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  1. Brianne13

    Fandom The Hobbit roleplay anyone?

    I'd be up to do either or!
  2. Brianne13

    Fandom Looking for RP partner

    Hey there! I'm looking for someone 18+ to RP The 100 or The Flash with me! My love Interests are Bellamy Blake and Barry Allen! If anyone is interested please message me!
  3. Brianne13

    Fandom I Can See You (taking a look at this epic post) (1x1 hunt)

    I would love to do a Greys anatomy rp!
  4. Brianne13

    Fandom RP Partner Search

    I would love to do a Greys anatomy rp with you! I'm over 18 and my LI would be Alex Karev
  5. Brianne13

    ISO of RP Partner

    Thank you!
  6. Brianne13

    ISO of RP Partner

    Hello there! I'm new on this site but not new to rping, I've been doing it for over 10 years. My writing length depends on the context I have to work with but I tend to write longer the more that is going on. I generally do oc x cc 1 x 1 and am currently looking to do a Greys Anatomy rp. If...