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  1. Erbrin

    Telltale: Batman

  2. Erbrin

    Other Which do you think is worse- physical pain or emotional pain- and why?

    Emotional pain can lead to physical pain, depending how said person suffering handles it.
  3. Erbrin

    Good RPGs or Story-Driven Games?

    Sunset Overdrive is good. Soda zombies with 4th wall breaking. And penis-shaped guns. Yeah.
  4. Erbrin

    Other How tall are you?

    I'm supposed to be a Filipino/Canadian, and most Filipinos are short soooo, yeah I'm a giant
  5. Erbrin

    Other How tall are you?

  6. Erbrin

    Anyone wanna talk about Mianite?

    3 better only have plugins
  7. Erbrin

    Modern Combat 5

    Like, a good COD on your phone. Amirite.
  8. Erbrin

    Other Tell me about the first OC you ever wrote about!

    First OC was a chain smoking ageless 31 year old who looked 16 and was double jointed. Was a really big asshole. Was part of a Fairy Tail site. He had red hair, a polo and jeans. All he really did was fire and martial arts, and I god modded the hell out of it, almost getting banned because I was...
  9. Erbrin

    Badly Explaining Games

    UNDERTALE: Too much porn.