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  1. Probably a crow

    Advice/Help Interest check writing advice

    So im trying to revive a discord rp. I never really get any members to join any rps i post because im kinda a bad writer when it comes to ic's. So does anybody have any advice for interest check writing. I kinda have a list on what i need to improve my stuff. Currently its: Spelling Grammar...
  2. Probably a crow

    The forest Olverda. A Ficone interest check

    Welcome to the outskirts of Outer Koin Ridge: home to the forest Olverda. It also is where your guys’ quest is. You are here for a simple ‘exterminate and collect’ quest that is low-level and friendly. Your quest is to find a specific cave, hunt the animals in there, and retrieve the Mask of...
  3. Probably a crow

    this syfi magic rp

    welcome to the world of ficone. a place with high tech city's and less explored caves and forests in the outer regions. lasers and magic missiles. lots of metal and books. basically diet dystopia with some old magic and some other stuff. like monsters. alot quests if you like em a speech and...
  4. Probably a crow

    (Always open)open world building rp about space travel

    So i have a discord rp getting revived.and since we lost a member i want anyone up for world building a universe (alternate or otherwise) and just deal with my erratic posting to join. Our server- Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Or just dm me at- clusterbot#3909
  5. Probably a crow

    Futuristic a trash fire city and trying to fix it

    ''this place is nice i don't know why more people live here?" "possibly because were under water?" - Ben and Jackson Ankara back in 19 something 2 brothers got fed up with society and made a city under water.......yes hang on there's more! when they got the place finished in 20 something they...
  6. Probably a crow

    the starship amotrad (always open and and always looking)

    hey i'm manifest electron lattice or Mel and no i'm not that karmazan dude screw him but i have been given the permission to allow personnel to board the starship amotrad. yes that's its name and if you make fun of it i will tazze you. wait i cant tazze trough computer screens ...
  7. Probably a crow

    Multiple Settings do you guys need a spare?

    if you guys need a spare rp person for a plot or you any other thing just pm me.
  8. Probably a crow

    Advice/Help i feel like im bad at getting people into rp's

    i seem to suck to trying to get people to rp's because i cant make a good intro to get people interested.any tips?
  9. Probably a crow

    Futuristic zander and younglings bounty hunting.

    WELCOME TO YOUR NEW JOB! to start your new line of work we need you to go to your local zander and younglings bounty hunting tm to get your starship and class-2 weapons papers. and remember minimize civilian deaths. i hope you guys like si-fi bounty hunting rp's with aliens and some video...
  10. Probably a crow

    Futuristic a trash fire city and trying to fix it

    one day a rich dude made a underwater city and then it all went to shit 10 years later because there was no real government and it devolved into killing people for small reasons and just the hole place is just trash.but one group is sett to fix the trash fire that is this city. well its not a...
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    also no

  12. Probably a crow

    Fandom no

    i do not know why but i like bioshock and i have discord
  13. Probably a crow

    the interest check of ackcrowmell

    just a slightly normal city in the ruins of neo will make more sense as the story goes more during the RP. i have one person in the RP RN but i can fit more people
  14. Probably a crow


    i left for like a year and i have and rp now
  15. Probably a crow

    the city of ackcrowmell

    in 3419 theirs a city in the ruins of neo york after world war 6 (yes 6 we had 6 world wars) its called ackcrowmell or mell to shorten it .it looks like the futuristic cities in the old "star wars" moves like cloud city and the sort. its not a bad city its just normal no war,only the rich pay...