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  1. ave goin insane

    Experiences What's one RP trope/topic that makes you leave without discussion?

    my friend from marching band once just casually dropped "oh, if the bathrooms are locked I could lock pick the doors if I had my kit here". that was wild
  2. ave goin insane

    Other Idea Creates You a (super?)Power (Quizz)

    Mad respect to you for doing this for over three years, dude. Imma try this out. 1) What is justice to you? Ha, that's interesting. I think of this a lot, especially in terms of justice compared to revenge. Justice for me, I'd say, is having done what's necessary to prevent more harm from...
  3. ave goin insane

    Experiences Where did you roleplay before you came to RPNation?

    Formally, I started on chickensmoothie. I also was on the episode forums (stop judging me), shanniiwrites, and discord
  4. ave goin insane

    Experiences KPop Roleplay

    No, it's just a common courtesy thing for me to not RP real people, like not writing fanfic about real people. It can make the people you're RPing as really uncomfortable, y'know?