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  1. Francis

    Other What tattoos do u want or have? :D

    My first tattoo was the symbol of ouroboros on my back. After maybe a year, I got another tattoo put into the middle of the first one that's a wiccan symbol. Just to note, I'm not wiccan, but my best friend from high school was and I decided to slap it there because it really meant a lot to me...
  2. Francis

    Other What super power would you have? Why? How would you get it? BAM

    Instant transmission. You know, like instant transmission from DBZ? How convenient would it be to teleport anywhere you've already been?! Need to get somewhere with your friends? Tell them to grab on and just teleport there instantly. In this economy, that certainly has to be one of the most...
  3. Francis

    Anime & Manga Your first EVER anime! ^^

    Shakugan no Shana
  4. Francis

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hola everyone. I'm Francis, a 21-year-old university student (that is indeed my whole personality LMAO). I've been roleplaying off and on for over a decade now. If you ever want to chat, roleplay, or just talk, please just throw me a DM! I won't put any specifics on what I like to roleplay just...
  5. Francis

    Other What is scary too you?

    I think even without a picture it's easy to understand but like... the scariest thing is other people. Not in the social anxiety sense, but like what people are capable of doing to each other. Sure, animals like bears and such are capable of killing us and are pretty frightening, and the vast...
  6. Francis

    Introduce Yourself!

    Bing bong, it's ya boy. Thinking is hard atm but I'm here to improve my writing skills and find a long-term roleplay to improve my writing with while on Summer break (and hopefully when college starts back up). I'm a 19-year-old undergrad student studying Foreign Affairs with a minor in History...