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  1. bioluminescence

    Fandom Voltron or Adventure time rp

    Hey, guys! I'm an absolute garbage woman and am looking for a long term, or at least we intend for it to be long term, rp starring a few ships from dumb cartoons because I have no self-control. I prefer an attempt at being literate, but like. We all have typos. I don't want to write a novel for...
  2. bioluminescence

    Fandom Just want some Voltron 1x1 (+18 please)

    Hey. I just really want some voltron shit. Honestly, I really want some Klance. I do a sick Lance. So. Shadam or Shatt would be fun, I can do Shiro or Matt. Veronica and Allura or Veronica and Axca, I can do Veronica. And here's some ideas. Lot of them are more lance related but oh well deal...
  3. bioluminescence

    Fandom Looking for a Voltron RP

    I can do Lance and Matt, but if we rp multiple characters I can do a weak version of just about anyone. I ship with Keith and Shiro respectively but would take anyone
  4. bioluminescence

    Fandom Voltron? Voltron

    Hey. I just joined the site. I really want to rp a bit of Voltron stuff. I can do Lance and Matt and, for shipping, prefer Keith and Shiro respectively, but would take anyone for platonic shit. Or fighting. Idc.