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  1. JadeRaeven

    Fantasy  Demon Roleplay

    Looking for someone who wants to work with my Demoness character, I like descriptive but often find myself maxing out at about one paragraph. I have a few possible plot lines but am always open to more. Message me if you're interested.
  2. JadeRaeven

    Fandom  Percy Jackson roleplay

    Hello, I'm new, looking for some people interested in The Percy Jackson series, using OC and cannon characters. I’m up for basically any story line, but I do have a few requests. I prefer descriptive roleplays, it doesn’t have to be extremely long just more than one sentence. Also, I am on...
  3. JadeRaeven


    Hey, new here :) just looking for some fun, new people to interact with. I'm awkward but... yeah. :)