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  1. Grimmlock

    Realistic or Modern Exit Here.

    I could play the musician?
  2. Grimmlock

    Fantasy The Multiverse Theory (Recruitment)

    I'm interested!
  3. Grimmlock

    Fandom Sword Art Online Rp || CLOSED

    I would be interested if the offer still stands.
  4. Grimmlock

    Fandom Code Lyoko Rp?

    I probably would be.
  5. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Darkholme. (Closed)

    I'm also very interested, but I have to agree with @Devious Dilbert I'm sure that this will turn into something amazing and I would love for you to keep me in the loop ;)
  6. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Nineteen Islands

    I haven't been on in awhile as well and I'd like to join in when you're ready to start it :)
  7. Grimmlock

    Fandom The 2nd Generation of Miracles

    Nenma its been forever. I havent been on this site in a long time and i saw a familiar person so i got excited. its okay if you dont remember me but either way... Hi :D
  8. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Mythical Creatures Are Real?

    And yeah I'm okay with a plot 
  9. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Mythical Creatures Are Real?

    Sounds fun!
  10. Grimmlock

    Fandom Seraph of the end (Owari no Seraph) RP

    I actually really like @Loki Odinson's idea. Just another idea to add to the list i guess would be like all of us being a group of humans and/or vampires with seraph forms, but are also owners of cursed gears kinda like Yu. idk how that would work and ik it's not a full idea or anything but its...
  11. Grimmlock

    Fandom Seraph of the end (Owari no Seraph) RP

    Oi I just came to this thread to make one of these XD im in.
  12. Grimmlock

    Fandom  I Am Number Four RP

    Soooo i have been reading the "I Am Number Four" series recently and I just love the series. I have just finished the Revenge of Seven and can't wait to get the next book. Anyway, back on topic. Ever since Fall of Five I have been thinking about making a rp based on the series. It doesn't have...
  13. Grimmlock

    Fandom  Another Attack on Titan RP

    So I just finished Attack on Titan Volume 18 and damn, I'm pissed off that I have to wait 'till August for 19. Anyway, I was thinking that maybe an AoT role play would kind of hold me and maybe some of you off until August and maybe even into volume 20 in December. Anyway, this is just a check...
  14. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Wander and Wonder(Free Roam RP)

    It's fine. Do you think that you could make your character sheet first tho?
  15. Grimmlock

    Fantasy My Original Original Role-play. Don't be shy and show your originality!

    I think that the "who is the strongest" sounds cool.
  16. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Wander and Wonder(Free Roam RP)

    Sounds cool. but I'd like to know what happens when you pick an alignment.
  17. Grimmlock

    Fantasy We need one more character for JPtheWarrior's The Adventure of the 6 Chosen Ones

    Rip. It's fine though ^.^ Have a nice rest of the day!
  18. Grimmlock

    Fandom Akame ga Kill! Idea

    Really like that idea!!!
  19. Grimmlock

    Fandom Akame ga Kill! Idea

    Still need more people!!!