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  1. jarmancer

    Fantasy Oc Characters, Maybe Worldbuilding!

    I’m not fully sure how to explain this, but I better can in private messages. I have an oc, Remerald. Who has a species and a crud ton of building behind and before him. I’d love some help building this plot and worldbuilding. If anybody would like to learn more, and roleplay out either the bxb...
  2. jarmancer

    Multiple Settings First request here!!

    Hi!! I’m Mason, or Jar. I’m not new to rp at all, and have been roleplaying for about ten years. I’m open to about anything, though I only play male characters!! :)) Send me a message if you’d like to set up a short or long term roleplay. Or even if someone can offer some tips on how to...
  3. jarmancer

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi I’m Mason, or Jar. :))