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  1. DontComplimentMe

    Digital  My digital drawings

    Hi I found this randomly and thought "why don't I put some of my digital drawings here and so here are just some of what I've done recently
  2. DontComplimentMe

    Multiple Settings  Need to help boredom

    Hey anyone wanna do a roleplay with me It will have to be- the following; Sorta short At least post a paragraph a day (I have school) And try to have ok grammar Ps I’m not sure what type of roleplay or how many people (although I like anime) U guys decide and comment if u wanna join
  3. DontComplimentMe

    Chitchat  Wanna talk bout life?

    Hey u wanna talk about life, I mean we’re all humans and share earth so we gotta know each other at least a bit If u wanna talk about ur stories ur at the right place, if not well u can join in the fun I guess feel free to join
  4. DontComplimentMe

    Other  Bored, plz entertain me

    Hi I’m bored, can people entertain me with random shit plz
  5. DontComplimentMe

    Advice/Help  Need ideas for 1x1 and future group RP

    Hi I was wondering what u guys thought would make a good roleplay P.s soon I’ll be doing a Group RP so I’ll need ideas for that, but at the moment I’m just doing a 1x1 Rp ( I would like ideas for that too plz) Any weird, wacky or unique RP is fine
  6. DontComplimentMe

    Multiple Settings  1 on 1 roleplay needed

    Hi I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a 1x1 RP with me, seeming as I only joined a few days ago I don’t mind what to roleplay about So I kinda need ideas Edit: sorry I've already got people answering so quick but the next roleplay I do there will be more people. I'm a shy person and this is...