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    Accepting Requests  ???????? ✧ ᴀ ᴡᴏʀᴋsʜᴏᴘ + ғʀᴇᴇʙɪᴇs!

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    Realistic or Modern  ℝ??? ?? ??? ???? - Twitter

    Twitter Page this thread is dedicated to RoTA's twitter page. code credits belong to the awesome @short bear! (: to all dear members, in order to use these codes, just copy paste it! i've made the '////' transparent, therefore if you need to adjust distance between texts, you can either add a...
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    Realistic or Modern  ℝ??? ?? ??? ???? - IC

    Day 1: Audition {slide="So tell me right now, you think you're ready for it." - Panic! at the Disco} Friday, March 23, 2018 Summary: Ready or not- today is the big day. Two weeks have passed since the first appearance of a certain set of pamphlets surrounding the campus, announcing the...
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    Realistic or Modern  ℝ??? ?? ??? ???? [Character Sheets]

    Character Sign-Ups "Are you ready to rock? x ♬ B A S I C Name: Age (the cast is currently attending university): Gender: Sexual Orientation: Role of choice: ♬ A P P E A R A N C E (Realistic FCs, please. No anime/drawings. Sorry!) Height: Weight: Unique features: Extra explanation...
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    Realistic or Modern  ℝ??? ?? ??? ???? - A BAND RP [OPEN]

    Band Audition! Friday After Class!!!{slide=Do you think you have what it takes to become a ROCK STAR?!? * if so, click here[/bg]} SIGN - UPS ~ ☆ M A I N S (CLOSED): Singer: Micheal Westwood @Laughing Lunatic Guitarist: Logan Kingsleigh @s e v e n Bassist: Damien Locke @macrombie Drummer...
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    Fantasy  Do Not Go Gentle - OOC

    To those who has not gotten an invitation to our Discord group (a.k.a hasn't gotten their characters accepted), feel free to ask questions here. Other than that, this page would be used for general announcements. Previous ownership rightfully credited to @Bang Bang The old interest check can...
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    Fantasy  ?? ??? ?? ?????? ♛ ? ????? ???? ???? ????

    ♔ Do Not Go Gentle♕ "Tell me, do you believe in hidden fate?" cs | ooc | lore | ic The world of fairy tales is one of a certain breed of magic; no heroes fire bolts of flames from their hands, but there are men who shall steal your firstborn infants in return for a granted wish...
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    Fandom  ?? ??? ?? ?????? ♛ ? ????? ???? ???? ????

    oops wrong thread moved it to here-
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    Realistic or Modern  Butterfly Effect OOC

    O O C Feel free to talk, interact, and ask any questions regarding the RP here interest thread | cs | relationships | in-character coded by:@_707_
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    Realistic or Modern  Butterfly Effect CS

    Character Sheet interest thread | ooc | relationships | in-character {slide=B I O G R A P H Y} εїз Name: εїз Age (16 – 25): εїз Gender: εїз Sexuality: εїз Nationality: εїз Overview: If you lose your way, what would you say? (I see many are confused by this. This is a question that...
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    Realistic or Modern  Butterfly Effect // Until Dawn based Horror RP (STILL OPEN)

    Butterfly Effect {slide=} Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷThe BeginningƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ June 25, 2037 At seven am sharp in the morning, the grand SS Butterfly docked the outskirts of town. The arrival of a mysterious lottery won a free trip to a brand new island resort, a seven day package promisng sunshine and a luxurious...
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    Ashley "Ash" Sturgess

    Name: Ashley Sturgess   Class: Mage Class Mastery/Expertise Rating: ★ Race: Human Gender: Female Age: 18     Short Backstory: Ashley came from a really poor family of farmers, consisting of one father and a younger brother. When she was born, her father...
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    Ha. What a misleading title. Okay. Warning! This is probably the least interesting thread you'll ever stumbled upon to but hear me out (please lol XD) So this is WAY off role play or anything fandom related or anything you call fun. I'm actually amazed you still read on until here without...
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    I'll just put this here.... XD

    Name: Sebastian Fitzherbert Age: 20 (year 1) Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Parent: Rapunzel & Eugene Appearance: Face claim: Grant Gustin XD Vices: - Naive - Frequently late - Stubborn Virtue: - Brave - Friendly - Athletic (especially with a frying...
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    Hi! :) It is very nice to meet you! Thanks for deciding to stop by! Now, I'm not extraordinarily good in drawing, but I'm proud to say I'm not too shabby xD so I'd like to test my creations by making this thread :D so please take a look at these few points: 1. Post your character's bio...
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    Fandom  <you see nothing!>

    <le clears>