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  1. Moopy07

    Futuristic C&C Warlords Act 2

    Czechoslovak Legion 2km away from Prague with an armoured convoy "Private Wojtek! We gotta move, where are you?" "Coming Sargent." private comes running from the treeline zipping up his fly "Jesus private, what took you so long?" "Sorry Sargent." "Well get back on the humvee and let's get...
  2. Moopy07

    Futuristic C&C Warlords Act 2

    The Czechoslovak Legion Karel Janoušek, legate of the Czechoslovak Legion, sits in his room, reading to waste away the time of his first hour off in many days. Is suddenly disturbed by an assertive pounding on his door. "Come in!" A clearly distressed coms officer bursts into the room before...
  3. Moopy07

    Fantasy BoN: Stone Age

    Breakpoint Selected: 2 After hearing of this battle, Canute has decided to lead an expedition to attempt to end this fight by aiding one of the giants. He will march out at the head of the army and, once arriving on the scene, he will assess the battle before deciding which side to join...
  4. Moopy07

    Fantasy BoN: Stone Age

    BROTHERS TURN 4 Breakpoint Selected: 2 After Canute sees the approach of the new undead army, he assembles his army of both living and dead warriors, the lizard and Oberon the Bear. (Literally every soldier except Dave and the contingent sent on the boating trip). He assembles the army in a...
  5. Moopy07

    Realistic or Modern The Unilateral

  6. Moopy07

    Fantasy BoN: Stone Age

    BROTHERS TURN 3 Breakpoint Selected: 2 After Harald sees the approach of the undead army, he marches forwards under a flag of truce to attempt to negotiate a duel between their leader and Bjorn (I think he is still fishing atm). Harald uses his extreme skills as a negotiator to arrange this...
  7. Moopy07

    Fantasy BoN: Stone Age

    BROTHERS TURN 2 Breakpoint Selected: 2 After seeing the clan approaching the bridge, the recently reinforced outpost (10 holy soldiers and 20 Rabble Rousers commanded by Bjorn's brother Harald Sigurdson (he counts as 1 mighty commander name is just for fluff)) begin to mobilise to meet the...
  8. Moopy07

    Fantasy BoN: Stone Age

    The Brothers of Odin Turn 1 Breakpoint Select: 1 Bjorn Sigurdson, as is his norm, chosen to attack first and talk later. He assembles a group of 20 of his finest holy soldiers and leads them towards the bridge. Shortly before reaching the bridge he assembles his men and gives them a speech...
  9. Moopy07

    Idea So I've been thinking about starting my own discord Nation roleplay server and was wondering if anything would be interested in helping me.

    So as you read in the main thing, I am looking to start my own Nation roleplay server on discord but I have little experience so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping. My main ideas is for it to be a non-historical world beginning in 1910. It will be a semi-realistic map (as...
  10. Moopy07

    Multiple Settings BoN Act 3 :Modern Age

    I just saw the date
  11. Moopy07

    Multiple Settings BoN Act 3 :Modern Age

    Is it too late for me to join?
  12. Moopy07

    Multiple Settings Reclaiming the New World | Feudal, Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Colonialism

    Is this still being rebooted or no. If so can I join.
  13. Moopy07

    Fantasy The Earth That Was

    I have just joined so I'm wondering if I could participate as Nation RP is what I'm good at (kinda) so yea.
  14. Moopy07

    Realistic or Modern 1936: Gathering Storm (World War II alternative history RP)

    Hi. I know this was ages ago, but this seems interesting so I'm just asking if this is still a thing or no.
  15. Moopy07

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm Moopus (not my real name but yea) I've been RPing for about the past year, I have joined this website after my discord account got banned (I still have no clue why though) and I need a new place to RP. I have mostly just done Nation based RP so far but I am up for new things. I am mostly...