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  1. Stray Cat

    Viewpoint What is your unbreakable rule?

    The biggest sin a partner could commit in my eyes is harassment for replies. I cannot tell you how many people I was forced to drop because they didn't have an ounce of patience. The thing is I made certain to include in my rules that I cannot reply at the speed of light because of x and y...
  2. Stray Cat

    Viewpoint Is Bumping Annoying?

    I don’t see an issue with a bump or two per day or every other day because like Dutch mentioned the site is quite active so if you don't bump then your thread will be swallowed up by everyone else’s. However, I don't agree with excessive bumping. Say, those people who bump constantly, like every...
  3. Stray Cat

    Viewpoint Why is everyone so terrified of the starter/first post?

    I don't mind starting, but there are certain circumstances that might deter me from wanting to. I find starting to be simple once I know what all involved parties want. I love to discuss ideas and potential storylines; when there is a lot of source material it's not only easier but fun too. My...
  4. Stray Cat

    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    I have a few pet peeves that I have run into on multiple occasions. ✦ — Partners who will not contribute to the story as a whole and only talk about their character's arc. ✦ — Partners who make everything about them. ✦ — Partners who make me feel like I don't have a voice. (i.e. all of the...
  5. Stray Cat

    Experiences What was your worst roleplay experience?

    I have had several awful experiences throughout my time within the roleplay community; if I had to choose one to speak of it would have to be a time I had a bad fallout with a partner. The partner who I’ll refer to as A, contacted me because she was interested in writing together. She claimed...
  6. Stray Cat

    Experiences oc x canon

    I, myself have noticed in recent years during my search for roleplay that canonxoc was something frowned upon. I couldn’t say why that was, at least until now, reading some these answers has given me some insight. I personally have and continue to engage in canonxoc. While, I do enjoy romance...
  7. Stray Cat

    Experiences Things that instantly make you drop an RP

    I'm not certain if someone might have mentioned this in some shape or form, but one of the quickest ways to make me flee a potential storyline are these "my way or the highway" people. Oh, I have an idea. Nope, I don't like that. Let's use my idea instead. Oh, I'd like this role for my...
  8. Stray Cat

    Advice/Help If your interest check gets ratings should you post the RP?

    I would imagine those who you received positive ratings from having some interest in the roleplay. So, perhaps you might take the chance a create it? It might be that they are interested in the content and wish to see more information or see how things play out before officially joining.
  9. Stray Cat

    Roleplay Pet Peeves

    When your partner makes discussions all about their character. They hardly ask about your character, but will contribute happily to any and all discussion about their special snowflake.
  10. Stray Cat

    Deal Breakers. What makes you "walk" away?

    1. In a 1x1 scenario when I prompt my partner that perhaps we should plot, and receive something to this degree: "No, I don't like to plot." "I'd prefer we start and see where the story goes." In this same scenario I am almost always asked to start the roleplay, but how am I doing so if you...
  11. Stray Cat

    Other How many times can you bump an rp before you look desperate?

    I wouldn't call it desperate. As someone who bumps their thread about every few days, I usually do so because there are certain subjects I wish to write but haven't found someone to do so with yet. Another is that some of my partners might have disappeared and I now have a few openings. Finally...
  12. Stray Cat

    Experiences A Personal Frustation for Romance in 1x1 Roleplay

    I'm someone who likes to incorporate multiple genres and elements in my stories. That being said while I like to add romance to my roleplays, I don't like it to be the main focus of the story. I find with examples like the one the OP included can become very stale quickly. But, I suppose it...
  13. Stray Cat

    Other Roleplay Confessions

    I don't know if this has happened to anyone else. But, there have been instances where in the story if something truly tragic or emotional occurs, I will start to tear up.
  14. Stray Cat

    Character Theory How long can you reuse a character before it get's boring?

    I'm guilty of reusing certain elements from other characters I've created, whether that be appearance or personality traits. But, they're background is always new. I don't know if that counts.