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  1. doggyboy

    Fandom Attack on Titan OC RP

    I'm willing to rp if you're still wanting to
  2. doggyboy

    Fandom 1x1 Attack on Titan

    I would join if you are still doing it
  3. doggyboy

    Multiple Settings Looking for people to RP with

    I'd like to do a attack on titan rp
  4. doggyboy

    Multiple Settings The Duel of the Lion and the Wolf

    My name is Eric and I’m the other creator of this universe. We had a lot of fun making it and I’m also here to answer any questions you may have
  5. doggyboy

    Fandom Walking Dead RP?

    Sure I could do it
  6. doggyboy

    Fandom Walking Dead RP?

    Hey I'm interested but can we use discord if you have it and yes I know I'm very far behind but I'm new to this website
  7. doggyboy


    Thank you
  8. doggyboy


    Hello I'm a futuristic kind of role player and I like dogs and stuff but not cats and thank you for reading this