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    Realistic or Modern Where We All Went Wrong OOC

    I am very interested. Perhaps I shouldn't be apprised. I'll not look it up.
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    Music What Are You Listening to Right Now?

    Wildcat by Ratatat ya know.
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    ReverseStuck X Act 3.1: Fast Travel Unlocked

    ======> Be Demoma. You've returned to your hive from the Land of Glass and Fractures. You had such a nice jam with Kat. You might not be feeling the drug-like euphoria from before, but you feel good. You really feel good about yourself, which is the first time you could say that in a long...
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    At the Beach

    ======> Vixani: A lot of people are ignoring you. That's ok! They are probably worrying about MUCH more important things than your silly games and jokes. For instance, Elswor is quite OBVIOUSLY in the throes of flushedness after seeing and EXPERIENCING Demoma's quite tasteful bikini. And...
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    At the Beach

    ======> Demoma: See, now this is fun. "Defi~itely. Defi~itely, defi~itely." Your eyes glint as you turn your snarl into a wide smile.  ======> Uh...rein it in a little. Haha. Why? ======> Quit talking to yourself and being antisocial! You really should step away before you end up...
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    At the Beach

    ======> Demoma: Be rude. Happy to comply! "We k~ow what we mea~, Parasite." ======> Demoma, this is meant to be fun. You aren't having any yet. ======> Don't be antagonistic! No promises. ======> Say something nice! He's kind of trying to compliment you. Sort of. After...
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    At the Beach

    ======> Vixani: Be stealthy. You walk up with Demoma towards the beachsite and notice Nevari taking a load off in her chair, with glare protectors on, watching in front of her. This is like a dream come true. You carefully sneak behind her chair, brandish your pool noodle--appropriately named...
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    ReverseStuck X Act 3.1: Fast Travel Unlocked

    ======> Demoma: Jump up and assert yourself! Ahh, yeah, no, you really want to. You really do. But that'd really not be the best idea now considering your situation. Soreim slinks away from you anyway. You feel powerful, energetic.  "i do not think that would be wise milady" . God damn right...
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    ReverseStuck X Act 3.1: Fast Travel Unlocked

    ======> Be Demoma. You are Demoma again! You wake up instantly, feeling pretty good. You're having a hard time really remembering what happened before your little nap. Probably all those shots you've taken to the old coconut recently. It's ok though. You love this place, even despite the dead...
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    ReverseStuck X Act 3.1: Fast Travel Unlocked

    You arrive at a section of the forest not yet explored, even by Soreim. Underlings are seeming to roam far more frequently. It's a bit daunting, considering your previous encounters, but it doesn't seem as bad with a teammate. After a quick rundown of strategy, you decide to put your skillsets...
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    Demoma Thredo

    Name: Demoma ThredoAge: 7 sweepsGender: FemaleBlood Color: Candy RedSymbol: Seven-pointed starAppearance: Garish, to say the least. Loves the colors blue and orange together and will always be seen wearing them. The blue tends toward navy, and the orange towards neon. Usually seen wearing shorts...
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    RS OOC Chat

    So as far as the time-skip goes, I entirely agree with Trip. Collaborated, sequential excerpts are the way to go. And Lyro is right, it probably shouldn't be a full sweep. He and I actually have been working on an interaction that takes place immediately after the last Soreim/Demoma post. After...
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