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  1. Lily_G

    Fandom Yu-Gi-Oh! RP: Rising Stars of the Academy

    It was the first day of the new semester and new school year at Duel Academy, a dueling school which existed for a long time but had recently gained massive popularity among young duelists worldwide. Today, helicopters taking students from nearby cities as well as small sized airplanes coming...
  2. Lily_G

    Multiple Settings Card Game Anime RP!

    Yes yes! I’d love to do some card game RP! As someone who had done quite a number of them, writing about an existed game and then creating custom cards for our characters to use would be the best method in term of simplicity and creativity. Also from your examples, I think YGO would be the best...
  3. Lily_G

    Multiple Settings Anima Studies [Closed]

    Sounds interesting. If having watched JJK is not a strict requirement then I’d love to join this.
  4. Lily_G

    Fantasy royalty rp

    If you love royalty based stuff, I recommend Apothecary Diaries. Its unique setting and amazing lead character can easily make it an AOTS in any season not as stacked as this. And even then, it's not my personal AOTS and not the one I'm talking about in my previous post. Tearmoon Empire. This...
  5. Lily_G

    Fantasy royalty rp

    Hey there! Due to a certain anime this season, I just binged all its translated materials which totally have an element of fluffy cute royalty and so it makes me totally up for this! A few questions; - I've read that you can play either M/F, but what about A/B? I kinda assume that you will play...
  6. Lily_G

    Fantasy [OOC] Riftwalkers 2033

    Yes yes! Sophia being the one who saved Erwin and then forgetting about it makes a lot of sense given a year has passed and he still couldn’t find that person. Also is it just me or our platoon has way too many troublemakers? XD
  7. Lily_G

    Fantasy [OOC] Riftwalkers 2033

    Yeah I totally understand and apologize if what I thought was just slightly going outside the box end up causing you discomfort. I will try adjusting things like physical age, measurement, personality and background to fit your suggestion once I have access to my PC in a few hours.
  8. Lily_G

    Fantasy [OOC] Riftwalkers 2033

    And finally finished my CS! Looking forward to fill that relationship section!
  9. Lily_G

    Fantasy [CS] Riftwalkers 2033

    Height: 5'5” Weight: 116 lbs Name: Sophia L. Hamilton Age: 137, physically 18 Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Appearance: Credit: 冬川 Also, try adding a few years into that pic. Totally not because I’m too lazy to find a new one Origin: England, 1776 Magic type: Quintekinesis Spells: ●...
  10. Lily_G

    Fantasy Riftwalkers 2033

    Is this still accepting? Things look interesting here!!
  11. Lily_G

    Fantasy bloody augustine ooc

    Alright. I'll finish my CS soon.
  12. Lily_G

    Fantasy bloody augustine ooc

    I've read all characters posted so far. Pretty diverse and interesting cast if I must say and can't wait to come up with my own. And about that I have a question. I assume this nickname will be given to each and every student right? My question is, when is it done? Is it something happened...
  13. Lily_G

    Fantasy Bloody Augustine (Verdant Military School) (Closed)

    So hey I showed my interest a few days ago and just noticed that my name is not in the participant list yet xD Also I don’t use discord so I guess I will be discussing mostly in the OOC thread
  14. Lily_G

    Fantasy Bloody Augustine (Verdant Military School) (Closed)

    Quick question, are we limited to 1 character per person or we can do more? Also I have a pretty busy upcoming week, but once I'm free and other characters are interesting enough I might join this!
  15. Lily_G

    Realistic or Modern Elysium's Veil OOC

    I’m creating a CS and noticed that so far there seem to be lack of major gods (e.g. Zeus, Amaterasu, Shiva) as Mythkeepers. I might be worrying too much but just to be safe you aren’t saving them for plot reason and we are allowed to create a character with powers based on them right? @Fairfax
  16. Lily_G

    Realistic or Modern Elysium's Veil

    A magical girl RP with god flavor? Color me interested!
  17. Lily_G

    Fantasy Welcome To Eldoria: School of Elemental Magic

    Submitted my second character. Perhaps I will finish those prompts when I have more time, but since it's optional consider him finished!
  18. Lily_G

    Fantasy [CS] Welcome To Eldoria: School of Elemental Magic

    Height: 6'2'' Weight: 197 lbs Name: Draco Howard Age: 18 Year: 1st Requested House: Inferno Requested Elemental Powers: - Flaming Armor Draco is immune to Fire-based attacks and heat-related injuries. He can also cover parts of his body with flame, which he often uses to enhance his attacks like...
  19. Lily_G

    Fantasy Welcome To Eldoria: School of Elemental Magic

    Finished my WIP CS! I'm considering a second student, but I doubt I can finish him/her before we start.
  20. Lily_G

    Fantasy Welcome To Eldoria: School of Elemental Magic

    I dropped the WIP CS as a placeholder. Hopefully I can come back and finish it before we start. Also seeing that there is not a single 3rd year, I might as well take over the entire year haha