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  1. Entarriance

    Flowers Between the Pavements

    1v1 w/ C.DEX!!  i'm not talented enough to write a bio //
  2. Entarriance

    Separating HTML-styled boxes(ish)?

    hi im like new to this html thing so like hold on uh oh this looks dandy so like, i want this thing right here to be an individual box  and this thing right here and this thing right here to be an...
  3. Entarriance

    Digital Oodles of Doodles

    <p> Hi uh, I need an art dump somewhere. And some people know I do art. So might as well throw some junk here and hope that people like it ;u; </p>
  4. Entarriance


    gotta toss something in this thread in my lifetime (current project hohohoho) this guy (next to the lamp lord) is like my persona for everything. im either the personification of a lamp or a shepherd. beatuafiul. (bonus: "sorry i died" )
  5. Entarriance

    im just curious d.m me bro

    yo it's me. im kidding very few of you probably know me. But ok whole tragic backstory and all, I like doodling and digital art and all. I draw a lot of my characters and occasionally stuff for other people. The thing is, though, I've had very few people draw stuff for me, because well, all...