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  1. zndt441

    Video Games What are your favorite games?

    i tend to stick to the retro side of games, since my overall skill level hasn't managed to keep up with the ever increasing complexity of games today lol that being said, here are a good portion of those that i either grew up playing or discovered later on and thus hold a special place for me...
  2. zndt441

    Realistic or Modern From slice of life to adventures and beyond

    not sure if you've done the one with the a-list couple yet, but i'd definitely be interested in that
  3. zndt441

    Chitchat Anyone here from Free Yourself Roleplaying?

    i was "the mysterious 8-ball" on freeyourselfroleplaying for like 5 years i still have the original 8 ball avatar, but it's not on this computer lol and even then i took it from a game called hamsterball if i'm not mistaken i met a whole lot of amazing people and for what it was, i'd like to...
  4. zndt441

    Introduce Yourself!

    hello, zndt441 here i'd been roleplaying since i was at least 8 or 9, when kongregate had dedicated chat rooms for that purpose and games were still being made with flash (r.i.p) i was known as "the mysterious 8-ball" on freeyourselfroleplaying (r.i.p), which i had been on for around 5 or so...