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  1. garlicknight

    Multiple Settings  Newer Roleplayer, Looking To Get into 1x1 Roleplay!

    Hi there! I'm Garlic Knight, a 22 year-old relative newbie to the roleplay scene. I've been involved in a few group rps that fell through in the past, so I'm not totally inexperienced. Recently, I thought I'd like to try and get involved more in 1x1 roleplays, so here I am! This is my first...
  2. garlicknight

    Music  Favorite Thrash Metal Bands?

    Thrash metal is one of my absolute favorite music genres, and I've listened to a lot of the major bands already. Megadeth is my all-time favorite, followed by Overkill and Testament. I like a lot of Metallica's old stuff as well, though I'm not really as big a fan of Slayer and Anthrax...
  3. garlicknight

    Brand New Roleplayer Reporting

    Hi there! Baby roleplayer here. I really haven't done any roleplaying before, but I have several friends that really like it, so I decided to try it out. I hope to have a fun time here, and it will be a pleasure meeting everyone!