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  1. Connor N.

    Science  I Still Don't Get It...

    I still don't get why people believe in the flat earth theory. If you really think about it, the universe is a very selfish kind of object, and wants things to be as small as possible. If every star and planet were shaped like a piece of paper or a dinner plate, that would take up a lot of room...
  2. Connor N.

    Other  Sugar Water

    This song is pretty fucking good. If it sounds familiar to some, I think it's from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
  3. Connor N.

    Poetry  A Haiku For You

    My name is not James But who needs names anyways? Perhaps we all do.
  4. Connor N.

    Answered  Off-Site Ads

    How does one gain the right or privilege to do Off-Site Ads? I really want to do something on Roll20 for a DND campaign and need one more player, but it seems I can't even post my ad in the correct place, so I am shit outta luck right now.
  5. Connor N.

    Looking For Game

    Hey there! I am looking for a DND 5e or 3.5e game to play in, preferably on days from Friday-Sunday. I live in CST time, so I apologize for anyone who would like to take me under but lives in GMT time. I would like to do something on Roll20, if that does not cause any issue. I should note...
  6. Connor N.


    I am Connor: a man of culture, as I am firmly within the DND community. My intellect is so superior due to my tastes that I can peer into your very mind with my eyes alone. Such intelligence can make a man go crazy, but as I have said before, I am a man of culture. Do you know how it feels to be...