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    Experiences How old were you when you first started roleplaying?

    around 12. not the worst but i really should not have been on the sites i was on roleplaying with the people i was roleplaying with
  2. ArTr

    Other Roleplay Pet peeves

    "Im getting you your reply tomorrow!" I have heard this every few weeks or so for 8 WHOLE MONTHS. Yes its on me waiting that long for someone who is clearly just not a good rp partner but i got very very attached to our storyline and characters and what we had planned to come in the rp.
  3. ArTr

    Digital MLP OC

    awwwww I love their colours!
  4. ArTr

    Digital A bit of a random art dump...

    wow thats so art in an artistic way if you get what im getting at lol
  5. ArTr

    Digital SheepKing’s Kingdom of Artistic Spectacle! 🐑 👑 ✨

    absolutely adorable
  6. ArTr

    Digital Oc Sketch Dump!

    i just LOVE the characterisation of these lil critters. no such thing as same face syndrome here. this art seriously looks alive and its so cute
  7. ArTr

    Digital ash's art dump!

    oh wow omg these are amazing! such detail!
  8. ArTr

    Digital Nina Spam

    in love with that design
  9. ArTr

    Digital ✿ I do art things! ✿

    omg adorable! like seriously so cute
  10. ArTr

    Digital Plo's silly little art

    these are so cool
  11. ArTr

    Photography Couple of photos of interested places I was in today

    fun photos!
  12. ArTr

    Digital All My Drawings

    these are so cute
  13. ArTr

    Video Daisie's Animations! ~

    very cool!
  14. ArTr

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, Im Charlie. ive been roleplaying for some time now and am trying to branch out into new things