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    Opinion Gaslighting

    I've recently been quite frustrated by the amount of subtle and blatant gaslighting that I've had to endure. I often like to give people the benefit of the doubt, assuming that people rarely have malicious intent, and I stand by that. However, manipulating other people can be quite harmful...
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    Bai Xiang

    Bai Xiang {slide=Vitals} Age: 62 Race: Human Affiliation: UEF, ex-Union soldier Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Theme Song: Wong Fei Hung - Hero of China Appearance: Bai is an elderly Chinese woman with a fairly average height (5’2”) but a rather stocky build. She has...
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    Traditional Apfel's Art References

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    ApfelSeine's Additional Characters

    Name: Luisa Hoppe Age: 34 Gender: Female Appearance: Tall, fair skinned, and blue eyed. Her blonde hair is styled in a bob cut with her bangs swept slightly to the side. She has sharp facial features and slender but mature looking figure. In general, she wears a fairly short black...
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    Gale Morris - RubyRunner

    Name: Gale Morris / RubyRunner Age: 25 Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Race: Human Appearance: Somewhat tall with pale skin, brown eyes, and bright crimson hair. She has a slender build and several piercings on each ear. She prefers wearing black, both in person and in...
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    Zodiac Character Dynamics

    Hey everyone :D If you're playing a Zodiac character, I want to encourage you to write out what the impressions your character has of each of the other zodiac characters ^_^ That way, we can work out  a vague sense of what the established dynamics between the characters are
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    Human Character Flahsback

    Please put any interactions between human characters that take place prior to the beginning of the main rp here, to avoid flooding the main thread. You can also feel free to have multiple interactions going at the same time in this thread (in addition to what you character is doing in the main...
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    Main RP Thread

    This is the main RP thread where the majority of the roleplay will take place. This roleplay will also utilize flashbacks, taking place in the time before Andromeda's death in the case of the Zodiacs, and taking place before the beginning of the rp in the case of human characters. These...
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    Enchanted/Magical Weapons poll

    Some players creating zodiac characters have expressed the desire to have their weapons have the capacity to be enchanted or which are magical in nature. Should we include these types of weapons or no? (Or do we need to put strict parameters on what they can do so that they're not OP?) Please...
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    Character List

    Accepted Characters ApfelSeine: - Capricorn, Vijay Kulkarni Blackrose7: - Pisces, Azura Maisano CheshireGrin: - Aries, Adam Vanya Braginskaya DustyLeaves - Libra, Arya Colemann SecretRock - Aquarius, Sabaa Amaya AnimeGenork - Scorpio, Noel Krailo Kairikudo...
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    Capricorn - Vijay Kulkarni

    Zodiac: Capricorn Alliance: Renegade Name: Vijay Kulkarni Gender: Male Appearance: Vijay has a tall, slender build, a dark olive skin tone, hazel eyes, and sharply defined facial features. He appears to be Indian and in his mid-thirties, although he technically has no ethnicity or...
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    OoC Main Chat

    This is the main thread for out of character chat. Please post all out of character exchanges in the OoC section Introduce yourselves here and get to know each other ^_^  . Be sure to mention if there are any subjects you are particularly uncomfortable with (PM me if you would like to say...
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    Character Skeletons

    - Character Skeletons - Zodiac Character Zodiac: Alliance: (loyal or renegade) Name: Gender: Appearance: Personality: Power: (please try to make this a single, well-defined magic ability) Limitation: (weakness or limitation of whatever power the character possesses)...
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    The Zodiac Princess - Reboot (Open)

    Hello RPN! This is a reboot of the roleplay “the Zodiac Princess”, originally conceived by Buffasaur, with several key changes. We will be starting over from the beginning, so no previous knowledge of the roleplay will be required. Every relevant piece of lore will be covered in the overview of...
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    Kin Ming - The Treacherous Viperfish

    Name: Kin-Ming Circle: The Fourth Circle - The Bleak Oceans Resonance: 2 Epithets: The Treacherous Viperfish   Kin-Ming is a very self centered, manipulative man, and always has been. In fact, he holds himself in rather high regard for his ability to get what he wants. Anyone who...
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    Crossed Wires

    Hundreds of students were bustling about the large courtyard of the Hawthorne Academy campus, chatting with each other and milling about in their socially dictated friend groups. Faye stood by the gate, looking up at the imposing buildings which stretched high above her. From where she was...
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    Apfel's Multi Genre Search

    I'm looking for some dedicated roleplayers to create some fun roleplays with :smile4: In general, I'm a fairly laid back and flexible player who will try most things (provided it follows the site rules). I'm not a fast poster, as I tend to only post responses when I have access to my...
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    Certified Horseman Name Perrin Race Horseman Age ??? Appearance Perrin has a tall stature and an emaciated appearance. In regards to clothing, Perrin wears a long, loose fitting black cloak, black boots and gloves, a wide brimmed, black hat, and a birdlike mask...
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    Tales of Vesperia 2

    Flynn strode along the quiet street, delicate flower petals crushed beneath his steel boots as he walked. Halure had remained the sleepy town it always had been, the peaceful atmosphere broken only by the occasional experiment gone awry from the resident researchers. It was a miracle that the...
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    Kanna Hiiragi

    Superhero Name:  Kanna Hiiragi Gender: Female Age:  15 Ethnicity: Japanese Hair: Long, straight and black, reaching just beneath her shoulder blades and cut with even bangs. It is generally worn down, or in a ponytail. Eyes: Dark brown with long eyelashes which are enhanced...