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    A place to post character sheets for NPC's
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    Magic types

    Magic types hilighted in yellow are homebrew magic types. You must get permission from the original creator before using it. Magic types highlighted in red are unique homebrew magic types and can only be used by specific characters or under specific circumstances. Just because a magic type...
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    Sabertooth S Class poll

    A poll to choose the next S class
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    "Reality is inherently false. Nothing that we perceive as 'real' has any definite measure of truth. All one can be certain of, is their own existence; no more, no less. Anyone who claims otherwise is either a fool, or a con artist."   Gender: Male   Age: 34   Height...
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    One x One  Fairy Tail Spin-off arc (closed)

    @Rhodus, please edit this post to include any OOC information.
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    One x One  Fairy Tail Spin-off arc (closed)

    This be where the CS shit goes
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    Fairy Tail Spin-off arc (closed)

    This is for the closed rp of the Fairy Tail rp side arc @Genon @Zuka