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  1. Arcanimus

    Fantasy Calo - Rules & Extra

    Rules OOC try to be kind or at least respectful to each other, I honestly don't want to deal with, "But so-and-so is such an as*, can't you do this thing". Nope. IC your character can be as mean or weird as you'd like but don't be upset when other characters and citizens start to dislike you...
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    Fantasy Calo - OOC

    For chatting and questions.
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    Calo - IC

    You can jump in as soon as you've posted your character sheet so that others can reference it if needed and so on.
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    Fantasy Calo - CS

    (Name) (Quote if you have one) Basic Information: Gender: Ability/Kinesis: Gang: Personality: (Whatever you know, I get figuring that out in an RP as you go) Appearance: (Height, skin tone, hair color, ect. ) Age: (characters keep their abilities if they are on the edge of the age spectrum and...
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    The country of Vepral has collapsed alongside the rest of the countries in this time period due to the sudden..turning of its residents between 8-30 into a 'mutant' as the government tried to classify them as. These new 'mutants' seemed to come out of nowhere, but all having similar types of...
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    Fantasy Orias - Maps & Rules & Annoucements & More

    Map of the Mortal Realms, sorry for the poor visual quality. Colors: Green = Aves, Brown = Chiropteran, Orange = Wingless Country Names & Royal Houses: All countries are run by Monarchs, hence the Royal Houses. They each have varying degrees of freedoms based on their principles. Clera from the...
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    Fantasy Orias - OOC

    So we can try not to hog the top of Interest Check, eventually.
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    Orias- IC Zone

    I'm not expecting anyone interested to use this yet, but I wanted to take care of it now.
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    Fantasy Orias- CS

    (Name) (Quote if you have one) Basic Information: Gender: Species: Allegiance/Clan: Personality: (Whatever you know, I get figuring that out in an RP as you go) Appearance: (Height, skin tone, wing color(if applicable), hair color, ect.) Age: (You'll meet characters that are over 200 years...
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    Lore: Orias is the planet's new name, it is Earth after nuclear war broke out and destroyed most of everything on the planet. Time has passed, and nature took back her lands and has healed herself, but now there are new beings that walk upon it. Continents have changed once again, and now the...
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    I've RPed before but this is the first forum style I've used, haha. I learned on Feral Heart(FH), so the system they use for ranking your ability is engrained into my skull- probably forever, according to them, I'm Semi-Lit to Lit. More comfortable in the Semi-Lit range honestly, but I adapt...