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  1. aurivee_

    Fantasy Magical Misfits OOC

    I'm quite excited as well. I'm still not entirely sure of the direction I want to take with Celeste, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.
  2. aurivee_

    Fantasy Magical Misfits CS

    Name: Celeste Tsisana Age: 15 Gender: Unlabeled [any pronouns] Appearance: (Picrew link) Height: 5'2 Weight: ~115lbs Clan: Wind Clan Short Backstory: Logically, Celeste should probably have been a dark magic user. Their bloodline has carried dark magic for generations, and every child...
  3. aurivee_

    Realistic or Modern —• | EIDOLONS | cs thread any means necessary; and Hecate, the up-and-coming vigilante with everything to prove. MISC. Family: - Gaia Amery (mother, status unknown) - Janus Amery (father, alive) - Celeste Amery (younger sister, alive) /* ------ credit -- do not remove ------ */ © weldherwings.
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    Realistic or Modern An OOC Thread from Outer Space (Insert Funny One-Liner here)

    I'll get mine finished today, hopefully. I just have a few more things to write out.
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    Fantasy Voyage To The End [OOC]

    I'm hoping to get my character sheet up by this weekend. I've mostly finalized the character themselves - I'm just working out their magic at the moment. I think I'm sticking with my animancy (I don't know what to call it, if I'm being honest) concept, but I might change it up if I can't figure...
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    Fantasy Voyage To The End [OOC]

    ...Somehow, I entirely missed this notification. My sincerest of apologies for my tardiness >.> I haven't had a ton of time to come up with a character concept yet, but I'm debating on creating a character that utilizes magic to animate and control otherwise inanimate objects. Haven't quite...
  7. aurivee_

    Fantasy An Evil Education at the Tudor Lestrange Institute - Roleplayer's Lair (Expired)

    Hello there! Is this thread still accepting? (I wasn't sure whether to ask here or on the interest check - sorry!)
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    ...fighting with the code right now] coded by uxie! name/role body to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----header---- ----image---- ----header...
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    Fantasy Lockheed Orphanage Character Sheets

    Annai Mestra Age: 14 Personality: "Wow! It's quite amusing how wrong you are. Now, if you'll allow me, let me correct you..." Dramatic and confident, Annai quite the divisive person - you either love her or hate her. She's bold and headstrong, with a great deal of intelligence and skill to...
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    Fantasy Elemental Connections OOC Thread

    Of course, that's totally fine. :)
  11. aurivee_

    Fantasy Elemental Connections OOC Thread

    👀 Reserving the female Fire user! Do desserts count? Because mint chip ice cream is the best thing ever. I will die on this hill.
  12. aurivee_

    Fantasy Stones of Incienda OOC Thread

    WOOO! New Puran buddy :)
  13. aurivee_

    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School OOC

    No worries lol. It happens. I’ll wait for your post in that case.
  14. aurivee_

    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School OOC

    Who are we waiting on at the moment? I can probably post but I don't think it'll move anything along really.
  15. aurivee_

    Realistic or Modern Teenage Dirtbags | Characters

    Name: Faye Adele Lewin Nickname(s): Pixie Age: 17 Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Role: Princess Face Claim: (Source) Eye Color: Gray Hair Color: Blonde (natural), pink (dyed) Height: 5'3 Body Modifications: Pierced earlobes Likes: Musicals, literally any form of media that she can study...
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    Fantasy A World Invoked CS Thread

    Name: Saoirse Aliases/Titles: Mistress of Madness, Divine Disorder, Eternal Entropy, Misguiding Star Divine Domains: Chaos, Deception, Mischief, Indulgence Appearance: (Note that Saoirse is a shapeshifter and is very unlikely to remain in any one form for long. This is one of the many forms...
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    Futuristic [OOC] Aegis: Error 508

    Definitely still in. I turned on notifs for this thread and forgot to post in it... my bad lmao.
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    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School OOC

    Ask and you shall receive. ;) For the both of you, just wanted to clarify that it's entirely up to you whether or not the commands actually work, and how exactly your character fulfills that command if it does. Autoing sucks and I'm not doing that. Her power is quite strong, but it's feasible...
  19. aurivee_

    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School OOC

    Anyone mind if I have Echo try to use her ability on them? I see no other way of pulling this off and I don't think she'd have the guts to mentally attack a teacher. Yet.
  20. aurivee_

    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School OOC

    Same, actually. I almost never get alerts for this specific thread for some reason. >-> Might end up needing to have Echo attempt to use her ability on a student, since she has no other way to demonstrate. I'll see if I can come up with something else though.