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  1. ladymcbutter

    Fandom ISO Hetalia RP Partner

    I'm unfortunately not familiar with the game at all, I wouldn't even call it surface level knowledge ^^;
  2. ladymcbutter

    Fandom ISO Hetalia RP Partner

    Hello! I am in search of some new RP partners to participate in Hetalia RPs with me. Here's some more info: -I mainly RP as Canada and Romano, but can also RP as Italy, England, Austria, Hungary, and Norway, all either canon or their Nyo versions. -It's okay by me if you want to RP a non-canon...
  3. ladymcbutter

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    I have been RPing exclusively Hetalia for the past 11 years or so on Omegle (I know, judge me all you want lol), when I was deep in the fandom in my middle school years and what started off as a way to participate in a piece of media which I enjoyed. Even though I stopped keeping up with the...