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  1. Toasttay

    Fandom A Tokyo Revengers search (canon x oc doubling)

    Hey everyone, my name's Tay, 18+ years of age! So, I currently have this insatiable craving to double up for a Tokyo Revengers roleplay. I prefer MxF pairings for myself but can do anything for your half. I have  watched the anime and read up to chapter 230 of the manga. It's fine if you have...
  2. Toasttay

    Wowiee, it's been a bit...

    Wowiee, it's been a bit...
  3. Toasttay

    Fandom Craving Haikyuu!! (canon x oc doubling)

    Hello, you can call me Tay! I'm looking to double up for a canon x oc roleplay of Haikyuu!! I prefer het pairings for myself but I'm fine with anything for your half. I've watched the anime (subbed) only but I'm aware of ending spoilers for the manga, and I don't mind canon-compliance...
  4. Toasttay

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello all, I'm Tay! I used to rp on gaia but it got a bit dull, so I'm here now in hopes of finding new partners. I'm a huge fan of anime and video games and I look forward to my time on this site!