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  1. Cybear

    Anime & Manga What is your Favorite Anime?

    Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Admittedly, it's not a good anime. It's your pretty average shounen, however it has a pretty repetitive story structure, and with the exception of about 4-5 (out of at least 20) characters all of them act the same way, and have no factors that differentiate them from one...
  2. Cybear

    Pokemon: Pathogen (Interest Check)

    Probably not, sorry. But you could potentially play someone who had ancestors there. @Noivian @TaleekXD You're both accepted, thanks for joining!
  3. Cybear

    Apologies for lack of replies yesterday. A family member was, unexpectedly, rushed into the OR...

    Apologies for lack of replies yesterday. A family member was, unexpectedly, rushed into the OR. Will be catching up today.
  4. Cybear

    Pokemon: Pathogen (Interest Check)

    Yes, I can imagine the Professor would want input from a Ranger as well as from Trainers. I’ll re-edit the main post, thanks for bringing that up.
  5. Cybear

    Pokemon: Pathogen (Interest Check)

    Nope, it's not. Just make sure to describe their appearance in the appearance section, and you're all good to go.
  6. Cybear

    Fandom Stealing Hearts

    Despite having lived in Tokyo her entire life, Makoto Niijima had never really been to Yongen-Jaya. Of course it wasn't on her usual route from home and to school, so she'd had little reason to go there. Oftentimes she found herself much too busy to be exploring parts of the city that had no...
  7. Cybear

    Fandom Coin and Honour

    The city was beautiful. Not in the conventional way, but in the rustic way that Skyrim was oh so famed for. It held both elegance and dignity in its walls, and for that reason alone Najirr was fascinated by it. Whiterun was truly a place to behold. The khajiit had never been inside of the...
  8. Cybear

    Pokemon: Pathogen (Interest Check)

    Main post edited with the CS and info about Aynor. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
  9. Cybear

    Pokemon: Pathogen (Interest Check)

    Thanks for all the interest. (: I'll be editing the main post with more info + the CS shortly.
  10. Cybear

    Fandom Persona 5/RWBY! OCs and Doubling!

    I’d be interested in doing something for P5 with you. Were you planning on it taking place during the campaign?
  11. Cybear

    TV & Film Thor: Ragnarok vs Black Panther

    Thor, but I prefer comedy over action, so Ragnarok was always going to come out on top for me. Though I feel like Black Panther was an extremely well done action/gritty Marvel movie. It definitely seems that Marvel has got their formula down pat by now. But unpopular opinion, both movies were...
  12. Cybear

    Other I need ideas

    It really depends on a case-by-case basis, and how you and your partner decide to set things up. I've never roleplayed on Kik before, but I have roleplayed on sites that were focused on sexual roleplay, and the way things are set up isn't all that different. Either make a thread in the 1x1...
  13. Cybear

    Literature Hogwarts House?

    I'm a Slytherin. I could probably pass for a Ravenclaw if I wanted, but I'm apathetic towards school/school work, so I work better in Slytherin house. Plus Slytherin has been what quizzes (and Pottermore) has placed me in, so I'm fairly confident in my house. Most, if not all, of my real life...
  14. Cybear

    Other Wow no one even welcomed me when I made an introduction..

    Is this satire? Tell me it's satire.
  15. Cybear

    Chitchat Let's see your pets! (≧▽≦)

    My boys, Rocky (Hovawart/Border Collie mix) and Alex (beagle). This photo was taken last year when they were eight. Both of them are nine now and are both rescues. I got Rocky when he was ten months old and Alex when he was four years old. (:
  16. Cybear

    Multiple Settings MxM- Lots of plots | Lots of ships! (UPDATE- Ships and plots updated 15/08/18)

    Not sure if you're still looking for partners/looking to do one of these specific plots, but I checked out your masterpost, and I love The Garden and To Kill/Save a Queen. If you're still looking for someone (as it seems you've had quite a few replies), let me know. I have no preference for...
  17. Cybear

    Pokemon: Pathogen (Interest Check)

    This is an interest check for an idea for a Pokemon RP that I've had for awhile. Any critiques or suggestions for the plot/setting are much appreciated. Something has gone very, very wrong. In the region of Aynor, things have always been relatively peaceful. A calm and serene forest-based...
  18. Cybear

    Anime & Manga Do you like subbed or dubbed better?

    Generally subbed, but sometimes I prefer dubbed. Especially for something like Ghost Stories, which got completely revamped in the dub and is much, much, funnier.
  19. Cybear

    Other Favorite JRPG?

    Shin Megami Tensei and its spin-offs (Persona, Devil Survivor, etc..).
  20. Cybear

    Opinion What do you think of asexuality and aromantics?

    This is an interesting subject for me as I can speak from both angles. For most of my life (up until last year) I would've considered myself asexual. I had no interest in sex, or "taking care of business myself" it was to the point that people often thought I was lying, but it was true. I...