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    Poetry  Flesh Romance

    This is a story between a cannibal and a psycho.
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    Fandom  Sonic Multiverses OOC

    Woohoo! Congrats! Now you must create your sonic oc.
  3. WikTheCandelion

    Fandom  Sonic Multiverses
    Index: Lapis Valley Zone: Arc

    ... And so it began... As the multiverse of sonic universes began to collide a disruption in the omniverse were felt by the highest. This was something they couldn't fix easily. As tails was sleeping in his own room peacefully a bright white crack opens in the sky. Out the crack fell thousands...
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    Fantasy  Bounded

    This will take a while.
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    Fantasy  ▫ The Coma ▪

    I don't know what to write here.