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  1. Laughing_Fruit

    Fandom Boyfriend to Death

  2. Laughing_Fruit

    Fandom  Given (anime/manga) roleplay search!

    I recently rewatched Given, and also this time watched the movie and the OVA! My heart is feeling things and I'd like to make something of it. ( Note I haven't read the manga. If there is something you want to include in the RP that is mentioned in the manga though, I'm okay with spoilers. I...
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    Fandom Boyfriend to Death

    I am still open! c: I'll PM you
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    Fandom Genshin Impact RP Search

    I am still looking! I'll message you. c:
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    Fandom  Genshin Impact RP Search

    I'm really looking for some Genshin Impact roleplays, so I'm gonna put this thing together. I don't write many of these so have mercy haha. I'll be upfront and say that the main character I play is Scaramouche and I mostly want to play as him! However, if you absolutely do not want...
  6. Laughing_Fruit

    Fandom m/m literate Genshin Impact rp ccxcc Scaramouche (me) x Aether (PLEASE READ ALL)

    Hey there, if you're still looking I'm interested! I haven't played Aether much, but I think I'm fairly decent at him. c:
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    Fandom Boyfriend to Death

    Yeah, that was my worry. I'd be fine chatting in PM.
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    Fandom Boyfriend to Death

    Maybe. I avoid linking it to avoid easily having children find it. I just try finding people already into it - I know they exist but I suppose interest has really faltered over the years. Used to be great when there were a lot more roleplayers around.
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    Fandom Boyfriend to Death

    Easier to find people to complain about lack of BTD roleplayers than it is to find actual BTD roleplayers unfortunately.
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    Fandom  Boyfriend to Death

    Hey so this is quite unlikely as I've been having trouble finding this but I want some BTD action. I'm 18+ and of course due to the nature of BTD I'd want an 18+ partner. I mainly play Ren, Farz, and Strade but I might be willing to try others. While I would prefer canon characters I'll take...
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    Multiple Settings Partner Search for Multiple Fandoms

    If you're still looking for it, I'm interested in discussing a Haikyuu roleplay (canon characters) with you. I'm new so I can't PM yet, so if you're interested, you could PM me or wait 20 or so hours until I can PM haha.
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    Anime & Manga Subbed or Dubbed Anime

    I prefer subbed, I'm not religiously against it though. A lot of dubs ARE bad, but if I hear the dubbed is good and I end up liking the voices, I'll watch it dubbed instead.
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    Anime & Manga My favorite anime is

    Probably Kamisama Kiss...There's a lot that are close though
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    Video Games Zelda???

    I absolutely love the Legend of Zelda. Minish Cap is probably my favorite!
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    Music Background Music?

    I usually listen to video game soundtracks, usually nice and relaxing, helps me focus.
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    Anime & Manga Your Most Hated Anime, ever

    It's absolutely either Kuroko No Basket, Elfen Lied, or Sword Art Online. Hard to choose between those three.
  17. Laughing_Fruit

    Video Games Underrated games.

    I think Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is pretty underrated unless I just haven't seen the people who do really like it? I love the art style, and the story was fun! For me, at least, I can't speak for everyone of course.
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    Anime & Manga Your first EVER anime! ^^

    My first anime was Pokemon, the first anime if we don't count the standard childhood ones would be Fruits Basket
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    Other Light or Dark Theme?

    Dark theme always, nicer on the eyes