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  1. Pepsionne

    Realistic or Modern  A Case Study of the Curious

    Main thread for detective x assistant role play with @MissThuy
  2. Pepsionne

    One x One  A Case Study of the Curious: Characters
    Index: Characters

    Designed and coded by @Nano. Please do not remove the credits or claim the code as your own work. . . . // accents IMPORTANT NOTE: remove the space in "ht tps" in "--bgpattern"! // start of left side // // start of image // // end of image // // start of tab covers // basic...
  3. Pepsionne

    Fantasy  Veiled City OOC
    Index: Extras

    Hello! This is an OOC page @Razvi-sama and I decided to create as a way to interact and chat with anyone who has been following along with our RP, Veiled City! (If any of you are actually out there and we're not just making it up 😂) Feel free to comment about the plot and characters if you'd...
  4. Pepsionne

    One x One  Veiled City: Lore
    Index: Veiled City Lore

    World Building by @Razvi-sama and Pepsionne Species of the Underworld Vampires Angels Fairies Werewolves Witches/Wizards Goblins Mermaids/Sirens Gnomes Centaurs Demons Elves Ogres Orcs Leprechauns Dwarves Nymphs Spirits Satyr Banshee Will-O'-Wisps Trolls Order of the Angels The order of the...
  5. Pepsionne

    One x One  Veiled City: Character Thread
    Index: Veiled City Characters

    MAIN CHARACTERS: Pepsionne Theodore GriffithBasics Birth Name: Theodore Griffith Current Name: Theodore Taylor (he only uses this name for governmental purposes or when introducing himself to humans) Nicknames: Theo Age: 23 True Age: 58 Birthday:May 11th, 1962 Zodiac: Taurus Gender...
  6. Pepsionne

    Fantasy  Veiled City

  7. Pepsionne

    Fall Contest 2020  A Drink on a Thursday Night

    Chilled air wafted through the window, pushed by the force of a silent, incessant rain. The bite of winter was beginning to set into the lapping feeling of air against skin, but its teeth were still dull. Cassandra closed her eyes, hoping to catch the sound of even a single raindrop slip up in...