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  1. Windjammer

    Realistic or Modern Comic-Based Superhero School/City RP (Closed)

    Ooh, this looks really neat. I'm interested.
  2. Windjammer

    Realistic or Modern The Powers That Be

    Is this still open?
  3. Windjammer

    Realistic or Modern Ranch group rolepay?

  4. Windjammer

    Realistic or Modern Ranch group rolepay?

    Ooh, this seems different and interesting
  5. Windjammer

    Fantasy Inhuman prison lab. The future of suffering subjects. (iC)

    Maluon sat alone near the back of his cell. The cell was dimly lit, just enough to read and write. He sat at a desk reading a thick book about ancient warfare, a subject Maluon was very fond of. Maluon's cell had many suck books, as well as books on other subjects. The cell had other items and...
  6. Windjammer

    Fantasy Inhuman prison lab. The future of suffering subjects. (CS)

    Name: Maluon Operations: Prisoner Age: Looks 25, Is actually eldritch levels of old. Info: Maluon is an ancient being from another plane of existence, where he claims to have been some sort of General or Admiral, and part of a sort of governing body, consisting of himself, and about 9 others...
  7. Windjammer

    Fantasy Inhuman prison lab. The future of suffering subjects.

    This does sound Interesting
  8. Windjammer

    Fantasy The Arrivals (CS)

    Aeron - God of Aviation, Flight, Birds, and Aircraft. Gender: Male Height: 6' 4" Weight: 200 Age: Stopped counting or caring at 150 Orientation: Gay...
  9. Windjammer

    Multiple Settings The Arrivals (Deities RP)(CLOSED)

    This seems quite interesting
  10. Windjammer

    Fantasy fantasy café interest check

    I'm interested, if this is still open
  11. Windjammer

    Fantasy The Evil Within (CLOSED)

  12. Windjammer

    Fantasy Nightshade Academy {RP}

    Maluon Maluon didn't like going to school, he hated it with a passion. It did not matter what labels one gave such a place, whether that was 'academy', 'university' or 'college', it didn't make a difference as far as Maluon was concerned. In his mind, this place was a glorified prison, and as...
  13. Windjammer

    Fantasy Idea for high fantasy demon island roleplay

    This seems neat.
  14. Windjammer

    The Galcora Cluster: A Sci-Fantasy Interest Check (Redux)

    By the way, your Discord page is appearing as empty on my end
  15. Windjammer

    Fantasy Enigma United 00c/character/plotting

    I'm confused. Which case are the characters on?
  16. Windjammer

    Fantasy Enigma United 00c/character/plotting

    No worries
  17. Windjammer

    Multiple Settings Enigma United [IC]

    Maluon was brushing up on an old case when he heard the distinct notification of an email. Upon opening up the email and seeing it was from Ira Hawthorne, Maluon quickly recognized it as being important. He read it over twice before replying with a quick message. Maluon immediately set to...
  18. Windjammer

    Fantasy Enigma United 00c/character/plotting

    Washington State