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  1. anon2600

    Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus - IC Thread

    Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Cities Welcome to Baldur’s Gate, a veritable nest of rats and vipers clinging to the rocky slopes overlooking the Chionthar River. From their high perches in the Upper City, the local nobles — known as patriars — gaze down with veiled contempt upon the common...
  2. anon2600

    Dice Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus - OOC/Character Thread

    Hello everyone, this is the OOC Thread for the Baldur's Gate campaign that I'm running. Any questions/OOC discussion can be had here. You can also post your characters here. @Psychie, @Sherwood, @Chowlett, @Ginko The Mushishi, @Wandering Owl, @MrBrown
  3. anon2600

    Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus (DnD 5e) [Closed]

    Baldur's Gate Hello one and all, and welcome to the *cough* magnificent city of Baldur's Gate. Each of you find yourselves trapped behind the city's walls after the gates are sealed to keep out hundres of refugees from the neighbouring land of Elturgard. However, the gates can't hold back news...
  4. anon2600

    Multiple Settings Looking for some one x one rp's

    ~♖~ Hi, my name is Anon but you can call me...well whatever you prefer I don't really care. (Anon, Noni, Two, Six, Zero, Hundred, to name a few) I'm gender neutral, and go by any pronouns you wish to refer to me as, it doesn't matter. (He/She/They/Xe/Xer/It) I'm a D&D dungeon master by trade...
  5. anon2600

    Futuristic Into Mystery [adventure/sci-fi/mystery]

    Into Mystery Welcome, to your new reality. Once a simple office worker, going about your day to day life, you find yourself whisked away to a strange new land. With mystery and potential danger around every corner. It is your choice to navigate and survive, or choose wrong and face the...