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  1. Hella Downweather

    Fantasy  Aren't Harem games supposed to be fun ? (1x1 with Idea and Hella)

    People who got run over by a truck had it easy. There was a clear distinction to where their old life ended and when their new, usually way cooler, life began. It was often paired with meeting a goddess and her, with all her gentleness and frilly laugh, would grant the foreign hero a boon of his...
  2. Hella Downweather

    Hit on the user above you with your best pick-up lines

    "Can I do something stupid and blame it on alcohol?"
  3. Hella Downweather

    Based on their icon, what is the person above you like?

    I'm willing to bet the person is someone calm, a bit reserved yet still wants to project a confident image, gentle yet fierce judging by the vibe of the avatar. The person is capable of appreciating and probably discussing art since the image chosen reflects that (soft watercolours, incomplete...
  4. Hella Downweather

    Traditional Cloud's Sketch Dump

    As always nice mix of expressions :D Really a fan of the second drawing. The attention to details (of her expression, of her kimono, of her hair accessories) makes it a real coup de coeur ! And poor little demon looks so lost/confused x)
  5. Hella Downweather

    Define the avatar above you in one word

    Chibi menace
  6. Hella Downweather

    Other Random question of the day

    Well whenever they went on vacation...yeah x) Perks on living in an appartement, you don't have to be too sneaky when you have people over :D
  7. Hella Downweather

    Give a nickname to the avatar above you

    Friend n2 of shojo protagonist
  8. Hella Downweather

    O-mikuji Fortune Lottery

    Uncertain Small Good Luck for having senpai notice you. I hope it works! Senpai, if you are reading this, plz notice me :ghosthalo:
  9. Hella Downweather

    Yes Or No?

    Yes Do you like unicorns?
  10. Hella Downweather

    Define the avatar above you in one word

  11. Hella Downweather

    Was sick last week, should resume my RP in the following days! Sorry for the wait <3

    Was sick last week, should resume my RP in the following days! Sorry for the wait <3
  12. Hella Downweather

    Nickname the person above you

    Anime Heroine <3
  13. Hella Downweather

    Chitchat  Some days are just urghhhhh

    <rant> So I'm sick, and I can't talk to save my life just in time for when I have 4979872 presentations at school and formations to give at work. So now I'm stuck with a backlog of code and RP to do, no inspiration/motivation for them and my computer just in front of me. Urgh. Oh and my...
  14. Hella Downweather

    Realistic or Modern Running Triangles

    Quick question, do you need an answer everyday or is one every other day ok?
  15. Hella Downweather

    Advice/Help How do y'all write so much?

    As a writer who has the opposite problem of yours (can't bring myself to write below 250 words...hahaha...), I have a few things to add. First as Idea and others have said before, if you write that much you usually don't post multiple times a day (I mean it can happen, but it's not the norm)...
  16. Hella Downweather

    Nickname the person above you

    Arghhhhh x.x I'm so sorry Your new nickname is now The patient brother of RP Nation
  17. Hella Downweather

    Nickname the person above you

    The big sister ! I've seen you everywhere since I came here, always so nice and helpful to everyone. So big sister of RP nation is it for you.
  18. Hella Downweather

    Kiss, kill, fuck, or marry the avatar BELOW you

    Let me just pick my wedding dress before I KISS the one below <3
  19. Hella Downweather

    Other Ghoster Issue?

    I don't know for other people, but for me, the fact that ghosting is part of the RP culture alleviate a lot of stress on my shoulders. I never ghosted someone in the past (except maybe one or two group RP BEFORE they began), I'm still fairly active in my RP, but the fact I know that if it...