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    Roxford State University (Interest Check)

    I'm interested and my favorite band is NOFX
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    An OC 'The 100' rp?

    is there a character page??
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    Long Time, No See -a reunion rp

    Okay the character and ooc pages are up! @Edgy Kitten @Generic Brooding Antihero @Beauty_Belle @S c r a p e t h e s k y @The Empress of Ice @NightSky @diaphanous @ebird @EllaaaEllaaaa @Rayvian @-Valkyrie- @e l a t i o n
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    Realistic/Modern Long Time, No See OOC

    Long Time, No See Welcome to the Out Of Character chat! Of course you know by now that respect and kindness are expected here so, let the chatting commence! /coded by allure/
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    Realistic/Modern Long Time, No See Character Sheets

    {slide=BIOGRAPHYEarly Life Wesley James Yates was born with expectations already on him. His father is a business mogul by the name of Theodore Yates and his mother is former Spanish fashion model Maria Sanz-Yates. It was immediately believed that Wes would be the successor of his father’s...
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    Realistic/Modern Long Time, No See Character Sheets

    Long Time, No See Here is the info that I would like included in your character sheets, feel free to add any information that you feel pertains to your character. Please use real face claims. The deadline for the sheets will be 8 am PST Feb. 12th. If you need an extension please let me know and...
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    Long Time, No See -a reunion rp

    I'm so happy to see so much interest!! I will start working on the character page when I get home later.
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    Long Time, No See -a reunion rp

    Long Time, No See It’s reunion time! You received the invitation to your high school’s 10-year reunion not too long ago, but you looked at it and weren’t interested in going, for whatever reason. But a few days later another invitation arrived in your mail box. This one from one of your old...
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    University? With Greek Gods?

    I'm so interested...
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    An OC 'The 100' rp?

    I'm interested...and I am so with you on the love-hate for the show lol
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    Mayday Unanswered - An Island Survival RP

    My interest is piqued...
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    Realistic/Modern First Responders

    Can I be a detective please
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    No Strings Attached

    Color me interested!!
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    Realistic/Modern Bad Blood Miami

    Just to update...I am still working on my characters just been super busy sorry...they will be up in the next couple days for sure :)
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    Into The Fire | Band RP [IC]

    REESE ELLIS --Bassist "Band One"Reese never slept well on tour buses. Between the cramped space of the bunks and the random jerks and turns from the driving, the night before was no different. He spent the whole night waking up about every hour or two, never getting any real sleep. So when he...
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    Realistic/Modern Into The Fire - OOC

    So happy to hear the rp is up and running...I will post later tonight as I am on my way out the door for work right now.
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    Realistic/Modern eldritch.cs

    {slide=BIOGRAPHY Rory was born in a suburb outside of Cincinnati Ohio, and raised for the majority of her childhood by her mother. Her parents had never been serious and parted ways before her mother knew that she was pregnant. Her mother raised her, and she barely saw her father. She wasn’t...
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    Realistic/Modern Bad Blood Miami

    Awesome!! Thanks for the clarification...I am going to start working on a brother sister pair then