'T jUDGE" people but I really can't cope with criticism right now. Perhaps in the future!! Anyway, my name is Jinkx and sometimes, I draw stuff. Sometimes, I draw Welcome To Night Vale fan art: Sometimes, I draw Neprezi fanart: Sometimes, I draw characters from games: Sometimes, I just doodle other miscellaneous things like this: And sometimes, I do shitty frame-by-frame animations: I'm hoping to add more art to this thread in the future and maybe upload some of my traditional doodles as well as my digital ones. I know I'm not the greatest at art but I'm definitely trying the hardest!!
  4. digital

    Here's the first sketch of Grania, my first OC on this forum Here is her costume change that never saw the light of day in the RP she was in. Aaaaaand this is what I did today for fun. I just really wanted to make a picture of her that highlights her disabilities (amputated arm and glass left eye) and update her gear. I'm really glad it turned out nicely~ Also I did some referencing on these, so if you recognized anything, brownie points for you :v (pleaselookatthemfullsizedOTL)
  5. digital

    So I finally got my wacom So now I can draw digitally So here
  6. This is my OC created for the Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders series. Creating her was fun and her design was a nice project too. I love the style of the Gundalians.
  7. digital

    PSA: most of this thread is broken. The Good Shit is towards the end of page 2. By 'The Good Shit', of course, I mean 'The Shit Which The Update Didn't Obliterate'. <p> <strong>Because I do those. </strong></p> <strong> </strong><p><strong> </strong><a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/aaaaaaaaaaa.png.27cb99483ceaa8557ae8506ad71f8d7e.png" data-fileid="105702" rel="external nofollow"><img alt="aaaaaaaaaaa.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="105702" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/aaaaaaaaaaa.png.27cb99483ceaa8557ae8506ad71f8d7e.png" /></a><strong> </strong></p> <strong> </strong><p><strong> This one is old. </strong></p> <strong> </strong><p><strong> </strong><a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/yoo.png.c52025ef886fa33b4aa7bac6588de8ca.png" data-fileid="105704" rel="external nofollow"><img alt="yoo.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="105704" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/yoo.png.c52025ef886fa33b4aa7bac6588de8ca.png" /></a><strong> </strong></p> <strong> </strong><p><strong> SPOILERS: so is this </strong></p> <strong> </strong><p><strong> </strong><a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/nya.png.195e6a66bf762e06293bcee2ac24df30.png" data-fileid="105705" rel="external nofollow"><img alt="nya.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="105705" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/nya.png.195e6a66bf762e06293bcee2ac24df30.png" /></a><strong> </strong></p> <strong> </strong><p><strong> This one is less old. Thank you for your time. </strong> </p>
  8. digital

    So... took me about a week of tweaking and adjusting things until I was happy with it but... here's my first real Cyberpunk Graphic!
  9. digital

    Gosh diddly darn, I've already made a crapton of art for this site. I haven't drawn this much in a while. That said, here's muh art dump. Tell me whatcha think! These are all characters of mine, with the exception of the last two one. Which is homework *cough cough* I'll be sure to keep this topic updated. If only for my own sanity.
  10. Ello! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) The name's VOLCHAN (you can call me Vol if you like....or chan....or whatever 8P). I am a college graduate with a degree in Illustration (it's one of like...two things I have any skill at =3=). I've been drawing basically since I could hold a pencil...or crayon...or whatever it is babies draw with, and I have a strong passion for it. Anyway, I'll be posting my work, both digital and traditional, here for you wonderful peeps to take a look at. If you're interested in seeing more of my work, or commissioning me, please hit me up on my Deviantart account here: Colored Illustrations (Digital): Hero: Pure Energy: The Mystic's Scarf: Unchained: Peach Boy: I Am Here: The Last Human: Palette Challenges: Sketches and Line Work (Digital): Nike Sketch: My Name: Who Am I?: Volsung Line: A Friendly Competition: Verse Character Sketches: Quick Sketch 8: Enid Line: Fighter: Commission WIP: Sketches and Line Work (Traditional): Sketch Dump 1: Goblin Girl Sketches: The Crow Sketches: Volsung Sketch: Tulpa Sketch: Nike Sketch: Mage Girl Sketch: To see more of my work, please check out my Deviantart page. ٩(。•ㅅ•。)و Thanks for looking! ٩(。•ㅅ•。)و
  11. digital

    <p> Hi uh, I need an art dump somewhere. And some people know I do art. So might as well throw some junk here and hope that people like it ;u; </p>
  12. digital

    just me doing some code and showing it off. note however that I'm a noob at this stuff.
  13. digital

    *throws papers* DOES THAT WORK? Okay, so I'm just going to plonk my stoofs here. I say it is digital, but there may be some traditional stuff every now and then.
  14. I'm trying to improve my art skills, but I need inspiration and motivation. So, does anyone want their character drawn? Due to a busy life, and being pretty slow at drawing, I'm only planning on doing 2-4 pictures for now. (Edit: Got 4 requests already.) More people can ask if they want, but I can't guarantee I'll still be up for it by the time I work through the first few. We'll just have to see! Here are a few of my drawings: Alrighty then, if you'd like to request a portrait, just post below or PM me with a description of your character (appearance and personality, please! helps me get a better idea) and/or reference images. I'll include a form in a spoiler below, which you can use if you want to save time so I won't have to ask you too many questions about the picture you want. Just a suggestion. My only requirement is they must be humanoid characters. I can do horns, fangs, tails, different ear shapes, etc., but if it's very far off from a basic human figure, I'd rather not tackle that for now. Oh yeah, and no "adult themes", of course. In addition to references or description, feel free to specify a pose and a mood or emotion, I'll even try to include props if you like. Backgrounds will probably be just a solid color, unless I'm feeling particularly inspired. Thanks for stopping by!
  15. digital

    or: How I Learned to Start Stressing Every Time I Pick Up a Pencil. I draw sometimes, but I don't know how often I'm going to update this thread. Here's a few things to start. Thanks for looking! EDIT: Image 2 is broken and I really don't know how to fix it, so here's a direct link:
  16. digital

    I'm a digital 3D artist as opposed to a 2D artist, and I don't really have anyone to show my stuff to. So....Imma just dump some of it here! This is a robot that I hope to put into an animation series one day. This is a futuristic sword that I made to put in a character sheet, because I couldn't find a good picture of what I wanted from Google images. This is a guy in a wintery coat with a red bandana and glowy goggles. Just because. I didn't add a skin texture because I didn't want my PC to explode ._.
  17. digital

    Hello! So, I have this dream that is literally a dream that is in the clouds. I can't possibly reach it now, but I'm hoping I can one day grab it. I hope to be somewhat of a animator, artistic, we comic designer. I can write well, but I lack in everything that is 'art'. I honestly tell everyone that my best drawings are stick figures (I draw pretty mean stick figures if I do say so myself), but I want to be able to draw anime guys and girls. Mostly girls since I like main character girls. In order to at least animate the way I want to, I need to get good at drawing. Right now I just have a pencil and a sketchbook, but I'm praying when my birthday comes around I'll acquire two things 1) Drawing tablet and 2) New computer so I can download flash, illustrator, Photoshop, etc. But before then I need to get good at drawn'. So I decided to make a thread and post my 'art' somewhere so I can see how far I have progressed in my struggle for my dream. Also, I decided to put it on here because you never know what people I can find that can help me y'know? Anyways, I have a couple of drawings of girls, but I decided to do something different today. Draw a guy! It's the first time I ever drawn a guy and I followed a guide on Pinterest (really works guys, no joke.) Link: So this is what I ended with His name is Blayd and he is a floating head of course! Well, I don't know how to draw bodies yet so I'm taking baby steps. But oh my goddddd he's not that bad! Like he looks like God compared to my other drawings. But I'm sure others are like 'I drew something like that when I saw 9!' Yeah, okay. I'm still in my training wheels. I don't know how often I'll post my art, whenever I have time I suppose. Though School takes up most of my time sadly. But I'll try my best and maybe add color. Okay LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!
  18. digital

    I need a place to dump my shit doodles. unu
  19. digital

    I have been working on a few maps, mostly because I have really been getting into cartography as of late. Here are a few of my projects. Have you ever wondered what Toril (D&D main world) and Golarion (Pathfinder World) would look like if you combined them? So did I, and this is what I go so far: And this is my world for a pathfinder game I'm running:
  20. digital

    I will post here my art for my RPCs, maybe take a request or two. Here's my newest daughter (her bio is still wip tho lol)
  21. Oh...hi. Um... So, I did a little art shop where you could request art from me and...uhh...lotsa people requested. Well, that's real cool so I thought maybe I'd just display a little art I've done. I draw a lot so I'll probably update often. I don't often take criticism well (for reasons related to anxiety and self-esteem issues) but I guess you could try... Anyway, have fun looking at all this crap. Our first piece today is...uh...this. Ah, yes, Mimikyu! Mimikyu is one of my personal favorite Pokemon. I've always felt kinda bad for it just wanted to be popular like Pikachu! I tried really hard to make it look like a fake Pikachu costume. I'm not sure how great I did on the shading... I'm not great at drawing tears but I don't think those look too bad... (if you didn't notice the tears, look at the costume's stomach where Mimikyu's real eyes are.) I'd ordinarily make Pikachu's cheeks red but I felt like the orange made it look more like a costume.
  22. Hey what's up guys, it's Scarce Danchou here, and I'll...just post stuff here. (Please don't repost without my permission.) If you'd like more, please check out my DeviantArt account! Quick edit: I don't mind drawing blood or a little bit of violence, though I won't draw anything extremely gory. And I can't really draw shipping, lol, so I apologize. Fanart Art for Others OCs
  23. commission

    Hi thar! I am looking for characters to draw, simply put. To make sure I don't run out of time, I want to keep to my fairly simple, chibi style. If you have anything in mind, just give a description - be it words or images - and I'll see what I can do ^-^ When asking for a request, please make sure to give some information about your character's personality since I use that for poses. Alternatively, you could say which pose you want. Current requests: Lonelytaco - Animal lover Entarriance - Red/Green/Black/Purple DemonKitten - The three kittens MIss-Tyc - Mattie Legend:D - kimono girl The Mechanist - A gift/mechanist uncanny wanderer - Bored girl Eternal Dragonchild - Baker chick VladX - Yui Kusanagi (All completed requests can be seen in the thread) Here are a few examples: Basic, no background or shading Little less basic, tiny bit of shading and/or a very basic background Even less basic, more interesting background, maybe a little more shading. More complex characters and/or multiple characters
  24. digital

    Ehh, I'm trying to one a day or every other day... Here is the last few I've done. If you have a request feel free to ask, most of my ideas are throw away. I'd rather make something someone wants. Early Morning Phone Booth Lucario [Request from a friend] Bench [???] Rocky Water Demi-Girl RPN [The website palette works great for a website, but it's kinda ugly on it's own]