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    Fandom Kingdom Hearts?

    I am interested!
  2. SLGaming

    Fandom Fire Emblem Three Houses, other video games, or Anime RPs

    I can do fire emblem or Pokémon
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    Multiple Settings rp search!(always open)

    I am for some MXM with some of these
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    Fantasy Superhero RP

    Not replacing anyone Hey guys. I am SL. I am a 21 year old guy. So I recently saw the new Spider-man movie no way home (don't worry not here to spoil you) but since I have an OC who has superpowers I was hoping to find someone who wants to do a superhero RP We can do a variety of things. We...
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    Fandom Seeking roleplay partner(s) (Fandoms)

    If your an adult I am up for Pokémon
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    Fandom Looking for 1x1 Danganronpa Rp!

    If your an adult I'm cool wit it
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    Multiple Settings Looking for RP partners for a variety of things :)

    Hello. I would be interested doing Kingdom hearts or some of those original prompts
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    Fantasy Superhero RP

    Hello everyone I am SL. I am a 21 year old Irish guy. I have been watching the spider-man movies so want to do a superhero RP with my superhero character. Please Be 18 + Like ooc chat Be semi lit Reply a few times a day I have ideas we can use. I want to fight a villian for the RP. I have a...
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    Multiple Settings Looking for a long term partner.

    Hey, I would love to do Superheroes, kingdom hearts, supernatural stuff or an original plot. Please get back to me soon.
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    Fandom Kingdom hearts RP

    Hey guys I know I probably won't find someone but I am really really hoping for a kingdom hearts RP. I am in the mood to play the main character Sora but I can do more but would like to talk more in DMs. I have a few AU ideas I want to do like the cannon, norted Sora, high school AU and more...
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 casual partner search

    I would love to do 3 houses if your still open
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    Multiple Settings Looking for Long Term Partners

    Hey do I have to play a female to rp with you?
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    Fantasy Superhero plots

  14. SLGaming

    Fantasy Superhero plots

  15. SLGaming

    Fandom Disney Next Gen RP (Open again)

    I could try this :csmile:
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    Fantasy Superhero plots

    Hey guys. SL here. 21 year old male. So I have a little free time after classes. So was hoping for a RP to pass the time. First some requirements. I would like to do superhero RPs Requirements Be 18+ Be semi lit Don't ghost Be active (I get school and university started back up but a few...
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    Fandom m/m MHA/FF/KH/Genshin

    I would absolutely love to do kingdom hearts with you
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    Multiple Settings Celestial Prince's recent search post

    Hey I have recently been wanting to do superhero stuff. Wanna talk ideas?