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  1. Bronco

    Fantasy Dnd-esc Roleplay?

    Heyo! So I recently finished up with a dnd campaign and I was hoping to keep the adventure vibes rolling. I came across a series of plot hooks, as well as thinking some up on my own, that I’d like to play out with anyone interested. Don’t have much in the way of characters currently, but I do...
  2. Bronco

    Futuristic Star Wars: A Galaxy of Plots

    We’ll hello there, I’m bronco. I guess it’s a given what this thread’s all about, and I hope what you find below’s right up your alley. I’ve been on a Star Wars rampage recently, we’re talking everything from scouring Pinterest for ship designs to wasting hours in front of a saga marathon. At...
  3. Bronco

    Fantasy Designing and RPing in a DND Continent

    Ahoy travelers! My name is Bronco and I'm a massive nerd. For some time I've had a small idea, a small idea that grew into something larger after jumping into numerous dnd campaigns. Now before we begin I'd like to establish that this in NO WAY will require any dice rolling. If it did, you'd...
  4. Bronco

    Realistic or Modern Solving Anthro Mysteries In A Fall Town

    Seasons greetings, not the Santa one the better one, and here's to another fall. With spooky season on our doorstep, I figured now was the time to drop this appropriately themed rp search. Before we begin, YES you read that title right. I haven't really roleplayed with anthro characters in a...
  5. Bronco

    Multiple Settings The Idea Dump

    Greetings all, and welcome to probably the oddest combination of ideas you'll ever see paired together. I guess in a way they all have something in common: action, adventure, venturing into the unknown. Anyways, before we get into said topics below, allow me to drop a dime on what you could...
  6. Bronco

    World Building Let's Build a DND Continent

    Greetings all! I've noticed a sudden craving for fantasy, specifically dnd based, rps in a number of threads. I myself have been feeling this genre starting to nag at me and figured it's time to satiate that itch. I'm currently taking any interested parties, and their ideas, in hopes that we...
  7. Bronco

    Fantasy Wanna do something DND Inspired. (no dice though, dice machine broke.)

    Greetings folks, I've really been trying to hop back into the dnd genre for roleplays recently. Now I'm not a massive fans of systems and dice, but I ADORE the setting. A vast world, wild lands, scenic kingdoms and cities, the whole atmosphere is fantastic. If anyone else on here is...
  8. Bronco

    Idea Engineering A Dieselpunk RP

    Let me start this off by saying that I have NO IDEA what the story for this thing is going to be. Currently myself, and I'm sure most of you all, are getting back into the swing of schooling/college. Therefore, this is less of a planning section for the moment and more of a collective idea...
  9. Bronco

    Fandom A Different Kind of SAO: Character Dump

    Greetings gents, this is where you'll be dumping your characters for our rp. You'll find the character template below. Name: Username: Gender: Age: Weaponry: (A ranged or melee primary and secondary for now) Equipment: (smoke pellets, throwing knives, darts, ect.) (up to two choices...
  10. Bronco

    Fandom A Different Kind Of SAO: OOC

  11. Bronco

    Fandom A Very Different SAO

    The Gist: Greetings folks, how we doing? If any of you have been lurking in the ideas/brainstorming section of this site you might have come across a recent idea of mine. Due to quarantine, I've recently refreshed my knowledge on some shows I watched years ago. Yes, there are animes on that...
  12. Bronco

    Idea Brainstorming an SAO (sorta AU?) RP

    The Gist: SAO, but with "gamers". You know the type: spewing banter steeped in irony, continually ragging on each other, have absolutely no moral code outside of for the memes, but still have that redeeming loyalty when it really counts. Essentially we'd be inserting a band of degenerates...
  13. Bronco

    World Building Space Operatic Planning

    Good morning ladies an gents. I collection of recently watched shows have suddenly brought out my dormant fascination with the sounds and colors of the 80s. We're talking synthwave, neon lights, laser swords, the works. It's enough to want to blast off on some fantastical space adventure, and...
  14. Bronco

    Futuristic Pathfinders: A Clone Wars Story (Main)

    (now open)
  15. Bronco

    Futuristic Pathfinders: A Clone Wars Story (CS)

    The Troopers of 1st Battalion Bravo Co. Format: Name: Rank: (CT) Role: (MG, Team Lead, ect.) Gear: (Reference the gear list for equipment that matches your role) Short Optional Bio: Grenadier: DC-15a with overunder grenade launcher attachment, DC-17 pistol, x8 ion grenade rounds (to be...
  16. Bronco

    Futuristic Pathfinders: A Clone Wars Story (OOC)

    Greetings troopers, welcome to the OOC for Pathfinders: A Clone Wars Story. Here we'll address who you'll play as along with the plot and any other questions that you may come up with. YOUR ROLE: - You'll be playing as troopers of the newly raised 4th Brigade, specifically 1st Battalion...
  17. Bronco

    Futuristic Pathfinders: A Clone Wars Story

    The Outer Rim: distant, lawless, divided. Far from civilized Republic space, little legislation is recognized in these territories. What government does exist, falls under the control of corporations and criminal empires. Settlements, few and far between on most outer worlds, find themselves...
  18. Bronco

    Idea Modern Meets Fantasy

    Greetings folks, I'm coming at y'all with an idea of mine that's been in the works for awhile. The beginning may sound familiar to some: portals to a fantasy realm open up around our modern world. These portals then inspire the creation of an international organization, meant to explore and...
  19. Bronco

    Fantasy Slidin' Dirty Characters

    Get em in here!
  20. Bronco

    Fantasy absolutely WILD RP concept: "Slidin' Dirty"

    Ok fellas here's the skinny. After listening to a combination of this: and this: (more so the latter), I was hit with a sudden and absolutely bat shit idea. Drum roll please..... FOOD TRUCK ADVENTURING ACROSS FANTASY WORLD. Boom. Yeah. The plot is still bouncing around in my head, but...